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  • Name: Bill Murray ( William James Murray )
  • Date of birth: 21 September 1950
  • Age: 66 years
  • Place of birth: Wilmette, USA, Illinois
  • Height: 188
  • Activity: American actor, film Director, screenwriter and producer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Bill Murray: biography

    Bill Murray is a legend of the world film industry. He created dozens of images and lots of bright and talented filmmakers have turned Murray into a Hollywood star of the first magnitude.

    William (bill) James Murray was born in Illinois in September, 1950. His childhood and teenage years were spent in the town of Wilmette. Increased bill and a large low-income families. He was 5th in age from 9 children. Looking ahead, we say that the four sons, including bill, have become well-known actors.

    But in childhood and early youth, did not promise a successful future bill Murray. The guy was outright stupid. Was a bad student and skipped lessons. The only activity that seriously captured such a frivolous teenager, was visiting drama group. Later, he joked that he joined the club solely because of the large number of cute girls, which it did. However, the basics of acting Murray got there.

    After finishing school the guy at the insistence of parents enrolled in medical College. Hold there for a long time did not work. Moreover, the bill skipped classes, he also smoked marijuana. It was discovered when Murray Denver airport was just joking around. The next question, an employee of the airport that the suitcase, he said «bomb». Explosives to be detected, of course, failed, but marijuana, which Murray had forgotten was found.

    After this incident, bill Murray was expelled from College, and he returned home.


    In the film bill came by chance. His older brother Brian Murray worked in the acting Studio Second City». Seeing how antsy idle younger brother, Brian advised him to try out. All of a sudden the guy not only passed the audition, but was accepted to a prestigious University.

    Perhaps this was the beginning actor biography bill Murray. No, he did not become more serious and more responsible, as before, Joker and missed classes. But it is precisely this lack of seriousness drew it to the attention of the famous producer. Murray was asked to become a co-host in the new musical-Comedy television show. The project very quickly became one of the most popular and leading him instantly famous.

    Popular charismatic leading opened doors for him in the world of Hollywood. The young actor received several offers from Directors. The audience first saw Murray in the film «Golf club», «the Lost shoes», «where the Buffalo roam» and «stripes». But the first tangible success of Murray in the movie can be called a minor role in the bestseller, «Tootsie», where the main character was played by Dustin Hoffman.

    As for glory, she literally fell on bill Murray after the iconic film «Ghostbusters», which was released in 1984. The young actor was immediately turned into a Hollywood star.

    In subsequent years he appeared in several uninteresting projects. But with the release of the sequel of «Ghostbusters» and «a New Christmas story,» he’s regained the lost ground and star Shine.

    To gain a foothold in Hollywood finally bill Murray could play the major and minor characters of cynobacteria «Groundhog Day,» «ed wood», «wild things,» «Rushmore,» «Charlie’s Angels» and «Broken flowers».

    In the mid-2000s went a decline in the film career of the actor. Probably the only pleasant exception was the film «lost in translation» famous Hollywood Director Sofia Coppola. This time bill has shown himself in the role of a touching and lyrical character, although the audience is more used to his comic roles. For this work, Murray was awarded the prestigious prize «Golden globe» and BAFTA, and critics called the film the best in 2003.

    Of the last pictures with participation of stars it is worth noting the painting «Hyde Park on the Hudson».

    Personal life

    Magic Hollywood comedian and ladies ‘ man was married twice. The first time the personal life of bill Murray 14 years flowed in one direction with Margaret Kelly. They were married in 1980. To this marriage were born two sons. But neither shared the household nor the children failed to preserve this Union.

    The second wife of Murray was an artist, costume designer Jennifer Butler. Bill met a beautiful girl during the shooting process. But despite the birth of four children, the couple in 2008, broke up. At the trial of the divorce, the former wife pointed out the cause of a breakup many of her husband’s infidelity and addiction to drugs and alcohol.


    • «Ghostbusters»
    • «A new Christmas story»
    • «Groundhog day»
    • «Ed Wood»
    • «Savagery»
    • «Rushmore»
    • «Charlie’s Angels»
    • «Broken flowers»
    • «Lost in translation»
    • «Hyde Park on Hudson»


    Bill Murray

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