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photo Barbara

  • Name: Barbara ( Elena Susova (Toutanova) )
  • Date of birth: 30 July 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Balashikha, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Russian singer, Honoured artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Barbarian: a biography

    Real name famous ethno singer Barbara Elena Tumanova. Now the singer has the surname of her second husband – Susova.

    Elena Tumanova was born in Balashikha in July 1973. When she was 4 years old, my grandfather first planted granddaughter for a musical instrument. It appeared to be a bulky accordion. Noticing that a child has their hearing and voice, grandpa took Lena to the music school. Not to say that Toutanova immediately liked it. But to disappoint the family, who looked expectantly at her first success, the girl did not want, so she continued to regularly attend classes.

    In middle school, the future singer dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. She had the ability to sewing and modeling clothes, and the girl herself had a «model» growth and all the data required for the model career. So Elena decided that after school will go to the Institute of light industry. But over time, visits to music schools and singing lessons quietly captured the young singer, and she forgot about sewing away.

    A senior future star Barbara finally decided, and after graduation went to the Gnesin music school. She did the first time, overcoming considerable competition. Received diploma with famous music school spurred the girl to continue education. Later, she entered GITIS at the correspondence Department. Chose the specialty «actor of musical theatre».


    Biography Barbara began after gnesinka in 1993. Like many popular performers, she began her career on the stages of different restaurants. Sang songs in Russian and English languages. Soon 20-year-old singer signed a contract and went to work in the United Arab Emirates. It was there that Elena Tumanova came up with a creative pseudonym under which since then has been.

    Returning home, Barbara took a job at a theater variety show, which was led by Lev Leshchenko. Soon she became the backing vocalist of the famous singer. But to stop there but she wasn’t. And Barbara went, as she says, «free floating». She wanted to make her own career. The singer was confident and dreamed about intellectual Euro-pop genre. It’s bright and distinctive style, which naturally combines fashionable music and ethno-music.

    Barbara’s solo career developed successfully. In 2001, the singer together with the company «NOX Music» recorded their debut CD, which was called «barbarian». The authors of most of the songs on this album were young artists whose names listeners about anything not talking. The only exception was Kim Breitburg is an author who has written several compositions for Boris Moiseyev. The album was attended by musicians United in a group called «Barbara».

    Song debut disc, despite the obvious non-format (the DJs was hard to define the style in which they are performed), had considerable success. In rotation got hits «Varvara», «Butterfly», «On the Verge» and «Fly to the light».

    In 2002, Barbara received an unexpected offer from the founder of the famous Swedish Studio «Cosmo». The Studio is known for having recorded some discs Britney Spears and «A-ha». Head «Cosmo» suggested Barbara to record a few songs with the Symphony orchestra of Sweden. Thus was born the hit «It’s behind» made in the fashionable style of «R’n’b».

    The singer loves to travel the world and different musical styles. In the United Arab Emirates, where Barbara loves to spend time with family, she was offered to record an album in Arabic. But the singer is no less lures and Northern Europe, its harsh sagas and Celtic legends. Perhaps that is why in the song «Two sides of the moon» from the second album «Closer», released in 2003, clearly felt Norman notes.

    During his singing career, Barbara has recorded 6 albums. In addition to these, she’s got the disks «Dreams», «Higher love,» «legends of the fall» and «Len». The last album was recorded in 2015. The singer is constantly on tour, and not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders. She participates in many festivals and gala concerts.

    In 2010, the singer was awarded the title «Honored artist of Russia».

    Personal life

    Barbara is not only a great and distinctive singer, she was held as a wife and mother of many children. However, personal life barbarians did not come immediately. Her first early marriage quickly collapsed. From him the singer had a son Yaroslav. The forced breakup with the boy Elena Tumanova experienced very hard. She had to provide for his little family in 20 years to leave the United Arab Emirates.

    But life changed after a meeting with a prominent businessman Mikhail Surowym. Now they have a strong family, which in addition to the eldest son of Yaroslav (he recently married), has raised two sons from his first marriage Michael Susova. There is a pair and a common child – a daughter, Barbara. She has already made her first steps as a singer.


    • «Barbara»
    • «Closer»
    • «Dreams»
    • «Higher love»
    • «Legends of the fall»
    • Len



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