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  • The Name Of: Boris Berezovsky ( Boris Berezovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 23 January 1946.
  • Age: 67 years
  • Date of death: March 23, 2013
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: entrepreneur, politician, scientist, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor
  • Marital status: divorced was

    Boris Berezovsky: a biography

    Boris Abramovich Berezovsky is a well – known businessman and member of one of the major opponents of Vladimir Putin in the beginning of the XXI century. In the autumn of 2001 in connection with allegations of money laundering and even attempting to seize power, he was wanted in Russia and Switzerland. Since then, the biography of Boris Berezovsky until his death was connected with the United Kingdom. In 2008, Berezovsky with a fortune of 1.3 billion was one of the most affluent Russians, but in recent months, its financial condition has deteriorated significantly, which was considered one of the possible causes of death.

    Boris Berezovsky
    Photo Of Boris Berezovsky | Peoples

    He was born in Moscow, in the family of an engineer-Builder of Abram Markovich, and research assistant of Institute of Pediatrics of Anna Alexandrovna. In school, Boris went a year ahead of schedule, and was in a special school with English as the language of instruction. After receiving the matriculation Berezovsky wanted to enter the prestigious Moscow state University, but, in his opinion, because Jewish nationality was not counted. So he became a student of the Moscow forestry engineering Institute, where he received a specialty electronics engineer.

    Boris Berezovsky
    Photo Of Boris Berezovsky | Suggest Keywords

    Later, Boris was still studying in MSU, where he also completed post-graduate studies, defended a thesis and became a Professor. As for his business activities, Berezovsky passed all stages in the research Institute until it became to manage projects at «AVTOVAZ». Besides, the man wrote over a hundred scientific articles and monographs, and published articles on the restructuring of the economic mechanism of the country for the newspaper «Soviet Russia».


    As a businessman Boris Berezovsky proved himself even as a member of «AVTOVAZ», so he decided to establish his own company and created «LogoVAZ». His office was engaged in the sale of domestic cars, who were returning from foreign dealers. Later, the firm Berezovsky became the official Russian partner of «Mercedes», and the structure of the companies were banks and even the channel, not simple, and the Central – ORT.

    By the end of 90-ies of Boris Berezovsky belonged to, among other things, media group Kommersant, which controlled a huge range of media, including such well-known as the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda», «Ogonek» magazine, radio station «Nashe radio» and TV «First channel».

    Boris Berezovsky
    Photo of Boris Berezovsky | RIA Novosti

    As a member of the Board of Directors of «Siberian oil company» — commonly known as Sibneft, Berezovsky was an active player in the market of State short-term bonds that, in the opinion of the attorney General, was one of the reasons of the default of 1998. Subsequently, the specialists carried out the analysis of work of the enterprises of Berezovsky and came to the conclusion that every time he privatized already highly profitable organization, but for various reasons they did not become more competitive. And for the Russian Treasury and the citizenry of its actions and did not bring any dividends.


    In the late 90-ies of Boris Berezovsky begins to engage in policies that will be interested in it to the end of life. In 1996, he became Deputy Secretary of the security Council of the Russian Federation Ivan Rybkin. Later, Berezovsky is moving to the post of Executive Secretary of the CIS and transforms into a politically influential oligarch. Berezovsky claimed that not only was he a confidant of President Boris Yeltsin and his family, but also played a crucial role of Vladimir Putin came to power.

    Boris Berezovsky
    Photo of Boris Berezovsky | tvnz

    However, some sources believe that Berezovsky had exaggerated its influence on the top leaders of the country. Although the fact that Putin considered Berezovsky an extraordinary man, with whom interesting to talk to, and also that the businessman has played a significant role in election advertising of «Unity» bloc, confirmed by many people who knew the tycoon personally. But good relations Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Putin, if they were in the 90-ies, has not prevented the businessman to Finance the opposition of the President for the power to intercept the power. Berezovsky also paid for a political campaign of Viktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko during the Orange revolution.

    Personal life

    In the personal life of Boris Berezovsky had three wives, each of whom bore him two children. His first wife Nina Korotkova studied with him in the same high school, two grades younger. They married in the early 70’s and gave birth to two daughters — Elizabeth and Catherine.

    Galina Besharova
    Second wife Galina Besharova and daughter Anastasia | Woman

    From second wife Galina Besharova, who married him in 1991, Berezovsky has a son Artyom, born in 1989, and daughter, Anastasia, who came a year after the wedding. However, the family did not long remain together: in 1993, Galina together with the children went to London and more spouses have not lived together. The divorce was finalized only in 2011, and Besharova the court managed to reach a record for the UK amount of compensation: Boris Berezovsky wife paid more than 200 million pounds.

    Bris Berezovsky with his family
    Elena Gorbunova and children | En Son Haber

    Even in Russia, the oligarch, while remaining officially married, met another woman, Elena Gorbunov, from which he has a daughter Arina and son Gleb. This marriage was never registered, however, when in January 2013, Berezovsky and Saakashvili finally broke up, the woman presented to him as a civil husband and the father of her children sued for a few million pounds. Interestingly, none of the children of Boris’s policy is not carried away, though a lot of sons and wives of the daughters have their own business.

    Boris Berezovsky and his children
    Berezovsky with children | BlogNews

    How to say close friends of Berezovsky, he adhered to a very strict routine. The dream stood out about four hours a day, all meetings, both business and personal, it was planned in advance, but still was often too late, so as not to be punctual. Boris Abramovich was very fond of theatres, restaurants and night clubs, and also wanted around him were gathered a noisy company.


    It is believed that the life of Boris Berezovsky attempted several times. In the summer of 1994 blew up the Mercedes, which was the businessman, killing the driver and injuring the guard and a few passers-by. In the assassination of suspected crime boss Sergei Timofeyev, nicknamed «Sylvester», which soon was himself killed. And in 2007 it prevented the assassination of Boris Berezovsky in London, where the alleged killer is among the Chechen fighters, arrived to murder the Russian businessman, but was accidentally arrested by police after another suspicious.

    the death of Boris Berezovsky
    In this bathroom was found the body of a businessman | NTV

    The death of Boris Berezovsky on March 23, 2013 was unexpected. Although the British coroner stated the impossibility to reliably establish the circumstances of the death, the official version of the cause of death is suicide. The body was discovered locked inside the bathroom, lying next to a scarf, signs of a struggle were absent.

    It is established that Boris Abramovich at the end of life was virtually destroyed and was in a state of severe depression. A sharp decrease of funds in the accounts of Berezovsky contributed not only divorce and compensation of ex-wives, not only investments in geopolitics, but lost a lawsuit against Roman Abramovich, with the result that he was forced to pay huge legal fees.


    Boris Berezovsky

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