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  • Name: Baris Ardoch ( Barish Arduch )
  • Date of birth: 9 October 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Istanbul
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Barysh Arduc: biography

    Ardoch akarsu, a young Turkish actor, known for the Russian audience first of all, from the Comedy series «Love rent». At home he is considered one of the most popular actors and even call it the future of Turkish cinema.

    In the official documents of the Profits the city of his birth provided the Turkish capital — Istanbul. Though actually he was born in Switzerland where his parents at that moment was passing. By the way, and the father, whose name is FASTA, and Artvin to have come from Albania. In Ardoch has a brother Onur and sister of the Ministry.

    Aguchi was quite a wealthy family, so parents could give children a good education. Barış graduated from a privileged school, where he was able at a high level of English proficiency. As a teenager he was very keen on sport and played football, basketball, handball and swimming. Having matriculation, the young man comes to the Metropolitan sports Academy, but there he remained only one course.

    The fact that just at this time a young man begins inexorably drawn to creativity. Barış starts to study at the Istanbul Conservatory in the acting Department, and then hones their skills on the course plays at theatre of a name of Sadri Alysia. And pretty soon Ardoch decides to try their strength and ability on the set.


    The first telecasting, which invited the young actor was the romantic Comedy «Wild seven». The debut was successful, and attractive actor began to invite in other projects. The first series was followed by others – «the Destroyer», «Little miss», «don’t worry about me.» The role of a romantic hero assumes that the Profits Ardoch removed mainly or comedies about love, or romance.

    These genres are and other work of a talented actor – «Only you», «Today’s man of the Palace», «Delia», «rakon». All Directors who collaborated with the Profits, celebrate his amazing facial expressions and ability to convey a huge range of emotions solely by the look or expression.

    Last picture Ardoch today was again a romantic Comedy «Love for rent». The role of Onur did a popular actor, and outside of Turkey. This series has given recognition to Profit in Russia and Ukraine, and his duet with actress Elcin Sangu is already being called one of the most beautiful and romantic in the Turkish cinema.

    Personal life

    After the release of the romantic TV series «Love rent», many fans, especially female fans, were quick to transfer the movie relationship in real life. They would like to see the Profits Ardoch next to the spectacular actress Elcin Sangu not only on the screen.

    But really nothing between the performers of the main roles in this movie not happening. Ardoch quite a long time meets with actress Gupse Ozajj, with whom he starred in the melodrama «Deliha». They regularly appear together on secular parties and during the holidays.

    A child’s love of sports the Profits saved so far. Particularly attractive to him now was the diving, which he devotes quite a lot of free time. Actor often playing with friends in football. Generally Arduc – an incurable optimist. He believes that we should enjoy today and what is already there in life.


    • 2011 – the Courageous seven
    • 2011 – Destroyer
    • 2011 – Little miss
    • 2012 – Listen, dear
    • 2012 – don’t worry about me
    • 2014 – Only you
    • 2014 – Today’s man of the Palace
    • 2014 – Delia
    • 2015 – rakon
    • 2015 – Love rent


    Barish Ardoch

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