Benazir, «BikaBreezy» Yermagambetova

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  • Name: Binazir «BikaBreezy» Yermagambetova ( Binazir Ermaganbetova )
  • Date of birth: 19 October 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Birth place: Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan
  • Activity: singer, musician, blogger
  • Marital status: not married

    Benazir, «BikaBreezy» yermagambetova : biography

    Benazir, «BikaBreezy» yermagambetova was born in Zhezkazgan in Karaganda region 19 October 1990. The love of music and singing the girl showed from a young age. She sang everywhere: in kindergarten, in school, at home celebrations, and just in the bathroom. Parents liked that the daughter has a wonderful voice, but the dream of Benazir to associate all his life with the scene they are not encouraged. Native wanted to see his daughter serious, official. Therefore, playing the dombra and the guitar, Benazir Ermaganbetova had to learn on their own.

    The girl grew up, as she argues, this kid. Dresses she wore in principle. Never wear makeup. Favorite clothes, Benazir – jeans, sneakers and cap. She enjoyed chasing the ball with the courtyard kids were friends only with boys. When he grew up, began to engage in professional Taekwondo, and football. But sports had to quit after an injury.

    After finishing school she decided to obey the will of his parents and enrolled in music school, as she wanted, and in Karaganda state University, where he studied law. She graduated from high school with honors. She says Benazir, law did not need it.

    After high school, Binazir settled in the press service in Karaganda the Department of physical culture and sport, realize the dream of parents to see the daughter of a government official. But the soul of this work was not lying: Ermaganbetova wanted to sing. All the free time the girl gave the music.

    For the first time, Benazir appeared on the scene at the University, when together with his brother sang at the ceremony of dedication to students. Since then, the scene becomes a favorite spot girl where she truly feels happy. Binazir most of all loves to sing foreign pop songs. His idol believes Chris brown, which she likes everything.

    Having been in Moscow, Benazir realized that will no longer be able to languish on boring public service. She moved to Astana and got a job in a media company «Black&White Group». Girl popularitywith sports, talking about it in his author’s program «Why sport».

    Benazir Ermaganbetova many people know how it works

  • BikaBreezy. So she prefers to be called in life. Her blog was visited by over 2 million people. In BikaBreezy 20 thousand subscribers. Another favorite activity of Benazir – charity. In Karaganda yermagambetova with like-minded people is often arranged charity concerts, raising money for treatment to those in need.

    «The voice -4»

    Benazir yermagambetova long wanted to realize themselves through creativity, in particular, singing. This dream girl was able to realize in season 4 of the show «the Voice.» BikaBreezy managed to pass the huge casting of the TV show. In the qualifying round, she sang a song of one of your favorite artists is Ne-Yo.

    At the stage of «blind auditions» the 25-year-old Benazir yermagambetova played the song Billionaire. First it turned the rapper Basta.

    Later, the singer from Karaganda shared that we tried to get on the show in the third round. She managed to pass the auditions, but her nomination was moved to the 4th season, as the mentors scored the maximum number of students. Says she Binazir, it’s for the best, as it is more like the current composition of the jury. Yermagambetova, a long — time fan of creativity Basta. She’s happy that it came in his team.

    Performance on the blind audition at one point made Binazir known all over the country. The singer is very diligently prepares for the second round and set to go all the way to the final.

    Personal life

    Personal life, Benazir Ermaganbetova – a blank page. The singer says nothing about yourself. It is known that she is married, and her heart freely. At the moment, Benazir all their strength gives creativity and charity.


  • Benazir Yermagambetova
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