Barack Obama

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  • Name: Barack Obama ( Barack Hussein Obama Jr. )
  • Date of birth: 4 August 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: the 44th President of the United States, a politician, a lawyer
  • Family: Married Michelle Lavon Robinson

    Barack Obama: a biography

    Barack Obama is the most unusual politician in the world, broke many of the conventions due to his cold mind. Is the 44th President of the United States, became the first black head of state in the history of the country. Over the years of the electoral rating of Obama was always in the leading position among his colleagues-presidents of other countries, but over the last few years has been significantly reduced. This fact is due to a reduction in the number of supporters of the American President, do not support the policies of Barack in some public and foreign policy issues.

    Born Barack Hussein Obama Jr. on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii to the Sunny metropolis of Honolulu, the couple of young students, Kenyan Barack Obama Sr., and American mother, Stanley Ann Dunham got married against her parents shortly before the birth of the future American President. In that time, while young parents have received education, training barracks were engaged by the maternal grandmother, Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham.

    In 1964 the parents of a very young Obama divorced, in connection with which the boy was left without parental attention and support. In 1967, the mother of Barack married Indonesian Lolo Soetoro, and the family moved to Jakarta, where he was born the younger sister of Barack Maya. In the homeland of his stepfather, the boy entered the local secondary school, but at the end of fourth grade, Barack returned to the upbringing of his grandmother in Honolulu. In Hawaii, the future head of States have received full secondary education at the prestigious private school «Punahou». In school, Barack was fond of basketball and even together with his team won the state championship.

    His childhood and school years, Barack Obama described in his autobiography «

  • Dreams from my father», which admitted that in his youth he was subjected to low moral downfall, taking alcohol, using cocaine and Smoking marijuana, but stopped in time and was able to get a higher education and to achieve great heights in politics. After school, Barack moved to Los Angeles, where he enrolled at Occidental College, and after a few months he transferred to Columbia University in new York, the faculty of international relations. The largest city in the U.S. and was the starting point in the successful career of the future American President. Before graduating, he had worked in the new York research center and International business corporations.

    Bachelor’s degree, Barak decided to expand their knowledge in areas of jurisdiction. In 1988, he moved to Chicago and was enrolled in law school at Harvard University, and in parallel with the study of law he held the position of editor of the University newspaper «Harvard Law Review», which was the first in the history of publication the editor and black.

    In 1991, Barack Obama received the diploma of doctor of law with honors (magna cum laude), after which he engaged in legal activities in defending in court the rights of victims of discrimination. In addition, the 44th President of the United States has teaching experience, almost 10 years taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago.

    Barack Obama: the politics

    Career policy of Barack Obama began in 1997 in Illinois, where he until 2004, he occupied the chair of a Senator, representing the Democratic party of the United States. The key political doctrine of the future US President at that time was to support low-income families, the withdrawal of us troops from Iran, the development of preschool education, strengthening control over the work of the investigating agencies in the country. The most popular and the support of the Americans Obama has earned through bright against discrimination of a racial nature and support the development of General health insurance.

    Since 2004, Obama came into his first race for a seat in the U.S. Senate after his main rival Jack Ryan-the scandalous allegations has withdrawn his candidacy, successfully won the primaries, won a landslide victory over six opponents.

    In 2005, once in the U.S. Senate, Barack Obama was included in several committees, and it was connected to the solution of the questions connected with public works, environmental issues, international relations and Affairs of veterans. In that period, Obama first visited Russia, where he discussed issues of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

    Thanks to its active work, the new Senator quickly won the sympathy of the press and became one of the most significant political figures in Washington. In the fall of 2006, neither in society nor among the population was no doubt that the «favorite» of the Democratic party will participate in elections of the President of the United States in 2008 and will be the next head of the American state.

    These assumptions were confirmed in 2007 Obama officially announced his entry into the presidential race and started the preparation of the election programs. He mainly focused on political and economic issues of the country and to support low income groups of the American population that supported the vast majority of the US population. Then to support his presidential campaign has collected $ 58 million, a third of which was donated by ordinary people. Due to this, the future President of the United States refused to budget financing of his campaign and confident ahead of his opponents in the presidential race with the slogan «

  • Yes We Can». In the end, Barack Obama won the US presidential election and became the first black politician who has occupied the Oval room of the White house. He received 51% of the vote and received the support of more than 300 voters.

    Barack Obama: the presidency

    The first presidential term of Barack Obama was far from cloudless. America got in «inheritance» a new Chapter in a deplorable condition: the country experienced the worst financial situation since the 30-ies and political instability. However, the «people’s President» did not stop such difficulties, and he plunged into the tasks of his campaign for the withdrawal of the state in the leading position in the world rankings.

