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the picture Basta

  • Name: Basta ( Vasily Vakulenko )
  • Date of birth: 20 April 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Rostov-na-Donu
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: Russian rap performer, composer, radio and television presenter, actor, writer, Director and producer
  • Marital status: married to Yelena Pinsky

    Basta: biography

    Vasily Vakulenko, better known as rapper Basta, born in Rostov-on-don, April 20, 1980 in the family of military personnel. Father and mother had no relationship to the art world, but seeing that my son has musical talent, took Bob to the music school.

    At the end of secondary school Vasily Vakulenko has decided to continue his journey in the world of music and became a student of the local music school, selecting the conductor’s compartment. But soon, the future rapper realized that conducting is not that he will need for fulfillment.

    Basta: music

    In 15 years, the young musician had written his first repetski text. And in 17 years Basil was in the band «Psiholirik», soon renamed «Caste». In native Rostov Vakulenko was known as Basta hryu. In this period, a debut track in the style of rap called «City», recorded Basta.

    Its 18th anniversary, the musician celebrated the writing of a new song «My game». «City» and «My game» rather quickly glorified Basta far beyond his native Rostov. Since then, the rapper Basta with a friend and colleague Igor Lronburg began touring the cities of the black sea coast. Traveled to Krasnodar territory and even in the North Caucasus. The guys performed at different venues. It used to be that collected on the stadiums 6-7 thousand fans. But something went wrong as dreamed Basil, and concert activity came to naught. The rapper had a few years.

    Biography of rapper Busta resumed in 2002. Each Vakulenko Yury Hair offered to make a home Studio, staffed it with the necessary sound equipment. Basil has long missed the creative work, quickly regained their old songs and wrote new ones. But the rapper Basta, no one may remember and find a producer was very difficult. About this difficult period of his life later Basta wrote the song under the eloquent title «Dumb labels, no chance.» By happy coincidence, a demo CD, Basta came to Bogdan Titomir. The musician liked the young performers, and he invited them to the capital. In Moscow Titomir led Basta and Hair Studio creative Association

  • The «gas tank», where rappers have accepted and showed interest in them. 2006 was a breakthrough year for rapper Busta. He released his debut album «Basta 1», fairly well received by fans of rap. This long-awaited success so encouraged the contractor, Basta immediately issued two new clips under the names «Autumn» and «Once and forever». For the rapid spread of it using the Internet. Compositions became popular.

    In 2007 came the album «Basta 2» and a number of new clips, the most striking of which was «cry of spring» «Our summer», «Inner fighter» and «Tea drunk». In just three months a second album, the rapper has sold 50 thousand.

    Successful Russian rapper said the U.S. producers of computer games Rockstar Games. Song Basta «Mama» sounded in the popular game «Grand Theft Auto IV».

    In 2007 Vasily Vakulenko, Basta in addition to becoming known as

  • Noggano. Under that name released three albums of rapper: in 2008, First in 2009, «Warm» and in 2010 «unreleased». Besides the the biography of the Basta has been enriched with new pages. In 2008 year, the musician debuted in several roles: writer, Director, producer and actor. It happened when he presented his own film «Tea drunk». To write scripts baste liked it so much that they began to appear one after the other. Director Vasyl worked in the film «Tales for adults».

    At the moment creative Luggage Basta in the world of cinema is acting in six movies, four scripts, directing and production work in the two tapes.

    In 2011, that’s that pleasantly surprised their fans with a new album, «Nintendo», which was struck by the unusual style of «cyber-gang».

    Not so long ago it became known that Basta was one of the mentors of the fourth season of «the Voice», and the company he was Polina Gagarina, Alexander Gradsky and Grigory Leps.

    Basta: personal life

    Personal life Basta it is arranged. With his wife Helen he met by chance. The initiative had come from the girl herself – an old fan of creativity of the rapper. We can say, Lena took Basil from his then-girlfriend.

    Elena is the daughter of journalist Tatiana Pinskaya, that lives in France. First, future mother-in-law, seeing brutal rapper tattoos, horrified. But after reading his texts, changed the temper justice with mercy, agreeing that the guy is very talented. Basta has written soundtracks for documentaries Pinsky about the artists Eric Bulatova and Oscar the Rabbi.

    In 2009 Vasily Vakulenko and

  • Elena Pinsky legalized his relationship and married. In the same year they had the first daughter Mary, and in January 2013 there was a small Vasilisa.

    Basta: discography

    • Basta Hryu
    • Basta 1
    • Basta 2
    • The First (Noggano)
    • Warm (Noggano)
    • Unreleased (Noggano)
    • Nintendo
    • Basta 3
    • Basta/Guf
    • Basta 4
    • Basta / Smokey Mo

    Basta: photo


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