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  • Name: Azamat Of Nigmanov ( Azamat Nigmanov )
  • Date of birth: 15 October 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Omsk
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Azamat of Nigmanov: biography

    Today actor he Nigmanov does not require special representation. This actor most filmography, in which many of the main cast, and awards, he is not deprived. But the path to success for him was woven of roses. «Take Moscow» Azamat had three attempts.

    Azamat Neganov
    Azamat Of Nigmanov | Kpoker.som

    Azamat was born in Omsk in the fall of 1987. As he says, was raised in the worker-peasant family. Dad turned the wheel, and my mother worked in the hospital. To the world of cinema in the family Nigmanovich the closest was the grandfather. He worked as a projectionist at the country club.

    At first the boy was no different from other peers. He was fond of sport and even managed to get the first adult class in fencing.

    Azamat Neganov
    In the theater club | VK

    Interest to the scene awoke the kid in the 6th grade. On a literature lesson the students got the assignment to stage a small excerpt from «the adventures of Tom Sawyer». Azamat played aunt Polly. The applause of classmates, sometimes turning into applause, and 3 «five» — these were the first awards for the brilliant transformation into an eccentric aunt. Then the young talent the master gave good advice: enroll in drama school.

    Azamat of Nigmanov obeyed and shortly before the first awards added another. When the boy studied in the senior class, the troupe of the Lyceum drama club went to Sochi, where he participated in the festival of Amateur youth theatres. The jury presented «the Sleeping beauty», for which he received 3 awards. One of them went to Azamat for best supporting actor.

    Azamat Neganov
    In the theater | VK

    After six months of Nigmanov went to the capital. He managed to go through three rounds in GITIS and VGIK. But in competition he’s failed. In the second year he again came to Moscow. And again failure: Schukinskaya also failed to get in. But one of the teachers advised me to come in the fall. Then had to gain the national rate.

    Azamat has arrived. Studied with pleasure and in 2009 received a diploma.


    The debut of a young actor took place in 2008. He starred in the film directed by Ekaterina Shagalova’s «Once in a province». Next year Nigmanova suggested scenes in the movie «Pete on the way to heaven» and «Russia 88».

    After graduating from College before the artist is the problem of employment. To find a place in the theater, a young man with a well-pronounced Asian appearance was not easy. His acting ability nobody disputed, but the question is whom he will play at the Russian drama theater? the answer hung in the air.

    Azamat Neganov
    In the theater | VK

    Encouraged Azamat Konstantin Raikin, who said that if an actor is talented, five minutes after its release on stage one skin color or eye shape will not be interested in. However, in his «Satyricon», the famous Director guy still did not take.

    Some time Nigmanov served in the Russian army theatre. Soon he was offered a role in the play based on the work of Victor Astafiev «Damned and killed», which put Director Victor Ryzhakov at the Moscow art theatre named after A. Chekhov. Azamat played Kazakh.

    Azamat Neganov
    Azamat of Nigmanov popular in cinema | VK

    Play Asians, the actor have often. And not only on the stage, but in the movie, which «tightens» Nigmanova more. In 2011, he played a border guard in the drama «silent Outpost». Cameo role he had in the famous film «Life and fate». And the film «the Escort» Alexey Mizgireva proved to be a turning point in the career of the actor of Omsk. After working in this project biography of the Azamat Nigmanov began to develop rapidly. That is not surprising, because the film brought him two prestigious awards: one at the Almaty film festival «Eurasia», and the second at the Sochi Kinotavr.

    Azamat Neganov
    First prize |

    As it turned out, national actors in recent years, quite popular in modern cinema. Azamat Nigmanov «stand» is not necessary. He played a Diamond at one of the popular series «Freud’s Method», altynova in the film «greetings from Katyusha» Yusuf «I Serve the Soviet Union», Sandira in «the Fighter» and Yuri Zhumasheva in the melodrama «Embracing the sky».

    Azamat Neganov in FLM
    In the movie «Butterflies» |

    These films were ranked, but the real star is the military’s role in the epic Andrew Salope «28 Panfilov», where Nigmanov played ordinary Musabek Sengerema.

    Azamat Neganov in FLM
    In the film «28 Panfilov» |

    Of the most exciting projects that was released in 2016, can be called action painting «All the law», «the Island» and «Friday». In the latest tape, the audience saw Azamat Nigmanov in one of the main roles.

    Personal life

    The actor believes itself to be the happiest person. It has all the components to feel successful. In creativity it took place. His name is known to many. Proposals from Directors should not wait long.

    Azamat of Nigmanov wife
    With a loved Bibigul | VK

    And personal life Azamat Nigmanov also the envy of all. The artist has a wonderful and loving family, beloved wife of the composer. Not so long ago the couple had a son Daniyal, whose parents just adore. Before all this, there is a peaceful sky over your head and the ability to earn a living and even favorite food is beshbarmak, which Nigmanov loves to entertain all his friends in the capital.


    • «Once in a province»
    • «Silent Outpost»
    • «Convoy»
    • «Greetings from Katyusha»
    • «I Serve The Soviet Union»
    • «The fighter»
    • «Embracing the sky»
    • «28 Panfilov»
    • «The island»
    • «Friday»


    Azamat Neganov

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