Bella Akhmadulina

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  • Name: Bella Akhmadulina ( Bella (Isabella) Akhmadulina )
  • Date of birth: 10 April 1937
  • Age: 73 years
  • Date of death: November 29, 2010
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian poet, writer, translator
  • Marital status: was married to Boris Messerer

    Bella Akhmadulina: the biography

    Isabella Akhatovna Akhmadulina was born in April 1937 in Moscow, in an intellectual and wealthy family. Her father held the position of Deputy Minister, mother served as a translator with the rank of KGB major. The name Isabella gave the girl a grandmother Nadezhda Mitrofanovna. In the 1930-ies in the Soviet Union was very popular Spain and everything connected with it. So the mother of the future poet was looking for a Spanish name for my daughter. Grandma decided that Isabella is exactly what you need. So was born the Izabella Akhmadulina. As later wrote in his memoirs of the poet, it is time to come to their senses» and shortened her name to Bella.

    Bella Akhmadulina mixed blood of different nationalities: Tatar on his father, the Russian-Italian mother. A very big impact on Akhmadulina had a grandmother Nadezhda Mitrofanovna. As parents were busy people, granddaughter often remained under the tutelage of her grandmother on my mother’s side. She taught Bella to read, instilled in her a love of classical literature, reading not only the stories but also the works of Gogol and Pushkin.

    During the war the father of Bella’s went to the front. The girl was sent to Kazan, where he lived with the paternal grandmother. In Kazan Akhmadulina became ill and had all the chances to die if not arrived in time mom. Immediately after the war, Bella together with her mother returned to the capital and went to school. She went reluctantly, often missed school and gave preferences only classes of literature. Akhmadulina was very well read for her age girl and from an early age wrote without grammatical errors.

    The first verse of Bella Akhmadulina appeared in his school years. In 15 years, she has traced his own style. The literary debut of 18-year-old poetess was held in «October» magazine. And 2 years later, in 1957, poetry Akhmadulina was criticized in the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda». Poetry was considered too prudish and old-fashioned, does not meet the spirit of the Soviet era.


    In school Bella Akhmadulina attended classes the capital of the literary group. Even then she was planning to link his life with literature. Parents these plans did not like her daughter: they wanted to see Bella as a journalist. The daughter agreed and took the documents to the Moscow state University on journalism faculty. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Akhmadulina failed the entrance exams. Then she, following the same wishes of the parents, got a job in a newspaper Metrostroevets. But there were published not only articles, but also his poetry.

    The following year, Bella Akhmadulina went to where dreamed of – the Literary Institute. But in 1959, when the Soviet Union came the scandal with the award to Boris Pasternak the Nobel prize, Akhmadulina refused to sign a letter condemning the «traitors». For this she was expelled from the University. Akhmadulina was able to get a freelance correspondent of «Literary newspaper» in Irkutsk. Soon, chief editor, impressed by the talent of Bella, contributed to its return to the Literary Institute. Akhmadulina graduated with honors from the University in 1960.

    Biography of Bella Akhmadulina developed rapidly. In 1962 came her debut poetry collection «a String». The talent of the poet was immediately recognized as masters noted, including Evgeny Evtushenko, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Andrei Voznesensky. With them Ahatovna Bella Akhmadulina began to appear on the creative evening, where soulful, unique manner, read his works. Her light, airy poetry was a huge success. Although critics were many. Akhmadulina was criticized for small scale, old-fashioned and pompous style.

    The second collection of verses «a Chill» published in Frankfurt in 1968. A year later came another book of poems called «music Lessons». Bella Akhmadulina is a lot going on and anguish. Her works are read in one breath, was hard-won. Collections «Blizzard», «Poems», «Candle» followed one another.

