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  • Name: Batyrkhan Shukenov ( Batyrkhan Shukenov )
  • Date of birth: 18 may 1962
  • Age: 52 years
  • Date of death: 28 APR 2015
  • Place of birth: Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan
  • Activity: Kazakh and Russian singer, composer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Batyrkhan Shukenov: biography

    Batyrkhan Shukenov the Kamalovich Kazakhstan, Russian singer and composer, was born on 18 may 1962 in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan.

    Batyr graduated from high school number 233 of them. Ostrovsky in Kyzyl. Golden time for each person’s school years. It was then Shukenov started to get into music, which to 12 years, literally, turned the boy’s head. At first, Batyrkhan gave preference to the guitar. In 1979, the young man went to Leningrad in order to grow as a musician and entered the Leningrad State Institute of Culture. N. K. Krupskaya. At that time the boy has mastered several instruments, including saxophone. In Leningrad Shukenov lived for about two years, remembering those years as the brightest in the process of formation and development of skills.

    Batirhan Shukenov
    Batyrkhan Shukenov | ANABOL.KZ

    In 1981 Shukenov arrives in Almaty State Conservatory. Kurmangazy. This period, the future singer calls one of the most difficult in life. According to him, in those days the students were not like now. In our time, coming to the Conservatory, you can catch a lot of empty classrooms, and then this happened, except that at night. Children were engaged from early morning until late at night.

    One of these days Shukenov had a chance to meet with famous at that time in the Soviet Union jazz musician George Metaxa. Then Batyrkhan, speaking in a duet with a celebrity, discover the world of real jazz.

    Songs and «A-Studio»

    In 1982, the musician met with Baigali by Serkebaeva, Syzdykova by Bulat, Vladimir Mikloshich who invited Shakenova become one of the musicians of the band «Arai». The warrior agreed, was not in vain, as in 1983 Batyr in the composition of this team was awarded the title of Laureate Seventh all-Union competition entertainers.

    In 1986 – 89 years Batyrkhan Shukenov has been in the Soviet army, where he played in the Twelfth band of the SAVO. After returning in 1987 Batyr together with his friends Vladimir Mikloshich, Bulat Sizikova, Najib by Vildanova and Baigali by Serkebaeva organized a group of «Alma-ATA». With the release of the first album «nonstop» group name changed to «Alma-ATA Studio». After a while, the guys renamed the band on «A-STUDIO», whose popularity came with the hit «Julia».

    At first, the lyrics took a fancy to Philip Kirkorov, who is already working on her entry, but then his wife-Alla Pugacheva literally snatched from the mouth of the song Kirkorov and gave Batyrkhan Shukenov. Song performed by the group «A-Studio» praised the singer after the famous «Christmas parties».

    Shukenov later admitted that in the «A-Studio», he himself completely exhausted. He wanted to embark on a single voyage, creating their own projects. After 13 years of work Batyrkhan left the band. Since the relations in the team was hardly friendly, the separation took place quietly and without scandal. According to rumors, Shakenova in the group disliked and tolerated only because of the fact that he was a protégé of the Diva, what the musician has given the band free rise to the musical Olympus. Batyr later told me that guys are not just angry because he was the face of the band, and they perform a background role.

    26 Oct 2002 Batyrkhan Shukenov presented his first solo album «Otan Ana», which translated into Russian means «Native Land». The list includes 10 songs and a video for the song «Otan Ana».

    Batirhan Shukenov
    Batyrkhan Shukenov | Tvnz

    In mid-2007 took place the presentation of the DVD «Live warrior». The musician gave a concert in the Republic Palace. In the same year, Batyrkhan became the adviser of the President of Kazakhstan on culture.

    Wasting no time, by 2010 released the fourth collection of songs Shakenova «Careful, sweet girl». The year was rich, and Batyrkhan managed to record another album «let it be». And in 2013, the presentation of the album «Soul.» Today Shukenov has released six albums. Songs of Batyrkhan Shukenov is still heard on radio stations and have a fairly high popularity.

    In 2015 on the channel «Russia 1» started on the 3rd season of the show reincarnations «one to One», which was unexpectedly invited Batyrkhan Shukenov. The musician was excited to work in this project and worked hard for «quality» of participation in one-to-One. His rivals in the show were Alexander Rybak, Nikita Malinin, mark Tishman, Shura, Svetlana Svetikova, Angelica, Evelyn Bledans and Marina Kravets.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Batyrkhan Shukenov was hidden behind seven locks. About the previous wife, Catherine little is known. Kate is originally from Riga, Batyrkhan beautifully courting a girl he liked, and soon made an offer. In 2000, the couple survived a terrible ordeal. For a long time the lovers could not become parents, and only a few years Catherine became pregnant. After the birth of a son, happiness was not the limit, however, the first child of Batyrkhan and Catherine barely lived for 40 days. The cause of death of the baby — in-utero infection.

    This has become a serious challenge. According to many acquaintances of the musician, the death of his son was the main reason for his departure from the group «A-Studio». Two years later, Batyrkhan and Katya again became the parents of son called One. Unfortunately, the death of the firstborn affected the relationship and the couple broke up. Catherine currently lives with her son in the US, and Batyrkhan, despite the distance, constantly visited Maksuta, supporting wife and a warm relationship.

    Batyrkhan Shukenov and Catherine Sheliakova son
    Batyrkhan Shukenov and Catherine Sheliakova son | STAN.KZ

    In 2008, the 46-year-old musician married to a young beauty Aigerim. The pair met in St. Petersburg. She studied in St. Petersburg, where her family live. The wedding took place at the all Kazakh customs. Betashar is a Kazakh traditional ceremony was held at the home of the musician, in Kyzylorda, then the newlyweds went to venerate the Holy places in Turkestan.

    Unfortunately, the marriage proved to be unstable. After a while the couple realized that they were different people and would prefer to go their separate ways.


    There were no signs of trouble. Part in the popular Russian project «one to One» became a new round of popularity Batyr in the Russian show-business. In the midst of the show have all been horrified by the terrible tragedy: on the night of April 29, Batyrkhan Shukenov has died in Moscow. According to the preliminary version, the death of the founder of the group «A-Studio» was the result of a heart attack. He was only 52 years old.

    The body of the musician was brought Home. Batyrkhan Shukenov was buried in Almaty. During the farewell ceremony to bid farewell to a beloved musician came a few tens of thousands of people. Admirers Shakenova accompanied him with applause, singing the famous hit «Julia».


    • «Otan Ana» — 2002
    • «Your steps» — 2006
    • «Batyr Live» — 2007
    • «Careful, sweet girl!» — 2010
    • «Everything will pass…» — 2010
    • «Soul» — 2013


    Batirhan Shukenov

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