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  • Name: Bashar al-Assad ( Bashar Hafez al-Assad )
  • Date of birth: 11 September 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Damascus, Syria
  • Height: 189
  • Activities: Syrian statesman and politician, President of Syria
  • Marital status: Married ASMA al-akhras

    Bashar Assad: biography

    Bashar al – Assad-the 16-th President of Syria, who heads the country since 2000. President Assad rich variety of adverse events associated with large-scale uprisings of the population that calls for his resignation. In 2011, mass protests of Syrians have brought the country to civil war, which involved a number of terrorist organizations, including grouping «Islamic state» has committed many crimes all over the world. With the beginning of the civil war a number of foreign countries began to demand the resignation of Assad, because, in their opinion, the only way to stop the bloodshed in Syria. Opponents of Syrian President created the Free army and the National Parliament, whose activities are aimed at overthrowing the Assad regime. But, the current President of Syria, who in 2014 the population was again re-elected head of the country, continues to wage a relentless fight against terrorism, with the support of many countries, including Russia, beginning in September 2015 special operation in Syria on the side of the government troops in the country.

    Born Bashar Hafez al-Assad 11 September 1965 in the Syrian capital in the family of General and commander of the Syrian air defense forces and air force, Hafez al-Assad, who later became Minister of defense of Syria, and in 1971 led the country and the ruling party «Baath». The mother of the future of Syrian President Anicet Mahluf, belonged to a wealthy Alawite clan tribe haddadin and his entire life was devoted to the upbringing of children, as my father was constantly away from home and was busy with Affairs of state.

    Photo: young Bashar al-Assad

    Primary education Bashar al-Assad received in Damascus an elite Lyceum «Hurriya», he was studious and diligent student, who have expressed the ability to learn foreign languages. After graduating from future of the Syrian Chapter was received at Damascus medical University, Department of ophthalmology and graduated with honors. After becoming a certified doctor, the son of the then President of Syria, who at the time also wanted to be a doctor, went to work in a military hospital in the suburbs of the Syrian capital.

    In 1991, Bashar went to London to train in eye care center at St. Mary’s hospital. Abroad Asad worked under a pseudonym, so no one would know that he is the son of the Governor of Syria. But in 1994 was forced to suspend its activities in the UK and return home, as in a car accident killed his older brother Basel, whom his father had promised to their successors. So Bashar had to take on the role of his brother and to retire from being a doctor to become President of the country.


    Preparation for President Bashar al-Assad began with the military Academy of HOMS, where experienced generals had individual military training. In parallel with military training, the future of the Syrian Chapter was actively engaged in public Affairs, becoming an Advisor to his father. He also headed the anti-corruption Committee in the government and internal security of Syria. However, he was in charge of the investment policy of the country, promoting the interests of the «new Syrians», which mainly included the children of high-ranking officials.

    Despite the fact that Bashar al-Assad was not related to the foreign policy of Syria, he was engaged in the Syrian-Lebanese issues. Since 1999, the future of the Syrian President began to implement a political road trip around the world and began to receive foreign delegations in Syria instead of the father. During this period he also made a significant contribution to the development of the country, thanks to the efforts of Bashar in 1999 in Syria appeared on the Internet, and in 2000 cellular phones.

    Then Bashar al-Assad has managed to change its image of the doctor energetic, fair and honest policy than gained tremendous support among the population. So after in 2000 from heart failure his father died, he became the only candidate for the post of President of Syria.

    The President Of Syria

    Biography of Bashar al-Assad as President of the country started on the same day, when he died, Hafez al-Assad. Then the Parliament instantly changed the Constitution, reducing the minimum age of the candidate countries to Bashar could in 34 years to become the head of Syria. The next day he was promoted Lieutenant-General, after which he except country and led the Syrian army. In the presidential elections, Assad gained 97% of the votes, many of which are marked as «So» put blood.

    Achievements of Bashar al-Assad in the first years of his reign Syria is difficult to overestimate – he liberalized the political system of the country, pardoned political prisoners, contributed to the creation of political forums, the release of the first independent Newspapers. Also at the dawn of the new presidency of the Syrian head, Damascus appeared private universities, opened the stock market and private banks. For four years he 15% was replaced by the Cabinet of Ministers, replacing military officials to civilians.

    In 2007, the period of government of the country from Bashar al-Assad has expired, but he again won the election, he was supported by almost 97% of the population, and he became the head of Syria until 2014. In the second presidential term, Assad was confronted with the civil war that erupted in Syria in 2011. Then, mass protests started across the country demanding political reform and lifting the state of emergency imposed in Syria in 1963. Bashar has promised to fulfill all the demands of the people, dismissed the government, signed the decree about cancellation of state of emergency, but it did not help to resolve the situation in the country.

    In Syria, formed the opposition, which has stimulated the Protestants. After Bashar al-Assad began to use to disperse the protesters, the military forces, he fell into disgrace» for many European countries. At the same time in Syria was created Free Syrian army and the national Council, which became the «fruits» of the activities of the opposition forces wishing to overthrow the Assad regime.

    Syrian opposition to date, supported by the US, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France and Qatar. In 2013 within the Syrian opposition to start controversy, the result against the Syrian free army speak to a number of extremist groups, among which were banned in Russia ISIS.

    In 2014 Bashar al-Assad said that the civil war in Syria came the «tipping point» and began the process of national reconciliation. Then he announced his intention to run for a third presidential term. Presidential elections were held in Syria on 3 June 2014, Assad has gained almost 89% of votes and again became the President of the country.

    Many Western countries believe that the last presidential elections are illegal, as they were in the civil war. Despite this, Bashar al-Assad continues to lead the Syrian army and to fight terrorism, which threatens the entire world. The main enemy of Assad is the grouping «Islamic state» militants where he is fighting alongside the US-led international coalition, whose actions are directed not only against ISIL but also against the government army.

    In September 2015, the official Damascus has asked Moscow to provide military assistance in the fight against terrorist groups. After the Federation Council gave permission for the use of Russian weapons and troops abroad, the defense Ministry started the special operation in Syria, aimed at supporting the government army. The purpose of Russia’s participation in the Syrian military conflict is the destruction of ISIS as a terrorist organization threat worldwide and, in particular, threatens the Russian Federation.

    Personal life

    In 2001, Assad married ASMA al-akhras, who is the daughter of prominent Syrian cardiologist. Assad’s wife was born and raised in the UK, where he graduated from the prestigious University of London and received the diploma of the economist and expert in the field of computer technology. Bashar al-Assad knew his future wife since childhood, as their families were friends and often visited each other’s homes, but fell in love with Asmu during the internship in London.

    After the return of ASMA al-Assad in Syria married love. The first lady of Syria, gave her husband three children: sons, Hafez and Karim, 2001 and 2004 year of birth, and in 2003 gave birth to a daughter, Zane.

    For almost 15 years, the wife of Bashar al-Assad supports her husband in his difficult task, and provides the warmth and comfort of home. It is engaged in the education of children and performs the duties of first lady, taking an active charity to help the needy.


    Bashar Al-Assad

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