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  • Name: Blake Lively ( Blake Ellender Brown )
  • Date of birth: 25 August 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Tarzana, USA
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: actress, model
  • Marital status: Married Ryan Reynolds

    Blake lively: biography

    Blake lively was born in the town of Tarzana, which is a suburb of the American forge talent – Los Angeles. Her father was Ernest brown was a famous actor who, when he married Elaine lively, who were engaged in the promotion of talents on stage, took her name, as well as adoptive parents, and adopted three children from Elaine’s first marriage. In addition, the lively family has another child — Eric lively, who is older than Girl of six years. Interestingly, all the children followed the path of his father and become actors.

    However, such a choice of profession is not surprising. Very young Blake attended the acting classes, which were attended by her parents because they didn’t want to leave the girl in the care of nanny. So the child learned the wisdom of performing arts, not even suspecting that something to learn. Little Blake was just following dad and mom movements, gestures, gait, demeanor and talk, and children’s spontaneity and looseness together with an innate talent gave a positive result.

    All child, Blake lively took to the studios, film sets and rehearsal rooms. As an adult Blake remembered that my mother at least once a week took her to Disneyland to a child, at least a little taste of childhood and rested from the world of cinema.


    Interesting that Blake was not in my childhood obsessed with the dream of becoming a movie star, although eleven years have already had experience filming in an episode of «the Sandman». It all happened by itself, as older brother Eric took her with me to the audition, where she impressed the Director and producer. In the end, Blake got the role in the film «Jeans mascot» which was released in 2005. In this film, the actress plays one of four main roles. After the movie, Blake lively was nominated for the award «Teen Choice Award», but the victory went to her.

    The first award found the girl after filming the movie «We adopted!», in which her partner was Justin long. Comedy itself has been criticized by experts, but the game lively critics loved it.

    A year later came the film «Elvis and Anabelle», where the actress plays the main female role. Her character suffers from nervous bulimia, can not control food intake, but wants to win the beauty contest. The game actress was again praised by critics, some even called this a dramatic breakout role for miss lively.

    But the main success came to the actress after she played Serena van der Woodsen in the teen drama series «Gossip girl,» which appeared for five years beginning in 2007. All was filmed six seasons of the series, and Blake lively took part in each of them.

    We can say that each role the young actress has earned praise any critic. Even a cameo part in the film «the Private lives of Pippa Lee» in 2009 was named no more and no less «sensational».

    It is also interesting that the largest number of rave reviews, except for a role in Gossip girl, Blake lively got the role in the commercial failure or moderately adopted by the public paintings such as «new York, I love you,» 2008’s «City of thieves» in 2010 and «the Age of Adaline» in 2015.

    Personal life

    First relationship and romantic feelings Blake lively have experienced childhood friend Kelly Blazo, whom she started Dating in 2004. A couple even managed to play together in one of the films. But their relationship ended after three years together.

    After that, Blake was in a relationship with his partner for the TV series «Gossip girl» Penn, Bagli. They were together again for about three years. Then Blake managed to have a brief affair with one of his idols Leonardo DiCaprio. These relations turned out to be quite a while.

    In 2011, Ms. lively is beginning to meet with another co-star Ryan Reynolds, with whom she played in the movie «Green lantern». 9 Sep 2012 a pair of combined legal marriage, who has spent the maximum secret. Two years later, in December 2014, Blake and Ryan became parents, they had a daughter. It was called how custom girl’s name — James Reynolds.

    Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds are trying to protect their privacy from the press and television. Many journalists called them the most secretive couple in Hollywood.

    Selected filmography

    • 2005 — Ivan
    • 2006 — We were accepted!
    • 2007 — Elvis and Anabelle
    • 2008 — Jeans-talisman 2
    • 2008 — new York, I love you
    • 2009 — the Private lives of Pippa Lee
    • 2010 — City of thieves
    • 2007-2012 — Gossip girl
    • 2011 — Green Lantern
    • 2015 — Age Of Adaline


    Blake Lively

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