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  • Name: Bella Thorne ( Annabella Avery Thorne )
  • Date of birth: 8 October 1997
  • Age: 19 years
  • Place of birth: Pembroke pines, FL, USA
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: actress, model, singer, dancer
  • Marital status: not married

    Bella Thorne biography

    Bella Thorne is an American singer and model, famous actress in numerous television series on the Disney channel such as «Dance fever!», «Wizards of Waverly place» and «Sworn friends».

    She was born in the small town of Pembroke pines, located in the state of Florida. Bella was the fourth and youngest child in the family of Tamara and Delancey Reinaldo Thorne. She has an older brother Remy and two sisters Dani and Kylie. All children in the modeling business and in the movies. In 2007, his father died in a car accident, a motorcycle accident. This tragedy is affecting his youngest daughter, that even as an adult, she refuses to learn to drive and obtain a driver’s license.

    She Bella Thorne started her career as a model at the age of 6 months, when her mother, a professional photographer, sent pictures of daughter’s in publishing, and she got on the cover of «the Magazine for parents». Later she starred for print media, magazine ologic, promotional videos. In portfolio teen model was brands such as Lasenza Girl, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess?, Target Corporation. She also promoted children’s shoes «ALDO K!DS», a Barbie doll and various children’s goods brand of JLO, which is owned by Jennifer Lopez. In adulthood Bella was the face of technology Digital Light Processing, which is used in modern projectors.

    A few years Thorne has decided to try herself as an actress of feature films. To do this, she moved to California and began attending various auditions. Already becoming known and popular, Bella makes a new creative challenge and appears before the public as a singer. In 2012 in a duet with another American singer Zenday Coleman she released a mini-album «Made in Japan», which is the soundtrack to the teen movie «Dance fever!», and in 2014 had already recorded the song «Call it Whatever», which managed to reach the 10th place in the famous us Billboard chart in the category of dance hits. Later this song was released in the album «Jersey», which was released six months later.


    In the feature film Bella Thorne debuted in 2003 in the Comedy «Stuck on you» where she played the role of little fan, jumps in the group to support the touchline of a football field. Then the girl appeared in episodes of many childhood and teenage pictures, for example, in the popular TV series «the OC» played one of the main characters Taylor Townsend in childhood.

    But really she was playing in a movie in 2010 when he moved to Hollywood. The first picture is a teenage musical movie «Dance fever!», appeared on the Disney channel until 2013 in the amount of 78 episodes. Bella Thorne and her young colleague Zendaya create images of 13-year-old girls who dream of show business. When their wish comes to life, then fate throws the girls of different difficulties that threaten a loss not only for career, but also friendship.

    To participate in the film did not know how to dance Bella Thorne in a few weeks took a daily 3-hour sessions from a professional choreographer. The actress says that the Director of the show specifically told her to play herself, because by and large this story is really about her. Moreover, after the approval of the Thorne for the role of Cecilia Jones plot changes were made, which gave the heroine of dyslexia, which from birth is suffering Bella.

    Confirmation of the success was almost immediately received an offer to participate in the youth Comedy «Sworn friends», filmed on the novel by Alexa young. The film tells about two girls-girlfriends who are online in a private blog called «Chic and Shine» by sharing the stories of their lives.

    In 2015, MTV launched the youth horror TV series «Scream», which is an adaptation of the eponymous series of horror films. Bella Thorne was one of the Central roles, but the actress refused in favor of another character, Nina Patterson, due to the fact that in the original version, a similar role was played by drew Barrymore, and Bella wanted to try to recreate an episode. In addition, she said that has never played before dying hero, and it is quite interesting to acquire this experience.

    Personal life

    With 15 years of Bella Thorne met with his coeval Tristan Clergy, but in 2015, they broke up, after which the actress started a romantic relationship with actor Gregg by Salkini.

    Bella Thorne is a philanthropist and a lot of time on charity. It helps the Nomad organization, which is engaged in the provision of education, food and medical care to disadvantaged children in Africa. Also, the actress has separately taken under his wing a Kenyan girl Lydia canini, Kiyo, who lives in Kibwezi, and fully pays all you need for baby.

    Bella loves Hiking, and spends a lot of time in the swimming pool and dance hall. Also she really likes to draw. The girl has a weakness for animals, at home she has live frogs, tortoises, six cats, dog breed Cocker Spaniel named Pyro and half-wolf named Voodoo.


    • 2010-2013 — Dance fever!
    • 2010 — Big love
    • 2012 — Sworn friends
    • 2014 — Mixed
    • 2014 — Alexander and the terrible, horrible, very bad day
    • 2015 Plain
    • 2015 Creek
    • 2015 — the Big sky
    • 2015 — the Ideal height
    • 2016, the Amityville Horror: the Lost recording


    Bella Thorne

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