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  • Name: David Beckham ( David Beckham )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: London
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: English football midfielder
  • Marital status: married with Victoria Beckham

    David Beckham: biography

  • David Beckham was born in England in the small town of Leytonstone on 2 may 1975. David was the third child in the family, he has older sisters, Lynn and Joan. After the appearance of the long-awaited son, Ted Beckham, all the attention was paid only to him, hoping to make David a great athlete. Ted started training with David, when he was only two years. The first steps in the sport, David began with the London club «Layton», where he played for two years. After that, the promising young athlete was admitted into the famous football school «Tottenham», which quite successfully completed. David was 11 years old when it was noticed by recruits of the famous club «Manchester United». The talented teenager was invited to the exams which he successfully passed and was admitted to the youth team of the club. In 1992 youth team «Manchester United» has won the FA Cup, and the critics noted the amazing game of Beckham.

    In 1993 Beckham signed a professional contract with the famous British team and become a member of the core team «

  • Manchester United». But despite its popularity, David understood that football happiness is short-lived enough, so he decided that football was not enough for him. In this Beckham helped his father, who converted his athletic talent into money. In 20 years, Beckham has signed contracts with giants Pepsi and Adidas, becoming the face of these brands.

    In 1998, David has become a real national hero thanks to a goal scored against the national team of Brazil in the world Cup. But luck in this championship were changeable to the player, and he was accused of «killing football», when the player received a red card in the match against Argentina. Many accused it of Beckham that «Manchester United» lost the championship.

    In 2000, Beckham was appointed captain of the England team. And in 2002 the midfielder ran into trouble with the head coach «Manchester United», which became public, and it almost ended in a fight.

    In 2002, Beckham was sold to Madrid «

  • Real» over the «ridiculous» amount of 35 million euros. Player’s career steadily went up, the Spanish club, Beckham became champion of Spain (2006-2007), winner of the super Cup (2003). Assigned to David «23» number became a legend. «Real» has sold a whopping number of club t-shirts with his number. But in 2007 because of the scandal with the leadership of the «real» Beckham goes to play a little known American club «
  • The Los Angeles galaxy» by signing a contract with them for five years. The transition of the legendary players provoked an unprecedented surge of interest in football among the locals. In 2009 Beckham on loan has passed in Italian «
  • Milan». Debut in the Italian team was more than successful — 2 goals in 4 matches. Immediately in the press rumors about the final transition of an Englishman in Milan. In galaxy David missed more than half the season. For this reason, the California fans have dramatically changed their attitude to the player. Stadiums and then flashed the offensive placards. Oil poured into the fire the book of teammate Landon Donovan’s «the Beckham Experiment», in which the athlete was generous to a harsh criticism of the famous Englishman. The season 2011-2012 was the «Renaissance» of Beckham. That’s when the fight for player and joined several clubs. December 1, 2012. Beckham played his last match for the galaxy.

    January 31, 2013 Beckham signed a 5 month contract with «

  • PSG». The composition of Parisians David became the champion of France. This victory made Beckham a unique football player who managed to become a career
  • the champion of four countries — England, Spain, USA and France.

    16 may 2013, Beckham has finished career of the football player.

    Few people know that David Beckham suffers a fairly rare mental illness —

  • syndrome obsessive-compulsive disorder, symptoms of which are pathological desire to put all things in a strictly symmetrical order. David constantly ensures that all the items were arranged in a straight line and in even numbers. He just hates when things are out of place. It brings the player almost physical pain.

    David Beckham: personal life

    Personal life of David Beckham for many years connected with the name of Victoria Beckham. David was already a famous player and eligible bachelor when he met Victoria Adams star of the group «the Spice Girls». In 1999, the lovers are officially registered marriage. The combination of two popular personalities has led to the fact that the couple became one of the most famous British unions. David Victoria gave birth to four children: sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, as well as long-awaited daughter Harper.

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