    In the 1970s, Bella Akhmadulina visited Georgia. This country and its culture made on the poet. However, as Ahmadulina Georgia. The consequence of this mutual love becomes the collection of poems «Dreams of Georgia». Bella Ahatovna translated into the Russian language poetry of Galaktion Tabidze, Nicholas Baratashvili, Simon Chikovani, and others. And the magazine «Literary Georgia» published works Akhmadulina, even in a time when in Russia they existed ideological prohibitions.

    Akhmadulina is the author of many talented essay about famous creative people. She has written works about Vladimir Nabokov, Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetaeva, the Veniamin Erofeev, Vladimir Vysotsky and many other talented people, many of whom she was personally acquainted.

    In 1979, Bella Akhmadulina became one of the founders of «Metropol» – uncensored anthology. Often she openly supported Soviet dissidents, including Andrei Sakharov, Lev Kopelev, Vladimir Voinovich and many others. The statements of the poet on their protection published the «new York times». They were read on the «Voice of America» and «Radio Liberty».

    In 1993 Akhmadulina put his signature under the «Letter of forty-two», which demanded from the President to forbid «all kinds communistic and nationalist parties». In 2001 Bella Ahatovna signed a letter in defense of NTV.


    Bella Akhmadulina appeared in just two films – «Lives a guy» and «Sport, sport, sport». The first picture, the script writer and Director of which was Vasily Shukshin, was released in 1959, when Belle was 22 years old. Akhmadulina played a journalist who writes about the simple guy who has committed a heroic act. The tape was awarded the prize «Golden lion» at the Venice film festival.

    In the film «Sport, sport, sport» by elem Klimov Bella Akhmadulina read their poems about sports and athletes.

    But if Akhmadulina as an actress can be seen only twice, her poems and songs they appear quite often, adding to the picture of the unique charm and romantic aura. An example can be cult films by Eldar Ryazanov. In «the irony of fate or With light steam!» the song on poems by Bella Akhatovna «On my street that year…», performed by Alla Pugacheva. In «Cruel romance» the heroine sings «now I know». The poem «Oh, my shy hero,» read Svetlana Nemolyaeva in the «Office novel» – also a work Akhmadulina from the book «the Chills».

    An unforgettable and unique style of recitation of Bella Akhmadulina. Iya Savvina, who voiced Piglet in the cartoon about Winnie-the-Pooh took it «Akhmadulina tone», for what the poet jokingly thanked him for «planted a pig.»

    Personal life

    Akhmadulina married very early – at 18. Her first husband was Yevgeny Yevtushenko. They lived together for only 3 years. This marriage had no children.

    Personal life of Bella Akhmadulina was adjusted quickly. The following year she married the famous writer Yuri Nagibin. Together they lived from 1959 to 1968. But this marriage was not destined to last long. The reason for the breakup, as you can see from the biographical novel by Vasily Aksenov «Mysterious passion» was a betrayal of Bella. In the year of separation Akhmadulina took from the orphanage, the girl Anya. Adoption Anne received the patronymic of Yuri Nagibina, though he was not his daughter.

    Very short and civil was the marriage of Bella Akhatovna son of the famous writer kaisyn Kuliev – Eldar. But in this marriage was born the second daughter Elizabeth.

    In 1974, Bella Akhmadulina is married to Boris Messerer. He was a theater artist and stage designer. Daughters Anna and Lisa were left in the care of mother and housewife.


    The last years of the life of Bella Akhmadulina was very heavy. The poet was ill. She could only move by touch, because virtually blind.

    Bella’s Ahatovna did not 29 November 2010. She died later that evening in the ambulance. Her death was the result of acute cardiovascular crisis. Farewell to a legendary woman took place in the capital, in the Central House of writers. Akhmadulina buried at the Novodevichy cemetery.

    Bibliography (collections)

    • String
    • Chills
    • Music lessons
    • Poems
    • Candle
    • Dreams about Georgia
    • Blizzard
    • Mystery
    • A ridge of rocks
    • Sound pointing
    • The instant of being
    • My friends beautiful features
    • Mechanie


    Bella Akhmadulina

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