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  • Name: Bitei Konstantin ( Konstantin viteev )
  • Date of birth: 16 may 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Chelyabinsk
  • Activity: singer, songwriter, composer, participant of the show «X-Factor»
  • Marital status: not married

    Beteew Constantine: biography

    Konstantin Beteev, blew up the Internet art song «Cheeks», was born in Chelyabinsk in may 1993. About the family Bones, unfortunately, unknown. On one of the photos on his page on the social network next to the guy you can see his sister Carina. But who knows, she native Beteeva.

    Kostyantin Beteew
    The Star Of «X-Factor» | VK

    Music Beteew Konstantin was fascinated from a very early age. But does he have a musical education – is also unknown. In Chelyabinsk passed his childhood and teenage years the Bones. In 2011, he graduated from high school and went to St. Petersburg. He entered the Russian state Hydrometeorological University. Chose the faculty of information systems and geotechnologies.

    Beteew Constantine and his band
    With «No Strings | VK

    In Peter Costa did not forget about his main passion – music. He gathered a group of like-minded people, and called it «No Strings», which translates as «No strings». The musician says that the name came by itself. On the performances of the guitarists and the violinist was constantly torn strings. The team Beteeva acts in the style of «indie» and «soul». But lately the guys experimenting in the «warm» electronic direction. Many songs like music for them, writes Constantine himself. He is also the lead singer of the band.

    TV show

    The desire to participate in the TV show Bones is dictated by failure in his personal life. After leaving in the summer of 2015 with my girlfriend Arina, he wanted her back. And another way to assert themselves in the popular music show, he found. So the singer got to the project. At the 7th Ukrainian talent show «X-Factor» Bitiev Constantine followed his author’s song «Cheeks», which was written specifically for your favorite Arina.

    The guy for the first time participated in such a project and some uncertainty and even confusion could be seen all. But he came out on the big stage, they did their best. The jury and the hall was enchanted by the beauty and incredibly sincere guy. The unexpected happened: Konstantin Meladze has used his right and pressed the «gold» button, sending the contestant to the final stage of the selection process, passing the following stages of testing.

    The inexperienced contestant from St. Petersburg did not even realize what happened. He asked: «does This mean I passed?», at that Yulia Sanina, jury member and soloist of the band «The Hardkiss», replied laconically: «No, it means you’re the chosen one!».

    Kostyantin Beteew
    «X-Factor» |

    Always quiet and reserved Konstantin Meladze explained his choice by the fact that Bitiev is, to some extent, is his ideal of the artist-men. He is handsome, clever, brutal, and everything else – the author of his own songs. The bones inherent great taste. But a compliment from the mouth of the famous producer that he did not see the contractor any flaws at all, it seems, was the sensation of the show.

    In just ten days, the Cheeks of Constantine Beteeva got on YouTube almost half a million views and rave reviews.

    St. Petersburg singer in the final challenge in training camp «X-Factor» got to the three finalists, selected Meladze. In addition to his producer chose Witold Petrovsky and Ruslan Kiryushchenko, calling the guys are good singers, charismatic and multi-genre.

    5 Nov 2016 phase «direct transmission». Beteew Constantine again made his own song called «Nobody.»

    But, judging by later after watching the reviews in social networks and on YouTube, the song was perceived ambiguously.

    Personal life

    Sincere and charming guy came to the project, admitted that until 18 years had virtually no contact with girls. The only exception is his sister. According to him, he was a «pimply, downtrodden and shy» teenager. But then he met a beautiful girl Arina who fell in love at first sight. The girl became his Muse. To her he dedicated all his love songs.

    Beteew Constantine and his girl
    With your favorite Arina | VK

    But in their way stood the mother Arina. The groom seemed to her to be unsound and untenable. He had no car, no apartment, prestigious job. And to provide for the family songs, as did the woman, impossible.

    Beteew Constantine and his girl
    Arina came back to the coast | VK

    As it became known recently, the personal life of Constantine Beteeva today is normal. After the resounding success of the singer on a popular show and heard from the Konstantin Meladze compliments she realized that Kostya is not unpromising. According to the participant, communicating with Arina resumed. And this is important, what he had dreamed when she decided to participate in the «X-Factor». It seems that the creative biography of Constantine Beteeva will now flourish.


    Kostyantin Beteew

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