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the picture Aziz

  • Name: Aziz ( Aziz By Muhamedova )
  • Date of birth: 10 April 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Tashkent
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: Singer
  • Marital status: Married

    Aziz: biography

    Aziz by muhamedova – nationally recognized artist in Russia and Uzbekistan. In the 90s she enjoyed extraordinary success and popularity, and now, although the popularity of the actress does not differ rapid growth, it continues to delight fans with their songs.

    Life source took in a family of musicians. Father, Abdurahim Mukhamedov – representative of the reunification of the Uighur and Uzbek blood, descendant of a dynasty of bakers, but was interrupted by the chain of ancestral profession and threw himself into music. The result was a composer have grown to honored art worker. When Aziza was 15 years old, his father died.

    Aziz in childhood and now
    Aziz in childhood and now

    Mama Rafiq Khaydarov, a representative of the Tatar nationality, a native of p. Staraya kulatka. The activities of the mother were closely woven with the music: he worked as a conductor and taught music, was a soloist of the choir. Despite this, the girl who grew up in a musical environment, dreamed of becoming a singer and a doctor.

    Up to 16 years, Aziz became a soloist-vocalist of the musical-instrumental ensemble «Sado». However, after his father’s death on the fragile shoulders of the young singer bears the burden of material support. Before the end of the school girl gets a job to help support his family. Rafik Khaydarov said daughter to enter the Conservatory. Aziza is possible to continue to combine work with study.

    Aziz in his youth
    Aziz in his youth

    Graduation is marked by competition vocal talents in Jurmala, where she was sent by mentors. Experience in «Sado» strayed favorable prognosis, because for a long time speeches Aziz have learned adequately to stand on the stage and control the rolling excitement. The result took the third place and received the «audience award».

    Cherished childhood dream of becoming a doctor had to hide in a long and deep chest under lock and key. Her destiny is written to be an artist. After Jurmala was born a new extraordinary bright star, nothing like the others. The meteoric rise came from the Eastern melismatic, flowing and artistic voice data of the singer.


    In 1989, Aziz moved to Moscow and builds a solo career. Song Aziza «my Dear, your smile» performer bestows great fame and popularity. In the same year, a biography of Aziza updated discography, the debut album has the name «Aziza». «Your smile» becomes song of the year in 1990. Later Aziz sang it many times, alone and in duet with many famous performers.

    The singer refers to military issues. Especially for Aziza song was written «a Marshal’s uniform» and later filmed a video with the performer. For Aziza this song wasn’t just flirting with the noisy and hot topic, the girl personally seen that can make war, especially the war unnecessary and alien. The whole country, and no servants, scolded these words of sincerity, which sang Oriental girl, not the usual subjects for such a charismatic man in the image of a soldier or veteran. Aziz instantly became a favorite of the military. Almost everything, from the recruit to the General, were ready to throw at the feet of the singer everything she asks.

    1991, the first year was difficult for the whole country, social and political change cuts the ground from people from under his feet, but from Aziza, in addition to General, there was personal drama. In 1991, Aziz brings strong shock and for some time closes itself. The moral balance had violated a tragic case and the mysterious murder of the poet and musician Igor Talkov on the eve of precast concert. The murder occurred a few minutes before have not been out with the singer on stage at the time of brawl guards with one of Aziza Talkov, who accompanied her at the concert. The musician was shot, but the weapon was never found. The case remained unsolved, and today he is considered the most strange and loud in the history of the Russian stage.

    The conflict that gave rise to the fight, unleashed, companion, Igor Malakhov. The man demanded to performances by Aziza Talkov, and switched to the singer near the end – it was more prestigious. The organizers resisted for a long time, but Malakhov, who was a kickboxer and had the appropriate stature, did not hesitate to voice direct threats. As a result of the artists interchanged, but when talc found out the reason for the change program, he called Malakhov to their dressing room to discuss it.

    Aziz and Igor talc
    Aziz and Igor talc

    The conflict broke out, which turned into a fight in the hallway. Igor Malakhov pulled out a gun, talc, too, but gas. The gun knocked from his hands Malakhova, so when the shot was fired that killed Talkova was not clear who fired the shot. The investigators conducted a lot of experiments and proved that the instigator of the fight to do so could not.

