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  • Name: Boris Akunin ( Grigory Chkhartishvili )
  • Date of birth: 20 may 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: writer, playwright, translator, literary critic
  • Marital status: married

    Boris Akunin biography

    Boris Akunin (a pseudonym) is a famous writer who became famous for his series of books about the talented nobleman Fandorin. Historical and pseudohistorical works Akunin differ special reliability, due not only to the talent of the writer, but also his extensive knowledge. The author is an education historian, japonica, spent a lot of time literary activities. At some point Boris Akunin became so popular that the author was close to the one name, which are waiting for certain works. So there were two «writer». For several years he secretly published under the pseudonym Anatoly Brusnikin and Anna Borisova. Aliases Akunin, too, quickly came to the tops of sales. This experiment was necessary to the writer to be free to try new styles and techniques, and to show myself and the reader that can easily achieve popularity from scratch at any time.

    Boris Akunin
    Photos of the writer | the New chronicle of current events

    Grigory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili is widely known under the literary name of Boris Akunin. Was born in a small Georgian town in the family of artillery and a teacher of the Russian language. In 1958, the parents decided to move to Moscow. Little Gregory has issued to the school № 36 with English bias.

    In 1973, the future novelist Akunin finished school and entered the Institute of the countries of Asia and Africa. He studied there until 1978. He received the diploma of a historian, japanologist, engaged in translation, as had an excellent command of Japanese and English. Started translations of Japanese authors, in particular Kenji Maruyama, Shinichi Hoshi, Yukio Mishima, and others. Continued the publication of translated works and the Anglo-American representatives of the literary work.


    1994-2000 biography Boris Akunin is dedicated to working in the publishing house «Foreign literature», where the writer held the position of editor (and later editor) dvadtsatiletnej «Anthology of Japanese literature». After he became head of the project «Pushkin library» under the leadership of George Soros, or rather, its international charitable organization.

    Boris Akunin
    At work | Political Russia

    Since 1998, publishes fiction, signing. Akunin. Transcript of part of the alias «B» became known to readers as «Boris» after the flood many interviews. Loud the nickname «Akunin» consists of several Japanese characters and in one of the essays in the novel of fedorenkova of the series «the Diamond chariot» of the novelist interpreted as a «supporter of evil», «a thief, a scoundrel.» Can also be interpreted as a pseudonym and a literary game with the name of a famous anarchist Bakunin.

    Their copies under the pseudonym «Boris Akunin» the author prefers to regard as a fiction, as the writer writes for himself, and the writer focuses on the reader. Criticism and documentary work publishes under his real name.

    Books By Boris Akunin

    A series of stories and novels detective character

  • «The Adventures Of Erast Fandorin
  • «Akunin has brought fame and recognition. Among the first works of the new format was Roman
  • «Azazel
  • «. In a series of books about Fandorin, the author experimented with different subgenres of detective. For example, «Leviathan» — sealed detective (that is, the action takes place in a confined space, and the suspects clearly delineated), and the next «Death of Achilles» is a great detective. On the direction of a book the author himself and is not repeated in the rules for this, he even introduces a rather exotic names, such as «Dickensian detective» or «the great detective».

    This series of books registered. The main character, at the beginning of the story a young nobleman Erast Fandorin, became one of the main pieces of the author. He not only described his life in this series from youth to old age, but repeatedly returned to it in the series, describing offspring Fandorinym or parallel life of Erast history. Erast Petrovich comes from a noble family that went bankrupt, he was forced to enlist to support yourself, and later transferred to the detective Department.

    Grigory Chkhartishvili
    Photo of the author | Your news

    Fandorin has a phenomenal mind or a particular approach, but he’s smart and observant, making his arguments understandable and interesting for the reader. The distinctive features of the writer is too much emotional detachment, which is born after the death of the main love of his life, and incredible luck in any games of chance, Fandorin always wins at poker and any pair, you can’t die in Russian roulette.

