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  • Name: Berguzar Caurel ( Bergüzar Korel )
  • Date of birth: 27 August 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Turkish actress
  • Marital status: Married Halit ergenc

    Berguzar caurel: biography

    Famous Turkish actress Berguzar caurel was born in a family of actors caurel-Dargan 2 September 1982 in Istanbul, but spent his childhood in the district. Her parents were successful actors, the girl was in a magical creative environment. Another of her passions was sport – she played volleyball for many years. But when the time came to choose a profession, she no doubt came to the University in the name of Sinan in the acting Department.

    Almost immediately the girl started acting in short films and get a small role in the theater. Berguzar was fortunate to learn from Susan Baston, who also gave acting lessons to Tom Hanks and Nicole Kidman.

    Movies and TV shows

    In the actor’s life caurel entered, playing the little-known series «Broken life.» Participation in the film «Valley of the wolves: Iraq» in 2005 was given Berguzar difficult. Her character Leila had to speak in Arabic, which the actress did not know. But she coped with the role, and the film’s success became her success.

    This work was followed by others, the most striking of which «Branch of olive» and «1001 nights,» which brought Berguzar caurel wide popularity and the award for the most significant television award, «Golden butterfly.» In the series she played Shaherizada Evliyaoglu. According to spectators, this role really came to the actress because she looks so much like his mysterious, smart, and beautiful heroine.

    «The olive branch» is not the only reward caurel. To this day, she has the award for «Zodiac Schools» as best actress (2008), Association of radio, television and the press – the actress of the year (2012), the Newspaper «Ayaklı Gazete» – best actress (twice: 2012, 2013), the Oscars of Media and Golden lens as best actress (2013 and 2014).

    Today Berguzar caurel not a performer and is totally committed to the family and motherhood. It is not necessary to take a position in the TOP 10 most beautiful Actresses of the Turkish cinema.

    She recently opened in Cihangir cafe «Not just coffe», where you can enjoy coffee and culinary products in her recipes. On it she had long dreamed of. Berguzar not think to finally retire, and plans to become a theater actress. Her desire is so great that it is ready «to open his own theatre to play in it.»

    Personal life

    Berguzar caurel can rightly be called one of the most enigmatic stars. She jealously guards his personal life, learn about her, the reporters could not too much.

    Husband is a Turkish actor, partner on the series «1001 nights» Halit ergenc, older actress for 12 years. The couple met in 2006 when Halit was still married. For the sake of new love, he was divorced and soon married Berguzar. After the wedding, the actress changed her name to caurel-ergenc. The couple are raising six-year-old son named Ali.

    Berguzar a large amount of time on sport, exercising at least three times a week. The actress publicly acknowledges her love for cooking and sweets, and the sport helps to stay in shape. In an interview to famous Turkish journal Berguzar describes his vision of a beautiful woman:

    «…Neat… smells Good… But not spirits, but like a flower, or like a good soap…Educated and polite, delicate and subtle Glows from within…natural beauty… And modest.»

    So it appears to fans and herself.


    • «Broken life»
    • «Uncle Kara»
    • «Magnificent century»
    • «Karaday»
    • «Negoita song»
    • «Game of love»
    • «1001 nights»
    • «Valley of the wolves: Iraq «
    • «Branch of olive»


    Berguzar Caurel

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