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  • Name: Beren Saat ( Beren Saat )
  • Date of birth: 26 February 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Ankara, Turkey
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Turkish actress
  • Marital status: married

    Beren Saat biography

    One of the latest movies famous Turkish actress Beren Saat – historical drama «the Season of rhinoceros». It Beren starred alongside Italian superstar Monica Bellucci. And it’s not the only project that received world-wide fame.

    Beren Saat was born in February 1984 in the capital of Turkey. In Ankara passed her childhood and teenage years. Parents of the future stars nothing to do with the art world. Mom and dad actress – professional athletes. The family were brought up two children – a daughter and Beren son of Jam.

    Already in early childhood, the girl began to show artistry. She sang it beautifully. Her parents brought her to a music school, where the vocals of the young singer brought to perfection.

    Soon the number of awards and prizes received Beren Saat for active participation in various music competitions, the tens. One day a young Beren took part in the competition of young talents, where she was awarded 2nd place as an aspiring actress. It was then that she first thought about an acting career.

    Higher education, the future artist received in the Metropolitan University. My specialty chose management. But his dream of becoming an actress, the girl forgot.


    A great cinematic biography Beren Saat starts with a small role in the melodrama «Suspended our death.» She brilliantly played the character Nermin, opening their way into the movie. The first series was followed by the second «Love and hate». Viewers immediately noted the increasing skill of Beren that appeared in the form of romantic beauty Zilan.

    Noticed and appreciated aspiring actress famous Turkish Director Tomris Giritlioglu. She was looking for a suitable candidate for the main character in his new project «Remember love.» Beren Saat gladly agreed to play an interesting, because the movie Giritlioglu instantly made all of its members stars.

    To consolidate and increase the success of Beren Saat could have the following picture. It was the melodrama «Forbidden love», where the actress appeared already by the recognized stars of Turkish cinema by Kivanc Tatlitug, Nebahat Cehre, Nur Aysan and Iltram Kismat. The heroine Beren named Bihter conquered the audience. Saat was able to demonstrate a high skill transformation and the ability to skillfully reflect all shades of feelings. For this work, the young actress received one of the most prestigious national awards – «the Golden butterfly».

    It seems that with each new project the talent of the actress appears brighter. In 2010, she appeared on the screen in a remarkable romance that captivated hundreds of thousands of compatriots, «what is the fault Fatmagyul?». The main role of Fatmagyul – went to Beren. Tape was such a success that the rights to broadcast it has bought dozens of countries. For this work the artist received a total of 14 awards.

    Not surprisingly, in 2013, Saat received an invitation to play in mentioned in the beginning of the article serial drama «the Season of rhinoceros». The shooting took place not only in Turkey but also in Iran and Iraq.

    In may 2016 Beren Saat was awarded the Arab film «Best actress» version Murex d’or. This award is given only to the most popular and successful actors of the Arab world. The ceremony was held in the Lebanese capital Beirut.

    The Russian audience got acquainted with this wonderful Turkish actress after the broadcast on the channel «Home» series «magnificent century: Kesem-Sultan.» Saat appeared as the main character – Casem.

    Personal life

    Media attention to the person of the talented artist transfixed with its very first appearance on the screens. Besides personal life Beren Saat full of events, so that the name of beauty is almost always the first pages of the tabloids. But no matter how many novels did not happen in the life of Beren, she argues that the biggest love of her life was a guy by the name of EfE. It was he, according to Saat, pushed her to acting. EfE was tragically killed in a car accident.

    But the life flowed on and on the way Beren Saat was found colleague Bulent Inal. They lived together for 3 years, but in 2009 I got divorced. After having an affair with Inal went to the second he Leventon, Semerci, they filmed with the participation Saat «what is the fault Fatmagyul?».

    It is noteworthy that the couple broke up immediately after the release of the tape. In the press talking about broke out on the set of the romance between Beren Saat and Engin Acuracom, which allegedly caused the breakup between actress and Director. But I guess that’s just a rumor, triggered by a well-played «movie-love» couples.

    In July 2014 it became known that Beren Saat is married to Kenan Dogulu, a popular Turkish performer.


    • «Suspended our death»
    • «The pain of autumn»
    • «Love and hate»
    • «Remember favourite»
    • «Forbidden love»
    • «What is the fault Fatmagyul?»
    • «The season of rhinoceros»
    • «Magnificent Century: Kesem-Sultan»


    Beren Saat

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