photo Bianca

  • Name: Bianca ( Tatiana Lipnitskaya )
  • Date of birth: 17 September 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Activity: singer, producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Bianca: biography

    Tatiana Lipnitskaya, better known under the pseudonym Bianca, born September 17 1985 in Minsk. The girl’s family was only indirectly related to art: her grandmother one time sang in a choir, and do Lipnicka loved music. Early childhood Bianca to hear the jazz compositions from the collection of the parents. Over time, she began to sing along with the performers, revealing in itself the musical and vocal talents.

    Mother wanted her children learned to play instruments for my daughter she wanted the career of the famous cellist, and his son Alexander wanted to make a great conductor. Lipnicki went to a music school, where he achieved considerable results. At one time young Bianca even offered to move to Germany to play in the local Symphony orchestra.

    By the time the girl was seriously thinking of becoming a singer. She was studying music and at the age of twelve began writing songs. Bianca participated in all music competitions, and at sixteen won at the international festival of young singers «Malva», which took place in Poland. The mother of the actress, not particularly believe in her singing career, from the moment encouraged her daughter and have accepted her refusal to play the cello. Thanks to the contest young musician was noticed by the conductor, State concert orchestra of Belarus Mikhail Finberg and invited her to his orchestra as a soloist. In parallel, she went on tour in Germany.

    Bianca: music

    In twenty years the young and talented Bianca offered to represent Belarus at the popular music contest «Eurovision». It was a real recognition of the achievements and successes of the singer, but the girl expressed preference for working with the team, «Serge», where she invited Sergei Parkhomenko. Working with well-known Belarusian hip-hop artist Serge largely influenced the further career of the singer.

    Tatiana Lipnitskaya got more presentable and suitable to its style of execution alias «

  • Bianca», and also finally decided on a musical direction. The girl calls his style «Russian folk R’n’b», one feature of which is the use of folk instruments like the balalaika and harmony. Along with Nazar and by max Lawrence Bianca recorded «
  • Swan,» which became the title track of the Russian fighter»
  • Shadow Boxing». With the release of the film came to the girl first downloads on the territory of CIS countries. In 2006, she released her first album, «Russian folk R’n’b», which enjoyed considerable success among fans of this genre of music.

    The girl began to cooperate with the Kiev producer and Studio «Sony BMG», and recorded two more albums: «summer» and «Thirty-eight locks.» The eponymous song of the summer» instantly became a hit and for a long time kept in the top positions of many charts of the country.

    In late 2009, the singer has fallen on hard times: she was having problems in his personal life, and in addition to this financial fraud was exposed her producer. Bianca took a serious decision to refuse the services of «Sony BMG» and to move to Moscow.

    First time in the capital, a girl was difficult. She was forced to take his mother two thousand dollars to rent an apartment and continue their activities. Soon Bianca was found Manager Sergey Baldin. At that moment the girl was without a producer and record label, and the Manager offered her a collaboration with Warner Music Russia.

    In 2011 released the fourth album entitled «Our generation.» The drive was marked by quite a large number of guest artists, among which there were rap artists St1m, Dino MC 47, Aper and Western rapper Young Fame. She also actively used the recitative in his compositions, combining it with more familiar vocals.

    In 2014, the world saw a new album, «Bianca.Music». The song «

  • I will not back down» became a hit and was nominated for the award «Golden gramophone». At the same time, Bianca decided to try his hand as a music producer, her first ward was the singer Bigbeta, who previously worked on the backing vocals. Especially for her, the singer wrote the song «Girl strong». Bianca also plans to continue to promote and other talented young people.

    In a recent interview, Bianca talks about being tired from the style of «Russian folk R’n’b» and now she was closer lyric, unburdened folk instruments of the composition.

    Surprisingly, ten years on the big stage, up to 2015 Bianca never gave a recital. Her first concert took place on 12 April in the Moscow club «Ray JustAren». In his speech, the girl used his brother Alexander Lipnitsky talks, which is the conductor of the orchestra «Lipnitsky Show Orchestra». The show also included a performance by professional dancers and videoitalia.

    Bianca: TV shows

    Bianca was also involved in television filming. She also played herself in the 16-series film «Short course of happy life» which was released in March 2012. In 2014, the singer got a small cameo role in the popular Comedy series «Kitchen».

    Bianca: personal life

    About my personal life Bianca prefers not to tell. It is often said to journalists that many of her songs reveal stories from her personal life. When she collaborated with famous Belarusian artist Seryoga, journalists often attribute to them a novel. The singer constantly says that they are connected only friendship and business relations, and boundless love of music.

    In 2009, Bianca broke up with her boyfriend, which negatively affected her mental and physical condition. Since then, the singer fully focused on his career and removed the question about a personal relationship with interview.

    Bianca: discography

    • Russian folk R’n’b
    • About summer
    • 38 locks
    • Our generation
    • Bianca. Music

    Bianca: photo


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