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  • Name: Badr Hari ( Badr Hari )
  • Date of birth: 8 December 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Height: 197
  • Activity: kickboxer
  • Marital status: not married

    Badr Hari biography

    Badr Hari is a professional Dutch kickboxer of Moroccan descent, who competes in the heavyweight division. He twice fought in the finals of the tournament «K-1» and twice became the winner of the competition version of «it’s Showtime». Fans of martial arts know him under such names as «the Golden boy», «Bad guy», the «devil Prince of Morocco» and «the King of kickboxing». Sports biography Badr Hari is unique in that his fights are always very bright and are distinguished by the scandalous antics of a fighter. Since 2006, the year the athlete a lot of times he was arrested by authorities for numerous charges, including arson and grievous bodily harm.

    Badr Hari
    Photo Badr Hari | Facebook

    Future star of the ring was born in the capital of the Netherlands, in a family originating from Morocco Ahmad Hari. He is the brother of Yasin. Kickboxing entered into the private life of Badr Hari when he was only seven years old. He started to do this difficult kind of sport under the guidance of world champion musida of Akurana and fell in love with confrontation. Later, in adolescence, Hari learned from Mohammed Hassi AI in the club «Sitan Gym» Harinka in the club «Chakuriki Gym», and Simon Rootca in the club «Mejiro Gym». The last coach of the athlete, which brought him in a professionals was Mike Passenge.


    The beginning of professional sports career Hari was not impressive. In the first fight he had nothing to oppose more experienced opponent and got knocked out just a minute after the fight began. But Badr continued to train hard and in two years became the champion on Thai Boxing. Brought widespread fame to the kickboxer to fight against the Belarusian Alexei Ignashov. This fight Hari didn’t win, as Alex sent him a knockdown in the third round, but Badr was easier opponent by nearly 20 pounds and showed great will to win, for which he won the respect of the audience.

    After that, the Dutchman spent almost ten games without defeat and, subsequently, fighter Badr Hari has rapidly risen to the upper echelon of top athletes «K-1» and twice won the title of champion in heavy weight. It’s funny that another round of glory again brought him defeat, this time from the Russian Ruslan Karaev. The fact that in the final round when the kick Karavaev accidentally touched the face of the opponent is prohibited by the reception, and Hari loudly and scandalously demanded the disqualification of the Russian kickboxer. Since the referee did not satisfy his demand, Badr defeated the locker room at the stadium. By the way, he is generally famous for outrageous antics. For example, the mudslinging opponent before the match and fight on a press-conferences have become commonplace.

    But the scandalous antics of Badr Hari considered his behavior in the second round of the final battle in 2008 against compatriot Remy Bonyaski. When the opponent lost balance and fell, Hari did not stop, but continued to strike the lying fighter, and added and completely forbidden kick. For unsportsmanlike conduct Dutchman of Moroccan origin, was disqualified, although the victory was he actually in his pocket. Many experts and sports commentators are convinced that this is a very strong and talented kickboxer, but his aggressiveness prevents him from becoming for the sport as he was Boxing Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.

    Violation of the law

    Badr Hari is a real collector clashes with the law. If you consider all the charges against him, one might think that he decided to do one more illustrious career, this time as the offender. Kickboxer cursed and even fought with the neighbors, for which he was sentenced to 240 hours of forced labor. He also participated in the burning and fighting. Behind Moroccan fighting with a security guard of a night club in Amsterdam, visitors of the restaurants and even one of their girlfriends.

    Photos Of Badr Hari
    The scandalous behavior of Badr is known far outside the ring | Facebook

    In 2012, there was rather a big scandal when Dutch millionaire Cohen Evering came to rest on a party «Sensation White» but not without the intervention of Hari left with serious injuries at the ambulance straight to the hospital. In addition, the name of Badr at home has been repeatedly linked with concepts such as «illegal drugs», «racketeering» and even «imprisonment». When in the hearing of the aforementioned incident with the millionaire began to slip the phrase «attempted murder» kickboxer immigrated to their historical homeland in Morocco and was often move from one country to another. For some time he lived in Russia.

    Personal life

    In the personal life of Badr Hari there were many bright and successful women. One of his first novels was the relationship with the businesswoman of Indian-Dutch descent Chantal Aarnink, which was much older lover. They met in 2006, when Badr was only 22 years old and Stephanie was close to 40 years. However, this difference did not prevent them to be together for five years.

    Badr Hari and Estelle Cruijff
    Badr Hari with his ex-girlfriend Estelle Cruijff | Eg24hours

    Then the kickboxer had a brief affair with model Daphne Affair, which ended in the birth of a child, his only daughter, amber Mae. But the girl was not yet a month when Hari began to meet with Estelle Cruyff, niece of the famous football player Johan Cruijff, who at the time was married to the coach of football club «Terek» Ruud Gullit. Estelle lived with Badr for almost two years. She was with him during the ill-fated fight with Everingham Cohen, defended her beloved husband at trial, was met out of prison. So many thought that Estelle will become the wife of Badr Hari, but at the end of 2014, the couple broke up. Today Badr calls his home and beloved little daughter, which tries to see as often as possible.

    Badr Hari and a daughter
    Badr Hari, with daughter amber Mae | Facebook

    Now the athlete is domiciled in Morocco and is not about romantic relationships. The seal of secrecy on the personal life of Badr Hari has led to the fact that around his name have spread unpleasant conversations. Due to the fact that to visit him several times in a short time came the legendary player of real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo, people began to talk about the not very friendly relations between young people, alluding to an unconventional relationship.

    Badr Hari and Cristiano Ronaldo
    Badr Hari and Cristiano Ronaldo | Ace Showbiz

    Badr himself is the gossip not lend attention and no comment. He believes that real friendship with such people as the Brazilian world-class footballer Ronaldinho, the President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov and the Dutch rapper APPA, Badr which recorded a joint song «Kampioen» and «Stap Maar In De Ring», a sufficient argument against all such insinuations.


    Badr Hari

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