    The achievement of Obama during his first term in office, a substantial US – he had a number of economic and political reforms by providing $ 787 billion. Also made health reform the country, so that by 2014, 95% of the U.S. population was provided with health insurance. In addition, U.S. President Barack Obama ended its military mission in Iraq, withdrawing in 2010 the last us combat unit from the territories of the Republic of Iraq.

    Approaching to the next presidential elections 2012, Barack Obama announced the intention to continue to rule the country and announced his candidacy, launching a fundraising campaign. At that time the budget deficit in the country continued to be the main problem of USA, but Obama assured voters that the bailout bill is in the works and the full scope of its implementation remains to be done. According to Western media, this time Obama managed to raise a record amount on the campaign in the amount of 934 million dollars, of which more than 200 million was spent on the maintenance campaign. Despite the fact that the «enthusiasm» of voters compared with 2008 has significantly subsided, a clear and coordinated work of the «electoral machine» helped Obama to win again in the presidential race and to beat his opponent – Republican

  • MITT Romney. The second presidential term of Barack Obama from the beginning has been full of negative events, therefore in the society there is talk about the «curse of the second term» as a dark-skinned ruler was another first President whose second term has been much worse than the first.

    During this period, Obama was faced with unexpected issues associated with the problematic launch of the healthcare reform, the situation surrounding the chemical attack in Syria, journalistic harassment, tax policy and other relevant issues in the country. Then Obama’s ratings began to decline steadily, and within just six months of a second term President Barack has lost more than 12% of supporters, and in 2014 the political course of the American President’s support for more than half of Americans.

    Barack Obama: Ukraine and sanctions against Russia

    Not gone, of course, Obama’s presidency and the situation in Ukraine, which, in the opinion of the US administration, Russia is trying to infringe on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent state. Support for Ukraine from the United States prescribed in the relevant law signed by U.S. President in December 2014. Under this bill, the U.S. government will provide military aid to Kiev in the form of antitank and other weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles, untertilliach radar and other military equipment.

    However, from the words of the President of the United States, his main task is not to supply weapons to Ukraine and warmongering and diplomatic settlement of the conflict and end the bloodshed. With this purpose, soon after the signing of the «Act on support for freedom in Ukraine,» Obama adopted a law on sanctions against Russia, what the American government should influence the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin and, respectively, to provide additional assistance to Ukraine.

    On the background of a few stages of escalating conflict in the Donbass, anti-Russian sanctions of the West expanded and intensified, but it did not bring the expected result for the United States, as the decline of the economy in Russia did not affect the change in the political course of the Russian Chapter.

    Barack Obama: personal life

    Personal life of Barack Obama crystal clear and clean. The 44th President of the United States, unlike their counterparts in other countries, not hiding from the society of his wife

  • Michelle Lavon Robinson, with whom he is married for over 20 years. Unlike her husband, has Royal roots, Michelle Obama is a descendant of black slaves, but that didn’t stop her from becoming the first lady of the United States and with dignity to perform the duties corresponding to the received status. Met Barack and Michelle Obama back in 1989 at the dawn of the legal career of the future President of the United States. Experienced, like most young couples, the «gray» family life, quarrels, lack of money and other problems of an average family, sometimes even drove up to the decision to leave. However, love each other and care for the daughters allowed to save the marriage and the couple hand in hand overcame all difficulties and won the title of most perfect couples in a serious world of politics.

    In 1998, Michelle gave her husband the first daughter Malia Ann, and just three years later, in 2001, Barack Obama became a father for the second time – his wife gave birth to his second daughter Natasha. The President of the United States is known for its reverent attitude to not only his daughters, but all children. He is actively involved in the education and lives of Malia Ann and Natasha, and has initiated various community youth activities in the country.

    Despite the perfection of the image of Michelle and the lack of scandalous intrigue in his biography of Barack approval Western sources close to the White house, now Obama family is on the verge of divorce. According to American journalists, for the past few years between the spouses rather complex and tense relationship, they remain together only for children and political career of Obama. There is information that the conflict between the spouses Obama occurred due to the behavior of American Chapter at the funeral service for former leader Nelson Mandela, where Barak had fun with colleagues and staged a selfie with the Prime Minister of Denmark Helle Thorning-Schmidt. This fact does not have any official confirmation, and the couple Obama continues to demonstrate a perfect relationship and show mutual love.

    In addition to the main activities of the 44th President of the United States is an active participant in 16 the Internet services and one of the most popular bloggers in the world. A hobby of Barack Obama should also include writing books in the collection of the writer already has published two best-selling autobiography «Dreams from my father» and political reflections «the Audacity of hope», which are in great demand all over the world.

    Barack Obama: photos

    Barack Obama

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