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  • Name: Nadezhda Granovskaya ( Nadezhda Meyher )
  • Date of birth: 10 April 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: village Zbruchivka, Ukraine
  • Activity: Ukrainian singer-songwriter, actress, former soloist of group «Viagra»
  • Marital status: Not married

    Nadezhda Granovskaya : biography

  • Hope Granovskaya (real name Meyher) was born in 1982 April 10. The official birthplace of Hope is considered Ukrainian village Zbruchivka located somewhere in the West country. Interestingly, during the delivery the mother Hopes were not able to deliver in the hospital, and the girl appeared on the couch of his home. Biography Hope Granovsky quite interesting and unusual. The first four years after the birth of little Nadia Meyher family lived in the same village Zbruchivka. However, the girl’s father was drinking heavily, and not to raise a child in poor conditions, to have Hope Granovsky divorces her husband and moves with her daughter in Volochisk, where her relatives lived. In the early years Nadia showed interest in music. A future star already 6 years old became interested in music and dancing. Not to miss the showing of some interesting musical programmes, Nadia specifically put a tick in the newspaper. To school. I started going six years old, and she learned very well. Interestingly, the members of the opposite sex began to pay attention to the Hope in elementary school, and it was like boys of his own age, and older children. Most children expressed their sympathy the most proven way – pulled black-haired beauty for her long braid and otherwise made fun of the girl. However, Nadia did not remain in debt and often get involved in a fight.

    At 11 years of age Hope Granovskaya, he became interested in dance and joined the circle of independent activity. She also claimed to participate in the circle of ballroom dancing, but had to limit popular because she lacked a pair.

    At a young age, Nadia was very amorous and often changed its idols. At first she followed Vladimir Lenin, pasted the walls of his room with his pictures and even staged an impromptu demonstration in October. Then there was a radical change of priorities, and Even switched to the American singer Michael Jackson. Thanks to pop-king, Nadia realized that she wanted to connect my life with dancing and therefore began to practice six hours a day.

    Career Hope Granovsky

    However, after 9-th class. chose a very different profession – went to the local teachers College. Not to stray from his dreams of becoming a ballerina, Nadezhda joined the faculty of musical education and choreography. After successfully graduating, Nadia moved to Khmelnitsky to begin work in the theatre.

    In 2000 in the city of Khmelnitsky, located 60 kilometers from Volochisk, comes the famous singer Valery Meladze. Wilson snuck backstage and found out that the brother Valery, producer Konstantin Meladze, is gaining a new group. Despite the fact that she never had a vocal lesson, she decided that she should try to get into this orchestra. She arranged a photo session and sent it to Kiev. Konstantin Meladze, the producer Dmitry Kostyuk invited Nadia to the casting, only now advised her to lose a little weight. She began a hard fight against excess weight and a few months later came for the audition. In the result it was the place of the soloist of the new team «

  • Viagra» together with Alena Vinnytsia. By the way, Meladze Granovsky advised to change the name not the fact that on his mother’s maiden name that future star after a little hesitation did. After Nadia was in the band, she moved to Kiev. Begins a completely new life. The popularity of Granovsky, immediately after the release of the first video for the track «
  • Attempt №5″. Viagra has gained enormous popularity in his native Ukraine and in Russia. The song at one point was on the highest lines of the charts and were awarded two prestigious awards «Golden gramophone» and «gold weight». Already during the same 2000, the girls released seven songs, which began to tour the country. Two years after the beginning of his musical career. went on maternity leave and to suspend musical activities. However, sit still for long on holiday, the singer wasn’t going to, and already four months later, Nadia returned to Viagra. The first «polydecene» clip in which the singer took part, was the video for the song «Good morning, dad.»

    Despite the enormous popularity of the team in 2006. decides to leave «Viagra». After leaving the group, Hope begins to work on the channel STB and conduct weekly program «Incredible love story». In the same year, Wilson participates in the show «dancing with the stars», which presents the 1+1 channel. Nadezhda is fluent in French, but because in his free time, he translated the arias.

    In 2009, Wilson returned to the team «Viagra» and so it goes with television. But in 2011 the singer was pregnant again and left the band, this time for good.

    In parallel with his career in show business Nadia Meyher enjoys poetry. In 2009, Wilson released his own collection of poems «

  • Immediate attraction». Thanks to the bright appearance of Nadezhda Granovskaya repeatedly voted one of the hundred sexiest women of Russia and Ukraine.

    After leaving the «Viagra» singer decided to focus on the career of the presenter. It is recognizable, popular and in demand. Nadya Granovskaya does not exclude his return to the stage, but in this case a solo project.

    Private life of Hope Granovsky

    Despite the big popularity, the main beauty of Ukraine never were officially married. Although fans of the singer was the sea. In 2002, Wilson gave birth to son Igor. The name of the father of the child Nadia is still kept secret.

    In 2008, Wilson met with Russian businessman Mikhail Urzhumtseva, which in 2012 gave birth to a daughter Anna. However, before the wedding the case with the young people has not yet reached, although, as she says the Hope that still lies ahead.

    Discography Hope Granovsky:

    In the group «Viagra»

    2001 – «the Attempt number 5»

    2003 – «Stop! Cut!»

    2003 – «Biology»

    2004 –»Stop! Stop! Stop!»

    Nadezhda Granovskaya in the show «one to One»

    In March 2014, Nadezhda Granovskaya decided to take part in the show «one to One» on channel «Russia», in which pop stars transform into domestic and foreign colleagues.

    The first method Granovsky — Masha Rasputina. The jury remained generally satisfied with the work of Hope, only Masha’s famous hit «White Mercedes» they evaluated only 27 points, Wilson was in the second half of the rankings.

    And in the second speech Granovsky went completely opposite to the first image, elegant Mireille Mathieu song «Pardonne-moi». This performance was more successful, and the judges awarded Nadia second place.

    In the third edition of the show Nadezhda Granovskaya made in the image of Elena Vaenga — favorite million. I would like to mention the fabulous work of make-up artists and teachers of acting. Before the audience sang 100% Vaenga with her manners, voice, and incredible energy. Unfortunately for Nadia, more than half the competitors performed brilliantly, so her acting feat was in the shade. Unfairly Granovskaya appeared in the end of the list. And the room really turned out fabulous.

    Show «one to One» has just begun, so there’s Nadia has the chance to become number one. It will be interesting.

    Photos Of Hope Granovsky

    Nadezhda Granovskaya

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