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  • Name: Nasibov Azer ( Azer Nasibov )
  • Date of birth: 27 July 2000
  • Age: 16 years
  • Place of birth: Syas’stroy, Leningrad oblast
  • Height: 151
  • Activity: singer, musician, participant of the show «the Voice. children»
  • Marital status:

    Azer Nasibov: biography

    Azer Nasibov, a young Russian singer of Azerbaijani origin, was able for 15 years to become a star through participation in the rating of the TV show «the Voice. Children.» Azer was born in the small town of syasstroy in the Leningrad region. There from his native country, he moved his parents, who are doing business have their own grocery store.

    Sing the boy started back in 4 years. First he as game copied of performance and manners favorite artists. Over time he gets better and better, which is very surprising relatives, because the family Nasimovich no one did any singing nor music. Azar had requested to give him to a music school, but as the property was not like this, parents always refused: they were afraid to let the son in the big city.

    After graduating from elementary school talented boy broke down and an ultimatum and insisted that he be allowed to study music. In music school he was learning to play the piano, but also understands all the nuances of singing. Together with students of the school Nasibov repeatedly performed at various regional festivals and often became the laureate and winner of competitions. In addition, Azerbaijan has recently become more engaged in the theater Studio, which helps him calmer and freer to stand on the stage. By the way, the favorite singer of the boy is Muslim Magomayev, and he hopes someday to reach the same high level of performance.

    TV show

    Azer Nasibov had planned to take part in the 2nd season of «the Voice. Children.» But in 2015 his bid was only 99-th, and he did not even have time to go on stage until the moment the coaches got their team. Therefore, the organizers of the project have allowed a 15-year-old artist to participate in the new season.

    In the blind auditions the boy sang a lyrical song «Maybe I Maybe You» from the repertoire of the German group «Scorpions». I turned to him, all members of the jury, and Dima Bilan pressed the button almost in the first seconds of pure singing voices of the Lake. Moreover, the Russian singer Nasibov compared with the Italian legend Robertino Loretta, who also was at the tender age conquered her audience with her vocals. Of all the mentors he chose the pelage, as even before the show wanted to get her team.

    In the next stage of the «Troika» Azer in a trio with Ilya Litvinov and Arseny Sobolevym performed the Aria in Italian, «Una furtiva lagrima» from the Opera by Gaetano Donizetti «the elixir of Love». The guys came out on stage in evening dress not only looked great, but almost perfectly filed this difficult composition. But Pelagia decided the three of them to choose Azer Nasibova.

    Then at the stage of «departure» he is back with his debut song was able to confirm that is one of the favorites of the season and together with Taisiya Podgorny became a member of the final part of the show «the Voice. Children.»

    Personal life

    Azer Nasibov has a great sense of humor, and he laughs, not only of friends but also over himself, for example, often jeering at his short stature.

    In addition to music and theatre boy likes drawing. He is self taught and mainly depicts cartoon characters including anime. He modestly says in it,» but intends to develop artistic abilities further.

    Azer in 15 years, is already thinking about what will be her future family. He wants very much, she was strong and friendly to family members became each other’s best friends and supported throughout.


    Azer Nasibov

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