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  • Name: Ben Affleck ( Benjamin Geza «Ben» Affleck-Boldt )
  • Date of birth: 15 August 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Berkeley, California, USA
  • Activity: American actor, screenwriter, film Director and producer
  • Marital status: married to Jennifer garner

    Ben Affleck: biography

    Ben Affleck (full name Benjamin Geza «Ben» Affleck-Boldt) born in Berkeley on August 15, 1972 in the family of physician and teacher. Ben’s father – the Scotsman Tim Affleck in his youth also tried to become an actor. He even was friends with such celebrities as Dustin Hoffman and Blythe Danner (mother of actress Gwyneth Paltrow). But the pernicious tendency of drinking put an end to the acting career of Tim. He went to California and got a job as a medic, leaving his wife and two sons.

    Christine one put on children’s feet and dreamed that Ben would follow in her footsteps and become a teacher. But the woman herself pushed son to the profession of actor, staging a 7-year-old Ben’s role in the TV series «Journey Mimi.» In the small role of the guy was enough to forever to get acting. About any other profession he had not dreamed of. Moreover, on the set of Ben found a best friend, just as he dreamed of becoming an actor. It was now known

  • Matt Damon. Teenagers went together to audition, filmed scenes of the movies, hoping for something more. After school, Ben Affleck entered the University of Vermont, but quickly dropped out and moved to Hollywood. Christine, who represented the Hollywood throng of vices, I was in shock. The woman believed that the son is prone to riotous living, would go on the bottom. The fears are partly justified, the life of Ben actually turned out to be fun.

    Ben Affleck movies

    Hollywood took Ben Affleck was almost indifferent. The actor went on auditions, but there were only scenes and episodes. Sometimes the man still had a few minor roles in movies. He appeared in the film «Wanted the perfect guy,» «the Second voyage of the Mimi», «Daddy», «Buffy vampire Slayer», «dazed and confused».

    Only in 1995, the young actor was noticed by the famous Director Kevin Smith on the film «Rascal». But remember Offlce only two years later, giving the main role in his film «chasing Amy.» And let the popularity of the tape is not brought, but familiarity with Smith has played a significant role in the future.

    Kinoaktera biography Ben Affleck went up. As half of all movies of Kevin Smith now played Affleck. It is well-known tape «the Rats from the supermarket», «Dogma», «Jay and silent Bob strike back», «blaze of glory», «Mad TV» and others.

    During this period in Los Angeles to Ben came friend Matt Damon. Friends moved in together and started to think how to conquer the impregnable dream factory. Together they created the script of the film «

  • Good will hunting», two roles in which he wrote specially for yourself. But the script, one of the conditions of sale which were involved in the film Affleck and Damon, friends managed to sell immediately. Big film company they were denied, none of the producers wanted to take young unknown actors for the main roles. But the buyer still found. He was a Studio Miramax, who had commissioned the work on the film Director Gus van Sant. The main roles were invited to all known
  • Robin Williams and two little-known other.

    Released in the 1997 film «Good will hunting» with a budget of only 10 million dollars has collected in hire more than 200 million. The screenplay by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon got «

  • An Oscar and a
  • Golden globe», which became their pass to Hollywood.

    Less than a year on the screens released «

  • Armageddon» Michael Bay. The main role went to Bruce Willis, but the role of Ben I remember the audience. In 1999, rolling out the melodrama «the forces of nature,» in which Ben Affleck co-starred with Sandra bullock. Another collaboration with an old friend Matt Damon in the movie»
  • Dogma» was a success. Army fans Ben Affleck has multiplied in 2001 when he released the popular blockbuster»
  • Pearl Harbor».

    In 2013, biography Affleck was added to the second «Oscar». He received this prestigious award not as an actor but as a producer of the film «

  • Operation «Argo». Now many fans are waiting for the sequel of a tape of «Man of steel», where Affleck will play the role of Batman. Probably. the sequel «
  • Batman vs. Superman» will be released in March 2016.

    Ben Affleck: personal life

    Handsome Ben Affleck has always enjoyed success with women. Fans adore him, and numerous novels here find a place on the front pages of the tabloids.

    Personal life Ben Affleck eventful and big names. In the mid 1990-ies the actor was carrying on with

  • Gwyneth Paltrow. The pair worked together in the movie «Shakespeare in Love». But after the working relationship started to deteriorate rapidly, and beautiful couple of Hollywood broke. Soon, fans of Ben Affleck watched with interest another affair with an actress
  • Jennifer Lopez. In 2002, the couple became engaged, but two years later, Affleck and Lopez broke up. In 2005, Ben married a second time. The woman again became a famous actress
  • Jennifer Garner. To this marriage was born a daughter, violet Anne and seraphina rose Elizabeth. And in February 2012 Jennifer garner has Ben Affleck been blessed with a son named Samuel garner Affleck. In early June of 2015 in the media appeared information about the fact that Affleck and garner are getting a divorce. At the moment spouses gather all relevant documents.

    Ben Affleck: filmography

    • Loafers
    • The Good Will Hunting
    • Chasing Amy
    • Shakespeare In Love
    • Armageddon
    • Dogma
    • The forces of nature
    • Pearl Harbor
    • Surviving Christmas
    • Jersey girl
    • Clerks 2
    • Smokin ‘ aces
    • Promise — not to marry
    • Operation «Argo»

    Ben Affleck: photo

    Ben Affleck

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