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  • Name: Beata Tyszkiewicz ( Beata Tyshkevich )
  • Date of birth: 14 August 1938
  • Age: 78 years
  • Birth place: wilanów, Poland
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Beata Tyszkiewicz biography

    Beata Tyszkiewicz, introducing Mikhail Gorbachev called «our famous actress movie», though she was born, raised and lived in Poland. Indeed, at the time, Beata was popular in the Soviet Union.

    She was born August 14, 1938 in Warsaw, in an aristocratic family. Beata, a Countess patronymic, in the early 20th century the Tyszkiewicz was one of the most influential Polish surnames. Her mother comes from the princely family of Potocki.

    Parents met at the University of Krakow, where both studied. Beata was born in a luxurious mansion, there passed the first years of her life. During world war II the girl and her brother had to leave home. For some time she lived with Prince Radziwill, and then the mother took her to Krakow. Beata, her brother and mother for some time were in the refugee camp, and then the girl was sent to a convent. Here she attended school and was preparing to become a nurse.

    After the war, Beata Tyszkiewicz with his family returned to Warsaw, and their father remained in England. Those years were difficult: the girl learned what hunger and poverty. The family huddled on a removable 12 meters without heating, water, and a bathroom. In Warsaw she studied at special school N. Smichowski, which was considered one of the best. She wasn’t thinking about what would be an actress, but, as often happens, fate stepped in.


    Once in school, where he studied Tyszkiewicz, came assistant Director. He was looking for the main character of the movie «Vengeance» — it was Beata. The film was released in 1957, however, success with the audience enjoyed. But it was enough for the girl to notice. The Director insisted Tyszkiewicz went to drama school. A year later, she already began working on television and actively act in films.

    In 1959-1963 years Beata Tyszkiewicz has acted in different roles, but the glory never came. The situation changed after the release of the drama «the First day of freedom,» in which she played a German woman, Inga, raped by foreigners. The film was released in 1964. In the same year Tyszkiewicz played a major role in the film «meet the spy», which enjoyed success in Europe and the USSR. Since then she frequently appeared in leading and Central roles. In her filmography of this period is the painting «the Manuscript found in Saragossa», «Ash», «Doll» and others.

    Beata Tyszkiewicz was often compared to Sophia Loren, talking about her far beyond the borders of Poland, and her popularity grew with each passing day. In 1966 she starred in the film Director from Belgium, «the Man with the shaved head», and two years later Andrei Konchalovsky directed «the noble nest», in which the actress played the aristocrat barbarian Labrecque. Beata Tyszkiewicz considers this role one of the best in his career. After all, her character turned alive, full, with love and disappointment.

    By the end of 70-ies the actress rarely appeared on screen, her character became more counterbalanced and wise. After a few years, the Directors again peppered her sentences. However, it was the role of the second plan, but the picture was popular with viewers. Tyszkiewicz has acted in «New Amazons», «VA-Bank-2», «European history».

    In the 2000s, the actress did not remain without attention. She starred in the television series «In sorrow and in joy», «Magda M» and others.

    Personal life

    Beata Tyszkiewicz got married three times. Her first husband, Director Andrzej Wajda. They met on the set of the film «Samson,» met several years lived in a civil marriage. Andrzej and Beata legalized relationships only in 1967, after the birth of her daughter Carolina. 5 years later the marriage broke up. The actress said she was not ready for a relationship and was not able to appreciate the delicate and subtle nature of Andrzej.

    After parting Tyszkiewicz took my daughter and moved to Warsaw. With her ex-husband, she managed to stay friends. To feed herself and child, she toured the country. In the work she was saved from depression.

    Second husband of Beata Tyszkiewicz became a young filmmaker Vitek Orzechowski. Their marriage quickly ended as it had begun. The actress says that the relationship is casual and doesn’t like to talk about them.

    Soon after breaking up with Orzechowski she married architect Jacek Padlewski. They had known each other in youth, in 17 years, promised each other that we will be together. And so it happened, but only a few years. When they met again, Jack was married, raised two children. Feelings took over in 1976 Tyszkiewicz and Padlewski got married. In 1977 they had a daughter Victoria.

    Unfortunately, the marriage was not happy. Her husband lived in two countries, but the actress could not often fly to Marseille, because Warsaw was the eldest daughter and mother. The couple broke up.

    Today Beata Tsishkevich said that her daughter is her happiness. The eldest is a lawyer by training, sometimes in films and working as an assistant of his father-Director. The youngest daughter is also a creative person – singing, dancing, graduated from acting school. So that Beata Tyszkiewicz is a happy mother.


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    • «Gold of deserters»
    • «Silent touch»
    • «The Prince of the season»
    • «Bet larger than life»
    • «The old HOMESTEAD»


    Beata Tishkevich

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