Bill Clinton

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  • Name: Bill Clinton ( William Jefferson Clinton )
  • Date of birth: 19 August 1946
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: hope, Arkansas, USA
  • Height: 188
  • Activity: the 42nd President of the United States
  • Family: married to Hillary Clinton

    Bill Clinton: biography

    In January 1993, in the White house again became the representative of the Democratic party in the person of bill Clinton. If you do not take into account the short period of the reign of Jimmy Carter, then a long pause, «of excommunication from the authorities,» the Democrats made nearly a quarter of a century. Clinton put an end to a long neo-conservative era of Reagan-Bush. From the new, 42 -, on account of a democratic President expected the liberal renewal of the country.

    William Jefferson Blythe III, who would later become bill Clinton, was born in August 1946 in Arkansas. He was born in one of clinics of hope. The boy’s father, a traveling salesman William Jefferson Blythe Jr., who was tragically killed in a traffic accident in may 1946.

    Bill Clinton childhood
    Bill Clinton childhood |

    Raising a son as a whole rests on the shoulders of a widowed Virginia Dell Cassidy. A young mother had left bill in the care of their parents and returned to Louisiana. In Shreveport, where she recently met a man, Virginia continued to study to be a nurse anesthetist.

    Eldridge and Edith Cassidy – grandparents of bill Clinton – were small businesses. They contained a small grocery store. The townspeople disliked Cassidy because they served including the «colored» population. It was probably the first lesson of tolerance and democracy for small grandson, was later elected the party of this political direction.

    Billy Clinton childhood
    Billy Clinton in his childhood |

    When his son was 4 years old, my mother married a second time. Bill’s stepfather, Roger Clinton was a car salesman. In 1953 the family moved to the town of Hot springs. And after 3 years, bill has a brother Roger Clinton. The same name was bill and when he was 15.

    In school years bill Clinton was an exemplary student. In addition to excellent academic performance, he led the school jazz band in which he played himself, playing the saxophone. Before all this, Clinton has been an activist and speaker students.

    Bill Clinton and his saxophone
    Bill Clinton and his saxophone |

    In the summer of 1963 was a event great impact on the future of Clinton: he was entrusted to lead the youth delegation, which took part in the meeting with President John F. Kennedy. This visit to the White house when the US President shook hands with the young blond guy from a simple family, was the point from which the countdown has begun the political career of bill Clinton. As later admitted Clinton himself, it was then that he first began to think about politics.

    Bill Clinton at the meeting with Johnny Kennedy
    Bill Clinton at the meeting with Johnny Kennedy |

    Ambitious guy kept moving towards the goal. Though his family belonged to the middle class, but because of problems with the stepfather’s alcohol bill could not count on help in learning. He enrolled at the prestigious University of Washington Georgetown and was forced to learn to get an increased stipend. This allowed him for 2 years ,since 1968, to study at Oxford. Later, Clinton attended Yale law school. After graduation, the young man returned to Arkansas. Here began a political biography of bill Clinton.

    Bill Clinton – Governor of Arkansas

    His spotless and glorious life, a simple and honest man of the people, which he earned for his education and has achieved notable heights, bill Clinton decided to turn into a launching pad for future political career.

    After a short period teaching at Arkansas University in Fayetteville 28-year-old Clinton made the first step in politics. He tried to get a seat in Congress from the 3rd district of Arkansas, having run from the democratic party. Although young Democrat lost, but his rival for the Republican nomination lost him only a few percent. This was the reason of close attention of the political establishment in Arkansas, which appealed to young and promising «child Prodigy.»

    Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton |

    2 years later, in 1976, bill Clinton won the election of Minister of justice in his state. Even after 2 years, a 32-year-old politician has held the post of Governor of Arkansas, becoming the youngest in this position in the history of the United States.

