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  • Name: Urievsky Basil ( Vasiliy Urievskiy )
  • Date of birth: 11 November 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Saratov
  • Activities: musician, actor, songwriter, member of the show «Main stage» and «the Voice»
  • Marital status: married

    Basil Urievsky: biography

    Basil Urievsky — Russian musician, actor and performer of his own songs. Together with Mikhail Them, he created the group «Gardina», with which he tours across the country. Twice Urievsky participated in the TV show in 2015 in the project «Main stage» and a year in vocal competition «the Voice.»

    Basil was born and raised in Saratov. From childhood he showed artistic and creative direction, so the parents sent his son to ordinary schools, and in class with artistic and aesthetic bias. Having matriculation, Urievsky decided that I would become an actor. He entered the theatrical faculty of the Saratov state Conservatory named St. L. Sobinov, where he worked until 2005.

    Vasil Urievsky
    Basil Urievsky | Official website

    First job Basil became the Saratov puppet theatre «Teremok», where he was appointed artist-puppeteer. In the future, the young man was shown to be a MIME and was doing musical performances in such theatrical projects as the «Institute of the Good mood» and «Comic Jazz Babel.

    Much later, already making a name for himself as a musician, Basil Urievsky fulfilled a longtime dream and put the author’s one-man show «My life in art». The play is full of both spoken and musical numbers.


    Basil Urievsky quite a long time started to write songs and sing them for friends and family, and touring activity began in 2011. And musician can perform as a solo or in duet with one multi-instrumentalist Michael by Them, and even in a Quartet «Gardina», except where they are still the bass player Oleg Timashov and drummer Arseniy Nekrasov. The Basil group is the main vocalist and also plays the guitar and American folk instrument kazoo.

    In the spring of 2014 Basil Urievsky in a professional recording Studio «Monolith» recorded their first full-length album, «Thousand-You Thousand», which included 11 of his best songs. Five songs from this album were turned into videos, and the most successful was the «Song about nothing», «Life after marriage», «the Whole world on the palm» and «Finger in the sky».

    However, almost all the songs Uritskogo, texts and music which critics have compared with the early works of the brothers Vladimir and Sergey Kristovsky the Duo «Uma2rman», very popular with the public, and the Basil concerts are always sold out.

    TV show

    First experience in the television project Vasily Urawski received in 2015. He successfully passed the auditions of the program «Main stage» of the channel «Russia 1» and managed to remain a member of the show until the final concert, which took place in the Grand Kremlin Palace. At the end of the project Vasily received the honorary third place and shared this achievement with her teacher, Diana Arbenina, the leader of the group «Night snipers».

    And in 2016, barely moving away from the dynamics and velocities of the «Main stage,» Vasily went on to conquer a new program – the popular TV show «the Voice.» In the blind auditions he sang a Blues song «Make It Rain» from the repertoire of the jazz musician Tom waits. Unconventional performance style of the singer has attracted the attention only of Grigory Leps, which, incidentally, in the show «Main stage» was a leading and well familiar with Urievsky. Therefore, Saratov musician became a member of the fifth season of «the Voice.»

    Personal life

    Singer, actor and musician Vasily Urawski was married twice. His first wife, which the public, he says nothing, the husband relationship probably has not developed, because right now with him is another favorite.

    Basil Urievsky with his wife Xenia
    Basil Urievsky wife Xenia | Instagram

    The second wife of Vasily Uralskogo name is Xenia. The girl is a teacher of English and German, and is also a fire show. By the way, the audience can see the Xenia in the video her husband for the song «Life after marriage». There’s a girl appears at the plush cow costume.

    Children have a musician yet.


    • 2014 — Thousand-You Thousand


    Vasil Urievsky

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