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  • Name: Band «Pertti Kurikka» ( Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät )
  • Date of birth: January 1, 2004.
  • Age: 13 years
  • Place of birth: Helsinki
  • Activity: musicians, participants of «Eurovision-2015»
  • Marital status:

    The band «Pertti Kurikka»: a biography

    Finnish punk rock band «Pertti Kurikka» (Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät) was formed in 2004 year. It all began in Helsinki at the Studio, «Light», that is engaged in creative rehabilitation of people with mental retardation. When visiting the Studio, Pertti Kurikka, guitarist and frontman of the band, I met the organizer, longtime Manager and inspirer of the group Calle Pajama. It is the latter came up with the idea to create a musical group of people with disabilities. The final formation of the composition took five years, and long-awaited debut of the collective took place in 2009 year.

    At this time, the Finnish Director pitch Karjalainen was in search of musical groups made up of people with mental and physical disabilities to participate in his film, the basic idea of which was focused on the theme of the struggle of such people for the right to lead a full and independent life. «Pertti Kurikka» became a real discovery for such a project. Especially for this film, the group performed their debut single «Kallioon!» (the name of one of the districts of Helsinki), immediately became a hit. Some time after this good start of the band’s career, a large number of fans outside the circle of people with physical or mental disabilities — their will to live and the immediacy of affect increasingly wide audience of listeners.

    In 2012, the year the film «punk Syndrome«, entirely dedicated to the history of the band «Pertti Kurikka». Director Yukki Karkkainen in his work followed the style of «truthful cinema»: the film was made without comment and clarify scenes. Members of the group appear before the audience in their everyday, unvarnished images, spending most of their time in the Studio and touring. The aesthetic message of the film, his goal — to open a window to the world people show their problems and daily struggle with themselves and the world. After the premiere of this picture is the popularity of the band «Pertti Kurikka» was released outside Finland to the participants and allowed us to make a tour in Germany, the UK and the Scandinavian countries.

    Another milestone development was held in 2014-m to year together with the group «Lordi» charity concert. The proceeds were transferred to the community of people with intellectual disabilities in Mozambique and in Lapland. The performance on the same stage with the winners of «Eurovision-2006» has brought the group to a qualitatively new level.

    «Pertti Kurikka»: the participants

    To date, the band «Pertti Kurikka» consists of guitarist and music writer Pertti Kurikka (of Pertti Kurikka). But the guitar Perttu also plays the organ, attends Church, and records audiobooks.

    Singer and songwriter Kari Aalto (Aalto Kari), a high school friend Pertti, maintains its own radio program, like motorcycles, women, alcohol, and American cars.

    Bassist Sami Helle (Helle Sami) spent his childhood in Boston, new York and Paris. Fluent in English. Takes an active civil position Themselves is a member of the centre party of Finland, hoping someday to become a member of Parliament.

    The youngest member of the group, drummer Tony Valitalo (Toni Välitalo), plays the drums since the age of six. In addition to punk rock, his favorite styles are the Mazurka and Blues.

    Concert Manager Kalle Pajama is unofficially the fifth member of the band. In addition to the main activities, he also writes most of the arrangements for the group.

    «Pertti Kurikka»: The Eurovision Song Contest 2015

    In early 2015 the band «Pertti Kurikka» participated in the national qualifying round for «Eurovision-2015» song «Aina mun pitää» (I always have).

    First, this step was intended to attract the attention of society to problems of people with down syndrome. But suddenly, the group obtains the majority of the audience award and becomes the representative of Finland at Eurovision 2015, after which the «Pertti Kurikka» acquire worldwide popularity.

    «Pertti Kurikka»: discography

    • Kuus kuppia kahvia ja yks kokis
    • Sikakovapaketti
    • Coffee Tea Not
    • The Best of Greatest Hits

    «Pertti Kurikka»: photo


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