    Sama Aziz did not participate in the fight, or even in the initial conflict but it is unlikely that she was not aware of the act of his companion. The public was outraged. The singer made fun of the murder Talkov so much that it took her 4 years to restore the usual perception of reality and comfortable state, after which she returned to the stage with new songs. The main blow for the artist were not so much the charges, and the fact that none of those who publicly confessed their love and loyalty to the popular singer did not stand up for her in difficult times. The press put Aziz is guilty and yesterday’s supporters gladly savored the details and gossip.

    In 1997, the audience was presented a second album with a symbolic title «All or nothing». The song was released a striking video in which the artist sings in the background of the desert. In a few years, Aziz begins to work with Stas Nominum. In the result of fruitful cooperation of the singer’s discography is filled pop-rock motifs from the Eastern slope. The glory of the artist, papassa after the scandal and a long absence from the stage, began gradually to return.

    Then came the album «Through the years» which the singer dedicated to his father. The album is riddled with memories, of childhood, and the song «Dedication to my father,» written to the tune of a lullaby that dad sang to his daughter many years ago.

    In 2006, the year the event occurred, which many thought improbable. Aziz sang the song «This world» together with Igor Talc Jr. This event clearly showed that the family of the deceased talc accuses the singer and not seeking revenge or conflict.

    In the same year the singer recorded a new album just a few months. «I am leaving this town» contained songs in the style of Russian folk chanson, but suddenly especially liked for some reason the French listeners.

    In 2007 the already successful star involved in the project «You — superstar!», which broadcasts the NTV channel. As a result, an absolute victory in all nominations.

    2008 saw the release of the new album «Meditation», where most songs Aziz is the author of the text. The following year, the singer records another album «On the shore of the chanson».

    In 2015, the premiere of a new song artist «don’t forget».

    In the same year the artist took part in the TV show «just Exactly». The essence of the show lies in the fact that the participants with the help of makeup and acting talent transform into accidentally got them famous. Aziza won the second season of the TV show. In the fall of 2016, she returned to the show, took part in superstone. Also in the fall of Aziz spoke at a concert in Moscow together with other pop stars.

    Personal life

    Aziza attributed the affair with the infamous Igor Malakhov. It is believed that the man was not only a guard and a friend of the artist, but a lover.

    Aziz, not sure I can have children. When she met the man with whom she started a family, the woman could not continue the pregnancy. It shocked the artist. She’s even thinking about lofty matters, reviewed their faith. The singer changed the religion in 2005, the year of Muslim women became Orthodox. Aziz began to travel to Holy places, it helped her, if not physically, then calmed the woman, helped to make themselves and their problems. There is another version that many believe that to change the religion Aziz persuaded her next Beau, Alexander Brodolin who were passionate about religion and that questions of faith could be the fundamental.

    Alexander Brodolin and Aziz

    With her civil husband singer we met in Cyprus. The artist chosen was Alexander Brodolin, a businessman from St Petersburg. The lovers was the difference in age, Aziz is 6 years older than her chosen. The man cared for Aziza, has not yet achieved its location. For a long time there were rumors that the singer secretly got married, then going to, but this was not confirmed, even though Aziz told reporters what wedding dress and where she wants to order.

    The relationship of lovers was complicated by the fact that to live they had on the two cities. Aziz lived in Moscow, and one of her favorite people in St. Petersburg. He asked her to move, but the singer couldn’t leave work and the house, even for these dizzying relations. The businessman also refused to move.

    Not so long ago, in the spring of 2016, this civil Union collapsed. Aziz openly told me that I broke up with Brodolini. After that, the singer voiced the desire not to leave Russia.

    Aziz | Around TV

    In 2016, the 52-year-old Aziz was first married. This was told by a close friend of the actress — Nargis Zakirova. Aziz carefully hides his personal life from outsiders. It is only known that her husband’s name was Rustam.


    • «Aziza»
    • «All or nothing»
    • «After all these years»
    • «Meditation»
    • «On the banks of the chanson»
    • «The milky way»
    • «Unearthly Paradise»



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