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  • Name: Boris Eifman ( Boris Eifman )
  • Date of birth: 22 July 1946.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: Rubtsovsk, Altai Krai
  • Activity: ballet master and choreographer
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Eifman: the biography

    On 22 July 2016, Russia celebrated the anniversary, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the famous Soviet and Russian choreographer, people’s artist Boris Eifman. He is not only a versatile Director of the classic and academic performances, but also a true innovator in the art of ballet. Therefore, the choreographer called the founder of modern Russian ballet.

    Boris was born in the Altai region, in the village of Rubtsovsk, where during the great Patriotic war was sent by his father, Yankel Eifman. As a high-level engineer, he participated in the construction of a plant for the production of tank engines. Need there and the knowledge of the mother of the future choreographer, Clara kuris, a physician by education. Boris has a brother Leonid, who grew up, emigrated to California.

    When Bor was 5 years old, the family returned to his native Bessarabia, or rather in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. There the boy was in high school, started late, and the older classes in parallel finished part-time. In adolescence Eifman interested in dance. He began attending the ballet Studio at the Palace of pioneers, headed by the honored teacher Rachel Bromberg.

    Then the young man went on the first organized by the faculty of choreography at the Chisinau musical College and in 17 years has been in children’s Studio teacher. After several years in Moldova, Eifman went to the Northern capital and entered the Leningrad state Conservatory named after N.. Rimsky-Korsakov, for the ballet Department. Since then, the city on the Neva became for Boris Yankelevich family.


    A certified choreographer Boris Eifman began in 1972, but two years before, he had made his first professional productions at the Maly Opera and ballet theatre in Leningrad. It was a classic performances of «Life forward», «Gayane», «Brilliant Divertissement» and many others.

    After graduating from the Conservatory choreographer became Director of the Leningrad state academic theatre of Opera and ballet named after S. M. Kirov, where she first staged the ballet «Russian Symphony». In parallel, the young people taught at the Academy of Russian ballet named A. Y. Vaganova.

    All-Union fame came to Boris Eifman after he undertook to supply sophisticated performance of «Firebird» to music by composer Igor Stravinsky and successfully implemented the plan. With this ballet the choreographer has toured not only in Soviet Union but in other countries. In particular, he created a sensation among the Japanese public.

    But it is unlikely that Eifman became a legendary figure, if it was limited to the standard classical approach to the art of ballet. Boris Yankelevich was always in the shower innovator. He got the idea to make films-ballets like films performances. But his main achievement – the creation of own theatre «New ballet» in 1977.

    For the USSR author’s theatre was absolutely unique phenomenon. Especially because the choreographer was not limited to academic elements into their productions. For example, Eifman first offered to the public bespyatova ballet, dance rock performances, children’s productions to the accompaniment of modern music.

    This theatre is headed by people’s artist so far. However, since 1990, his creation has another name — St. Petersburg state academic ballet Theatre under Boris Eifman.

    Personal life

    When Boris Eifman was young, he attributed the huge number of novels with the most famous women. Nothing surprising in this: he has long led a bachelor lifestyle, while being impressive, attractive and, most importantly, a successful person. The most high-profile romance choreographer was with the beautiful actress Anastasia Vertinskaya.

    But he had married much later and another woman. His wife was a ballerina Valentina Morozova. They have long worked together, and now Valentina will give a man an invaluable aid, not only as a singer and as a teacher of choreography. Boris and Valentina were already in middle age when decided to become parents: in 1995, came to light their son Alexander.


    Boris Eifman

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