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  • Name: Vitaly Gogunsky ( Vitaly Gogunsky )
  • Date of birth: 14 July 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa, Ukraine
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, singer and songwriter, star of TV series «Univer»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Vitaly Gogunsky: biography

    Vitaly Gogunsky is considered one of the most popular Russian actors. Biography of Vitaly Giganskogo very full of interesting facts, which we will tell.

    Vitaly was born in the big Ukrainian city of Odessa July 14, 1978. However, some sources call the official birthplace of actor Kremenchuk due to the fact that Eugene Gogunsky was a member of the city Council of Kremenchuk. However, in the passport of the actor in the column «place of birth» is mentioned Odessa. Childhood and youth Vitaly took place in Poltava region.

    Despite the slightly totalitarian attitudes in the family Gogunsky, Vitaly grew up a very creative child. From an early age he began to show considerable interest in sport and music. Parents gave the boy to karate and then football, which contributed to the formation of acne as an athlete. However, no sport could not stifle the love of a boy for music and creativity, and therefore, the future actor decided to do in music school, piano class.

    The first major success of the future actor was the performance at the local regional competition, where young talent was recognized as the best pianist of his age category. The main reason for this success was the extraordinary diligence Giganskogo who never missed lessons in a music school and have always tried to give our hundred percent. Teachers highly praised the boy, and he predicted a good future in the music field. And in some ways their predictions have come true, and songs written by Vitaly, I heard the whole country.

    Despite the fact that the family was prosperous and it has always had money, Vitaly Gogunsky early began to show independence and was looking for a side income-generating activities. This is partly due to his desire for independence from his father. So, at the age of 12 years old boy started an apprenticeship as an ordinary loader in one of the nearby-to-home shops, and a janitor at the post office. These jobs forced Vitali to understand that pocket money you earn from hard work, and if a guy wants to achieve something in your life, then it needs a lot of work.

    A couple of years, Vitaly managed to get to one of the local Ukrainian channels and to procure the position of the lead. This work he loved, and from that moment Giganskogo captured the thoughts of becoming a journalist. He was soon invited to the position of the leading one of the programs on the channel «Russia». But still creative nature took over and Vitali decided to take a different path.


    After high school, Vitaly thought to do in acting school, but the father-politician was for more earthy and serious profession, and therefore sent his son at the Odessa national Polytechnic University. However, after Gogunsky got the speciality of engineer-technologist, he went to learn a new profession – the profession for which he entered the film Institute.

    The young actor went to Moscow without even a shadow of a doubt that he will be able to conquer this city, and from the very first attempts was able to enter the most prestigious acting College. Training was easy and now, several years later, in 2007, he received a diploma. In parallel with his studies, he managed to combine the work in the movie.

    On the big screen debut of future stars took place in 2004, when he played the President of a major Russian company in the movie «Farewell, doctor Freud». Gogunska was able to so authentically grow into the role of a person suffering from mental illness, that he immediately noticed several well-known producers. By the way, already in his first film, Vitaly managed to prove himself as a composer. He wrote the song, which became the main soundtrack to the film project «Think of me».

    Following the work of Vitaly in the movie was the dramatic film «man of no return», which tells the story of modern families and their sanctified the pursuit of happiness. Here Gogunska was offered the role of guy in pursuit of easy money has lost the ability to find personal happiness. Also during training Gogunsky has starred in three films: «the Heiress», «Bear hunting» and the series «Storm gate». However, the roles in these films has not made the novice actor, a celebrity.

    The brightest role in the creative career of the actor was the role in the youth sitcom «Univer», which started in 2008, on TNT. It Gogunsky has played a good-natured and slightly obtuse student of the faculty of Philology and part-time karate Edward Kuzmin, better known as Kuzma. The growing popularity of the «Uni» contributed to the growing popularity and Giganskogo. He began to learn on the streets, inviting in all sorts of show projects that gave Vitali a chance to feel like a real star. During the filming of the third season of the series Gogunsky wrote two songs, one of which is «I snaina» has become almost more popular than the project itself.

    In the «Univer» Vitaly Gogunsky starred for three years and was the only actor out of all «five» which became the sequel of the project «University. New Dorm». In addition, the actor appeared in several episodes of the spin-off of the project «Sasha, Tanya».

    In 2013, Gogunsky has decided to leave the «University» to dedicate myself to other projects. According to star, he is tired of the role Kuzi and wants to try more serious films. Currently, Vitaliy is working in Theatrical Agency Lekur and mostly plays in the theater.

    Despite his recent popularity, his best roles are still ahead. Gogunsky is not going to stop there and become «an actor in one role», the audience will hear the name of Vitali and even more love his work.

    Show «One to one»

    Not so long ago on the channel «Russia» was held the second season of the popular show «one to One». Vitaly Gogunsky has agreed to the proposal of the producers and became a full participant in the project. It is recognized that the same «silly Hugo» became the main opening of the show.

    Vitaly Gogunsky in the show «one to One» struck all the way Valery Meladze. The judges were just amazed at the performance of the song «Beautiful» and was awarded to Vitaly 48 points, which ultimately allowed him to take second place in the first round, although the viewers, unlike a jury, which awarded him first place. It was brilliant!

    In 2016 on television started the fourth season of the show «one to One. Battle of the seasons» where were assembled the strongest participants from previous seasons. Vitaly Gogunsky took part in it.

    Personal life

    In the privacy of Vitaly is not all so smooth. He spent several years in a civil marriage with Irina, Marco. The couple has a daughter Milan.

    In 2013, it became known that Vitaly Gogunsky for the first time officially married. And the wife of the artist was not Irina, and the financier Anna. Some media have published an interview with the chosen one Giganskogo in which the girl admitted that their acquaintance took place back in 2008. Then the young people did not work out, Vitali went to live with Irene, but a few years later fate once again brought them together. The lovers got married in Italy, this event was not disclosed.

    In April 2015, it became known that Vitaly Gogunsky in the month of March has divorced his wife. The actor said that the gap is associated with rapid professional activities Vitaly, where the wife almost didn’t see it at home.

    In March 2016 Gogunsky became the hero of the show, «let’s get married», thinking thus to establish his personal life. Of the three contestants he chose a girl named Aurica. Will there be something from this meeting, time will tell.

    At the end of 2016 Vitaly Gogunsky returned to the family.


    • 2004 – «Farewell, doctor Freud!»
    • 2006 – «the Heiress»
    • 2006 — «Storm the gates»
    • 2006 — «man of no return»
    • 2007 – «Bear hunting»
    • 2008 — 2011 – Univer
    • 2011 – 2013 – «Univer.New Dorm»
    • 2013 – «Sasha, Tanya»


    Vitaly Gogunsky

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