    I must say that at the time of taking office, Clinton went to the poor state of America. In the statistics of income below the Arkansas was only in Mississippi. Not to say that after 11 years of rule, the young Governor of Arkansas dramatically took the lead – the rate of income growth measured a modest figure of 4.1%. But entrepreneurs pointed to a warming climate that promoted the development of business in the state and inflow of investments. This leads to the reduction of unemployment.

    Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Arkansas
    Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Arkansas |

    Another notable achievement of Governor bill Clinton’s educational program. The politician managed to get the stubborn resistance and held a wide-ranging program of reforms, thanks to which today the Arkansas is a state in which per capita the greatest funds are allocated to education.

    In October 1991, bill Clinton announced his candidacy for the presidency. At that time he already had a reputation as the most brilliant of the «new Democrat». On the way to his goal, the young politician «put» on the middle layer, which in 80-e years has managed to entice into the ranks of their voters are Republicans. Clinton promised that a considerable stratum of society lower taxes and economic pragmatism. Recall that during the unfolding of the cold war Ronald Reagan and George Bush the economy was put on the second place after the policy. Therefore, the real wages of men began to decline, and the number of jobs to decline sharply.

    Governor of Arkansas bill Clinton and U.S. President Jimmy Carter, 1978.
    Governor of Arkansas bill Clinton and U.S. President Jimmy Carter, 1978. |

    Campaign rhetoric and promises of the Clinton fell on fertile ground. And although his rival George Bush, whose assets were «fresh» victory in the Persian Gulf, seemed invincible, the young Democrat was able to get ahead. But this victory was not resounding bill Clinton received 43% of the vote, ahead of the rival by just 5%. And when you consider that independent candidate Ross Perot managed to «pull» the voices, the fifth of voters, it becomes clear that the victory of Clinton largely due to a happy coincidence.

    During the race, as expected, the light was removed a lot of dirt from the past of spouses Clinton. For example, the democratic candidate was accused of the strange behavior relieved from conscription for service in the period of the Vietnam war.

    Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton
    Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton |

    The press dug up that bill in my student years Smoking marijuana, that Clinton joked that he «didn’t inhale». Many questions were provoked and extramarital sex life of a candidate: the press dragged into the light of allegations of sexual harassment brought to court. Accusations of fraud with real estate, which allegedly was involved in the spouse of Hillary Clinton. Although almost all the above-mentioned accusations are not found compelling evidence, they are «bitten» a few percent from the victory of a Democrat.

    Bill Clinton – 42nd President of the United States

    The inauguration of the new President was held in January 1993. William Jefferson Clinton, in his speech told the audience the main idea: he announced the coming to power of the new young politicians who will replace the old generation and focus on the economy, putting it in the first place. Reduced military spending and the tax burden on the average business will be reduced.

    But soon the Americans noted the lack of experience of bill Clinton in politics. In the first stage of his presidency he had a long and randomly formed your team, causing sharp criticism of the Republicans. For example, the position of the attorney-General he suggested is under criminal liability for tax evasion Zoe Beida. A long time Clinton could not establish constructive cooperation with the Republican party and Congress.

    Bill Clinton: first term
    Bill Clinton: first term |

    Lobbying bill Clinton’s service in the army ranks of open homosexuals failed. The President had to agree on the compromise proposed by the Ministry of defence, which had significant differences from Clinton.

    Failed initiated America’s peacekeeping operation in Somalia, held under the auspices of the UN.

    But among the most unpleasant «punctures» of bill Clinton in the first period of presidency is health care reform. It was her candidate was called a priority and appointed head of the Committee to reform his wife Hillary. He wanted to ensure that health insurance had all of the American citizens. For this significant part of the cost was to be borne by employers and manufacturers of medical. Clinton counted the fact of opposition, for which he provided both the first and the second.

    Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton supporters
    Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton: associates |

    As a result, major reforms narrowed to minor amendments in the legislation to which the consent of Congress.

    After the defeat of the Democratic party at the next election to Congress in 1994, supporting many of the initiatives of bill Clinton turned out to be more illusive.