    Next came a series of serial works: «Provincial detective», «Genre», «adventure master». Since 2001, leads the literary series «a Cure for boredom».

    Boris Akunin was first nominated for the award «Booker — Smirnoff», but failed in the final. Following the nomination «Antibuker», where the writer received the award. This award culminated in the novel «Azazel» in the series «New detective». The product made the short list of British writers Association of criminalists.

    Boris Akunin
    Well-known public figure | Yle

    In the «Genres» Creator introduced readers to several different formats of the fictional direction. If adventure format, the «New detective» was a reflection of the variety of the detective areas, the «genre» is a kind of experiment with the literary genres of the fictional bias. The title of the book matches the genre, and the pioneer becomes a «Children’s book», which goes to the retail network on 4 February 2004. Then with the distance in a week, go on sale «Spy novel», «Fiction» and «Quest».

    In January 2012 it became known that a previously hidden by the author of popular works in the format of a historical novel «devaty Saved», «Bellona», and «the other time» and others, is none other than the moon. Novels are under the pseudonym Anatoly Brusnikin.

    Boris Akunin
    He wrote under several aliases | Rutage

    Several novels of the famous novelist, was filmed. Among them, «Azazel», the first book about Fandorin Earase, and

  • «Pelagia
  • «. Huge success was achieved in the films «the Turkish gambit» and «the State Counsellor», also dedicated to the strange life of Fandorin. The thirteenth book of the famous series «New detective» was Roman
  • «The whole world theatre».

    Boris Akunin is marked as most-read author of modern Russia. In 2008 the total circulation of his works exceeded 1.3 million copies, and by the standards of «Forbes» from 2004 to 2005, the income of Boris Akunin amounted to $ 2 million. Akunin fictional works have been translated into 35 languages and published in Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Finland, France, etc.

    Also the author of numerous works of the famous open criticism and harsh words towards the Russian authorities.

    «History of Russian state»

    «History of the Russian state» authored by Boris Akunin is the eponymous best-selling, multi-volume answer to the question. The first volume was presented to readers in November 2013 and was released in several versions: the traditional paper sample with several hundred color illustrations and maps; similar to the electronic version; the audiobook is voiced by Alexander Klukvina; budget digital format without accompanying illustrations. The first volume is named «From its origins to the Mongol invasion», the second volume «parts of Asia. Horde period».

    Boris Akunin
    The author of the book | Nikolai Starikov

    The book is designed for people who want to learn more about the history of Russia, but hard to take academic flow. Creating a project, Boris Akunin intended — simple and available to retell the story objective free dialect. The literature has studied numerous sources, comparing information and dubious or unconfirmed data were selected.

    Guide affordable and easy-to-follow presentation was similar to the work of Nikolai Karamzin.

    Personal life

    Personal life, Boris Akunin was not marked by loud and scandalous novels. The first wife of a famous novelist was Japanese. They met at the University, where previously he studied writer. With a charming graduate student-a Japanese woman he talked during the next visit. Stories about the land of the rising sun from the mouth of a stranger captured Gregory, and the girl was captivated by Russian culture and know the mysterious Russian soul. However, the representatives of different cultures was not endowed with less strong characters that soon affected the life together. The family broke up.

    Boris Akunin with his wife
    With his wife Erica

    After parting ways with Eastern beauty Boris Akunin met my current lovely wife Erica Ernestovna. The photo and the couple is happy and even somewhat similar. The woman is a professional editor jointly run the family business and not waste time looking for assistants. Eric shouldered the relationship with agents, publishers and press, which greatly facilitates the workflow of the author. Boris Akunin loves his wife and shares her doubts about a project. If the woman confirms the doubts of the writer, then the fragment to be reworked.

    The family lives in harmony, the writer admits that he is really happy. Children in pairs, but their joint creations can be considered a new book Akunin.


    • New detective (the adventures of Erast Fandorin)
    • The adventures of master
    • Genres
    • Provincial detective
    • Death of a friendship
    • The history of the Russian state


    Boris Akunin

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