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  • Name: Bari Alibasov ( Bari Alibasov )
  • Date of birth: 6 June 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Shar, Kazakhstan
  • Activities: music producer
  • Marital status: married to Victoria Maximova

    Bari Alibasov: biography

    Bari Alibasov was born 6 June 1947 near the city of Shar in the territory of the Kazakh SSR. The boy grew up in a large family, the father of Karim Kasymovich occupied a respectable position Bank Manager, mother-Iraida Ibragimova held the position of accountant in the local kindergarten. Family Alibasova was considered exemplary among neighbors, never saw quarrels between the spouses. All conflicts, which were few, were resolved in the close family circle.

    Almost all my childhood of the young Bar was a housewife. He had to get up early in the morning and drive the cows to pasture, vegetable garden and do other useful things. However, the boy’s dream of a carefree and joyful life began to come true in adolescence. Bari could for two or three days not to sleep at home, and the parents weren’t even looking for it. Not without frequent absence from school, because of which the future producer, has repeatedly ruled out.

    Their artistic talents Bari Alibasov began to show in early childhood. When the boy was four years old, mother son dressed in national costumes and practicing songs with him. A boyfriend in high school also continued to sing and began to play drums. In addition, it woke organizational skills, and the young artist has organized its first project — a children’s drama club, where he staged a performance based on the works of Anton Chekhov. In high school Alibasov has initiated the creation of a local music ensemble, which toured nearby villages and towns.

    After graduating high school in 1965, the Bar has entered the Ust-Kamenogorsk building-road Institute, dreaming of becoming an architect. After graduation, the guy volunteered to serve in the army, where he participated in the creation of a musical ensemble

  • The «zeal» with which she performed at concerts. In 1973 Alibasov finally decided to connect his life with music and to education. He entered the musical school on a class of percussion, however, in connection with his busy schedule touring I studied there for a year, not receiving the coveted diploma.

    Bari Alibasov: show business

    The first project Bari Alibasov became a musical team

  • «Integral», which young founded with classmate Mikhail Arapov in 1966. The guy has shown himself not only a talented musician, but also showed skills as a composer, creating his first song, «Spring rain». The band played at the local discos and dances, choosing to focus on jazz. The team temporarily stopped the activity when Alibasov went to serve in the army. After demobilization, the artist has reorganized the «Integral» in rock band. Despite the ban on such music in the Soviet Union, the team Alibasov was approved and adopted by the Ministry of culture. «Integral» toured the Soviet republics, collecting full halls and constantly changing Philharmonic. After the required 48 concerts per quarter, the musicians moved to another town and spoke on behalf of another Philharmonic. Concerts in the first place brought good income for the officials, and then the musicians themselves.

    In 1989, Bari founded the creative center and decided to engage in producing activities. His first and most successful project was the pop-team

  • «On-on», whose members were recruited according to the principle of free casting. The band recorded the music in a new perspective and at that time the style of «pop», primarily aimed at the youth audience. Alibasov turned out to be a great producer, the band took place at the international festival
  • «Face to Face». The popularity of the group grew rapidly, after a few concerts it was recognized as «discovery of the year». Bari Alibasova took only two months to children of his project began to learn on the streets, and journalists were in turn to interview the young stars. The producer, however, was supported in the team discipline, fining musicians for its violation. Participants «on-On» he lived in the same house, where were located the Studio, Laundry and even a Spa bath. Group «on-On» exists to this day, consistently releasing an album every few years. And although the band is not as popular as in the beginning of its existence, the producer primarily focused on generation of the grown listeners who has created a business and have the opportunity to invite a favorite team for the corporate events.

    Bari Alibasov: personal life

    Bari Alibasov has never hidden his personal life, and sometimes used it as PR for themselves and their music projects. First the producer got married after school, but the marriage did not last long. According to the Bari, he quickly lost interest in the young wife, and he wanted diversity. However, on assurances of the Alibasov, from this marriage he has a son who was born in 1967, after a divorce.

    The producer did not remain long alone, and soon married a girl who was younger than him by 12 years. But this marriage was short-lived. After the divorce Alibasov again had an affair — this time with a fan of the group «Integral»

  • Elena Uronic. At the time your excursions in Bari Elena was engaged to another man, but fell in love with a musician and broke off the engagement. In this civil marriage in 1985, was born a son, Barry Jr., but that did not deter famous musician in the family. The son left to live with his mother, and for obtaining a passport in 14 years, moved to his father in Moscow. In the early 1990-ies Bari Alibasov married for the fourth time, but this marriage did not last in his life. With producer wife divorced in 1994.

    In 1995 Alibasov met the actress

  • Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina. They were introduced by a mutual friend actor Stanislav Sadalsky. Their affair lasted for three years, which was a record for loving Alibasov. After breaking up the artists left a good and trusting relationship, producer and now communicates with his once-beloved actress and sometimes spends time in her company. In 2013, Bari secretly married his assistant and actress
  • Liliana-Victoria Maximova. The couple met at an art exhibition where Alibasov offered the girl a job. After the wedding the couple settled on a Studio and producer as in his apartment at the time was undergoing renovation after a fire that occurred in 2011. Spouses parts about 40 years difference in age, but it did not become a hindrance to their happiness.

    Bari Alibasov: photo

    Bari Alibasov

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