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  • Name: Shilenina Varvara ( Varvara Shilenina )
  • Date of birth: 27 September 1996
  • Age: 20 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 167
  • Activity: dancer, participant of the TV show «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status: not married

    Barbara Shilenina: biography

    Barbara Shilenina, one of the brightest participants of the 3rd season of the «Dancing on TNT», says that when he dances, he feels free.

    Varya was born in Moscow in September 1996. Dance the beginning, just learning to walk. At first, the girl studied ballroom dancing in the capital’s House of culture «ZIL». But after two years of studying she wanted something more. At age 10 she was adopted into a family, «Todes» Alla Duhova. Here, the dancer got the basics of choreography, due to which later it was included on the popular «Dancing» but has managed to become the most visible his party.

    Barbara Shilenina
    Baby photo | VK

    After receiving a high school diploma, she decided to pursue higher education. Thanks to the excellent knowledge gained in high school, she enrolled at the prestigious MGIMO, by the faculty of international relations. But the dancing did not let the barbarian Silenio. In her dreams she saw herself on the political stage as a diplomat, and the one that lights the spotlight.

    Barbara Shilenina
    Dancer | VK

    Favorite styles vary – twerk and contemporary dance. She argues that in order to become a professional, you need not just technically correct to move to the music, but also learn how to Express emotion through sculpture, «speak» body.

    I think she learned that. Proof may be dozens of dance competitions and festivals, of which Muscovite was brought home prizes and major awards.


    The first television show, which flashed talent student of MGIMO, was the rating project «Dance!», which was broadcast the First channel. The girl managed to enter the top best dancers. This success was preceded by a Titanic work: every day the dancer spent on training is not less than 8 hours.

    Barbara Shilenina
    The project «Dance!» | VK

    On season 3 of «Dancing on TNT» Barbara Shilenina decided to come immediately. The first two seasons she missed, because it was not confident in their abilities. But in 2016, she gathered her courage, prepared a dance and came to the casting.

    The debut of Shilenina was successful. She was in the team of Miguel, but had planned to try their hand in the team Yegor Druzhinin. In Miguel dancer «Todes» saw, first of all, friend and colleague, not a mentor. Barbara says her goal that she has in the project, it is not only the experience and further improve skills, but also new friends and the media. Because each dancer goes on stage, not only for themselves but for the viewer, which receives nourishment in the form of admiration and applause.

    Barbara I Diane Shilenina
    With Dayan |

    A considerable army of fans who are «sick» for a Muscovite, with pleasure seen, which prepared Shilenina, Barbara and Diane. You guys danced so deeply and sensually that this pair was hard to tear his eyes away. This room was prepared by the celebrated choreographer Alexei Karpenko. Sergey Svetlakov was pleasantly surprised not only by the skill of the Duo, but the fact that the dance was performed on the soundtrack of his movie «Bridegroom».

    Barbara Shilenina
    Dmitry Twitter | VK

    No less striking was the number that presented to the jury and spectators Shilenina Varvara and Dimitri Twitter. This is a scene from the life of students. Cooking played a Professor’s daughter, which is favored by the student. The dance was not only fun but also brilliant in terms of choreography. I put the number Ekaterina Reshetnikova.

    Personal life

    The girl has a boyfriend, with whom she seems to romance. Pictures of them fans of the contestants treated with special predilection. But the personal life of the barbarians Shilenina is not a favorite topic of conversation with strangers.

    Barbara Shilenina with a guy
    Dancer with a boy | VK

    On the Cooking project supports particularly warm relationship with Keiko and Stas Litvinov. The guys are friends outside of the project area.

    The girl has the home favorite – the cat. Photos of her too often appear on the pages of social networks.


    Barbara Shilenina

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