    However, the activities of the 42nd US President and was crowned with many achievements. The economy of America grew at a remarkable pace. Unemployment decreased. In foreign policy, Clinton managed to reduce the degree of tension with many countries with which the United States was openly at odds. In Moscow, the us President addressed the students of Moscow state University with lecture and received the title of honorary Professor of the country’s main University.

    Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin: the warming of relations
    Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin: the warming of relations |

    The next presidential election in 1996 passed quietly and even casually: Clinton was pale rival Robert Dole. 49% vs 41 is a good result, even though the arc it too difficult to call.

    The second term of the presidency of bill Clinton was more successful thanks to the high experience. The US economy continued to grow. Significantly reduced the external debt of America. The country has become a leader in the field of information technology (leader Japan). The collapse of the Soviet Union deprived US of the tension in this political direction, allowing to send forces and means on the economy.

    Was held the fourth stage of NATO enlargement after the war in Yugoslavia.

    Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

    The scandal, which began in 1998, almost costing Clinton the chair. In the press leaked information about the intimate relations of the President with White house Intern Monica Lewinsky. A young woman shared her revelations of intimate relationships with the President, revealing the juicy details of what happened in the famous oval office.

    Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky: a scandalous relationship
    Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky: a controversial relationship].Gee

    These scandalous relations have become a top theme, not only in America but throughout the world. Aggravated and without that unenviable position of bill Clinton’s perjury under oath. Miraculously, the President managed to avoid impeachment, largely thanks to his wife, Hillary, who managed to collect will in a fist and restrain their feelings. She demonstrated an iron character and enviable self-control, forgiving husband. The scandal Clinton-Lewinsky finally calmed down. But the reputation of the Democratic party was cool «stained».

    Bill Clinton 2016

    In recent years, ex-President of the United States continues to conduct active public work. Bill Clinton is a member of many political and charitable organizations.

    In 2008, when Hillary Clinton was defeated in the primaries, losing to Barack Obama, the couple spoke in support of the candidate.

    Bill Clinton on Haiti | soffeetimes

    In January 2012 bill Clinton at the request of the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon undertook to coordinate international assistance to the people of Haiti affected by the devastating earthquake.

    In February this year it became known about illness of bill Clinton. He was urgently hospitalized in a hospital in new York after complaining about heart pain. 63-year-old Clinton underwent surgery to stenting.

    Bill Clinton supports his wife in the election
    Bill Clinton supports his wife in the election |

    During the 2012 presidential election, bill and Hillary Clinton took an active part in the presidential election supporting Barack Obama.

    In 2016, bill Clinton, now with Obama, has actively supported for President of the USA his wife Hillary. Aggressive company in which rival Hillary speaks Donald trump, has United the spouses.

    Personal life

    With his future wife Hillary Rodham bill Clinton first met during their studies at Yale University. They were married in the fall of 1975. For some time the young couple had both taught at the University Fayettville.

    Bill Clinton with his wife and daughter
    Bill Clinton with his wife and daughter

    In February of 1980, Hillary Clinton gave birth to her husband’s only daughter Chelsea Clinton. Today the couple, the Clintons rejoice two grandchildren, which they gave to Chelsea. Granddaughter Charlotte was born in 2014, and grandson Aidan the summer of 2016.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton with daughter, son in law and granddaughter
    Bill and Hillary Clinton with daughter, son in law and granddaughter | Soma.Gee

    Personal life bill Clinton and his wife were repeatedly marred by scandals linked to infidelity of her husband. In addition to sensational stories with Monica Lewinsky, Clinton is credited with a long-standing relationship with a black girl from Arkansas that was engaged in prostitution. This story surfaced in 2016, just in the midst of election campaign of Clinton-trump. Some dark-skinned young man named Danny Lee Williams was called as the son of bill Clinton.

    Son Of Bill Clinton?
    Son Of Bill Clinton? |

    Perhaps the resemblance of the young man with the former President – was an accident, and his «relationship» with a famous politician – a dirty electoral trick.


    Bill Clinton

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