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  • Name: Benicio Del Toro ( Benicio Monserrate Rafael del Toro Sanchez )
  • Date of birth: 19 February 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Height: 188
  • Activity: American actor of Puerto Rican origin
  • Marital status: not married

    Benicio Del Toro: biography

    Benicio Del Toro is a Hollywood star, whose authority and talent are not even discussed. Every movie where an actor is a small masterpiece of cinema. His game is an incredible mix of expression, passion, masculine charm and of course talent.

    Benicio Del Toro
    Benicio Del Toro |

    Benicio was born in February 1967 in the capital of Puerto Rico. In his veins mingled the Catalan and Basque blood.

    In a well-known family in San Huano lawyer Gustavo Adolfo grew up two sons: Junior and senior Benicio 2 years Gustavo.

    When Benicio Del Toro was 9 years old, hepatitis mother died. The boys were sent to relatives in Pennsylvania. In Mercerburg was youth Benicio. Here he graduated from high school. Since no special Hobbies at Del Toro, the father sent his son to business school. Gustavo chose medicine, and today he works as a pediatric oncologist in Manhattan.

    Benicio Del Toro
    Benicio Del Toro |

    Passion for the theatre manifested itself in Benicio Del Toro during his studies at the University of San Diego. He began to attend evening acting classes and realized that this occupation like it more than others. Therefore, Benicio dropped out of University after 1 year and went to new York. But teaching in the school of dramatic art somehow did not happen. Del Toro moved to Los Angeles.

    For 3 years he took private lessons with renowned theatrical mentors Arturo Mendoza and Stella Adler.


    A cinematic biography of Benicio Del Toro began in 1987. After attending numerous auditions, luck finally smiled a beginner artist, and he trusted the episodes in high-profile TV series «Miami Vice» and «Private detective».

    Recognizable Benicio Del Toro was in 2 years, when he played guard in the continuation of the bond – movie «Licence to kill». From this moment on, Del Toro offered big roles in Hollywood projects. He appeared in the first movement picture Sean Penn «Indian Runner», in rating pictures «Free money», «Fearless» and «China moon.»

    Benicio Del Toro and Catalina Sandina Morena in the movie
    Benicio Del Toro and Catalina Sandina Morena in the movie «Che» | BrightwallPapers

    First starring role, after which the actor has acquired the star status, appeared in filmography Benicio in 1995. The Thriller «the usual suspects» brought the artist not only fame, but also the first award – the prestigious prize «Independent spirit». A year in the Bank Benicio Del Toro has another the same award for his film «Basquiat». Fees Del Toro has grown rapidly as the Hollywood filmmakers role.

    As it turned out in 2001, the previous success was only the prelude to a deafening glory that fell upon the artist after the release of the movie «Traffic». For the brilliantly played role in this picture Benicio Del Toro was awarded the screen actors Guild, Golden globe, BAFTA and «Golden bear» Berlinale. But most importantly, «Traffic» Benicio brought first statuette «Oscar».

    Benicio Del Toro
    Benicio Del Toro |

    «Guardians of the Galaxy», «21 grams», «sin City», «what we lost», «Che», «Havana, I love you,» «the wolf Man» – the names of these films with the participation of Benicio Del Toro is known to all Amateurs of the world.

    Today to the star focused attention. Millions of fans of the actor waiting for him new movies. In 2017 is expected to yield the continuation of the blockbuster «Guardians of the Galaxy 2» and the 8th episode of «Star wars».

    Personal life

    The role of a gloomy macho entrenched actor in movies. Personal life Benicio Del Toro is several vivid novels, none of which culminated in the marriage. Beauties, who thought that they managed to conquer and «tame» the star, each time had to be disappointed.

    Despite the recognition of Benicio that love is a drug, he «enjoys» without losing control of himself. At Del Toro was having an affair with the beautiful and the daughter of two stars Chiara Mastroianni. Then the love story happened with Alicia Silverstone and Valeria Golino. With the latter, the artist almost decided to marry. But the engagement party was left without a logical continuation.

    Benicio Del Toro daughter
    Benicio Del Toro daughter WomanAdvice

    Actress Kimberly Stewart went on all the beauties: she gave birth to Benicio adorable daughter, Delilah. But even this circumstance did not shake the desire of stars to stay eligible bachelor.


    • «Suspicious person»
    • «Fear and loathing in Las Vegas»
    • «Snatch»
    • «Traffic»
    • «21 grams»
    • «Sin city»
    • «Che»
    • «Jimmy Picard»
    • «A perfect day»
    • «Agent: Century 21-nd»


    Benicio Del Toro

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