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  • Name: Baina Basanova ( Baina Basanova )
  • Date of birth: 22 February 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Elista, Kalmykia
  • Activity: dancer, contestant on «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status: not married

    Baina Basanova: biography

    Russian dancer Baina Basanova, biography which takes the count from February 22, 1991, was born in the Kalmyk city of Elista. But she was still small when the family moved to the capital of Russia, where he spent his childhood and youth girls. From an early age Baina sports.

    Baina Basanova in childhood
    Baby photo Basanova | VK

    Still in preschool, she began to visit the section of rhythmic gymnastics and at the age of 15 passed the standards for the category of «Candidate master of sports». It is noteworthy that almost immediately after receiving the discharge Basanova retired from rhythmic gymnastics. Later she started martial arts namely Taekwondo. There, she also underwent several major stages of preparation before getting black belt.

    Baina Basanova
    Baina-thequantity | VK

    After graduating from secondary school in the biography Bainy Asanovoy appears higher educational institution. She decides to become a radiologist and enters the Russian national research medical University named after N. Pirogov, who graduated in 2014. And it was during training appear to be life Bainy Asanovoy dancing. She became involved with modern styles contemporary, jazz-funk, jazz-modern and a strip of plastic.


    For the first time in the dance Studio in 20 years, Basanova fairly quickly achieved excellent results. She and her band has performed at various festivals and international Championships, and later was cast for the filing of the Sochi Olympics played a major negative role in Russian-American rock show, which went on tour in many countries.

    The most favorite styles of dance is Asanovoy contemporary dance and strip-dance, which the dancer is able to Express any emotion: from sadness to joy, from coldness to hot desire. The girl – a devoted fan choreographies Ukrainian dancers Vasyl Kosara, the winner of the fourth season of the show «everybody dances!».

    When she learned that Basil will be an assistant mentor Yegor Druzhinin in the show «Dancing on TNT», Baina Basanova went to the casting. By the way, Asian dancer took part in the first season, but then she didn’t have enough experience to even pass the first stage. But in the third season of Baina was very convincing, the judge of the project, Miguel has included her in his team.

    Personal life

    About romantic adventures and personal life Bainy Basanova is practically unknown. She is not married, but, apparently, she has a boyfriend, and after a positive response at the show «Dancing on TNT» Baina in the first place didn’t call my mom or girlfriends, and some, as she put it, «the bearded man».

    Baina Basanova
    Dance Baina went to feel feminine | VK

    Looking at the bright and candid dancing Bainy Asanovoy, it’s hard to imagine that a few years ago, the girl was very shy and didn’t feel feminine. In fact, in order to be liberated, she went to the dance Studio and to this day recalls with gratitude his first teacher. Interestingly, one of the hobby Bainy apply eyelash extensions.


    Baina Basanova

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