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  • Name: Ben Whishaw ( Benjamin John Whishaw )
  • Date of birth: 14 October 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Clifton, United Kingdom
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: Not married

    Ben whishaw biography

    14 October 1980 in the family of Wishaw were born twin boys Benjamin and James. One of them is destined to become a famous actor. Childhood Ben whishaw took place in Bedfordshire (UK). His mother worked as a doctor, father is engaged in information technology — both had little in common with art. However, the mother two years have put the bin in bright costumes — the boy liked it.

    In one interview, Ben whishaw recalled how on Easter revised children’s pictures: none of them were where he is in regular clothes. The actor says as a child he subconsciously wanted to be different from others.

    The boy went to school, but without enthusiasm. He was more fascinated with the drama club, which he attended. On the Amateur stage his passion for transformation and the desire for cross-dressing was fully apparent.

    After school, Ben whishaw went to College and continued to attend drama club, who worked at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. At that time, the guy became an actor of the youth troupe, «the Great spirit» and took part in most of his productions. The most important for him was the role in the play about the prisoners of Auschwitz. In 1995, this performance was shown at the international theatre festival in Edinburgh. The statement was praised by the critics and theatergoers.

    After College, Ben whishaw moved to London, where he studied at the Royal Academy of arts. In 2003 he became a certified actor.


    His acting career began at the age of 17. It was a minor role in the film «the Escort» and «In July 1916. The battle of the Somme». On the screens of both of the film appeared two years later, in 1999. Next was the role in the series «other people’s Kids», «Black taxi». In 2001, Ben whishaw appeared in the short film «a Child». In the same year he played the main role in the film «My brother Tom». For the role of a simple-minded eccentric actor Tom received the Award the British film and best actor at the International Sochi festival. The jury announced the debut whishaw in the big cinema promising.

    Next was diverse roles in comedies, thrillers and dramas: among them — «Layer cake,» «Impatient love». Ben whishaw was invited to play in the film «dope», tells the story of Brian Jones. The actor was offered the role of musician Keith Richards. This work brought Ben’s popularity, the filmmakers wanted him in the new film.

    In 2006 I passed a casting for the lead role in the movie «perfume: the Story of a murderer». The actor auditioned with johnny Depp, Orlando bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s been approved. After the release of «Perfume» on the screens of Wishaw became known around the world. This role brought him the European film award, a prestigious award Bambi Awards.

    In 2007, Ben whishaw played a young Bob Dylan in «I’m not there». In 2008 they released the mini-series «Criminal justice» in which the actor played a young man wrongly accused of serious crime. Ben was able to accurately convey a whole range of emotions his character, to convey the nature to each viewer. This role earned him several awards, including the international prize «Emmy».

    Ben whishaw starred in the film «Return to Bradshaw». His hero, the English poet John Keats dies of tuberculosis at 25. The premiere of the movie took place at the Cannes film festival. The last few years Ben whishaw starred in the Thriller «the international», the TV series «the Hour», the drama «All signs of death».

    Personal life

    Ben makes no secret of his sexual orientation. The actor made a coming out — openly admitted that he is gay.

    In 2012, whishaw has registered a civil partnership with composer from Australia mark Bradshaw. He met mark in 2009 when the film «Bright star». Now composer living together.

    Ben whishaw lives in London. Free time he devotes to his numerous Hobbies. Ben loves working in the garden, good dancing, paints, reads books, enjoys travelling, singing. The actor — operatic voice.

    Another passion of the star – cat. There were times when he gave shelter to animals 10-15.


    • «My brother Tom»
    • «The tempest»
    • «The test of love»
    • «Bright star»
    • «Time»
    • «The tempest»
    • «Cloud Atlas»
    • «Perfume»
    • «The London spy»
    • «In the heart of the sea»


    Ben Whishaw

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