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  • Name: Azamat Musagaliev ( Azamat Musagaliev )
  • Date of birth: 25 October 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Kamyzyak, Astrakhan oblast
  • Activities: actor, presenter, team captain of KVN «national Team kamyzyakskogo edge»
  • Marital status: married

    Azamat Musagaliev: biography

    Now well-known KVN player and actor of the series «Interns» Azamat Musagaliev was born in the small town of Kamyzyak of Astrakhan oblast in October 1984. As he says Azamat, Kamyzyak is a big village of urban type, which inhabits 15 thousand people, is quite naive, but with a great sense of humor.

    Love to jokes and constantly sounding laughter even considered the town of Astrakhan «Odessa». Its time the largest company that gave jobs to the population, had the rice plant.

    Misto Kamyzyak
    Kamyzyak is the hometown of entertainer | LiveInternet

    Nationality Musagalieva — ethnic Kazakh, but studied the boy in Russian school №4 Kamyzyak. And still the parents were able to instill in him a great respect for the language of their ancestors. Azamat knew the Kazakh language and still speaks it with his family, as once was grandma.

    About what kind of profession you will enter into the biography of Azamat Musagalieva, teen particular wonder. He knew that the mother wants her son became a scientist, or a teacher that is engaged in purely mental work, and the father wanted to see Azamat in a white doctor’s coat.

    Azamat Musagaliev in childhood
    Baby photo of comedian | VK

    The young man most of the time spent in the arms of a guitar. At mom’s insistence, he agreed to study at the musical school, but their choice was in a class of string instruments and became an excellent guitarist and vocalist. These skills will help him in his career kvnschiki.

    When Musagaliev was in high school, suddenly his father died. Mindful of the desire of the Pope to see his doctor, he arrives in Astrakhan medical Academy, but quickly realizes that this is not his path, and treat people in no way can be connected with the future profession.

    The young man decides not to waste time, picks up the documents and the following year enters into the Astrakhan state technical University, where he obtained the specialty of an engineer-ecologist.

    Azamat Musagaliev
    Azamat Musagaliev graduated from technical University | Wiki55

    However, to work according to their profession in the protection of the environment Musagaliev too. The fact that by that time, his biography is already full included reports of the Club of Cheerful and Resourceful, so he finally connects his life with artistic paths and starts to tour with the team of comedians in various cities of the Russian Federation.


    KVN Azamat Musagaliev started playing back in senior year. It all started with a request from one just to play along with the guitar in one of the student games. He came on the scene as an accompanist, and went from there with thoughts about how he wants to act again and again. Says the artist himself, it was then that he naturally contracted WHC. Gradually, he joined in the game, the solution to difficult problems when creating humorous scenes and miniatures in the development of concepts, interpretations, and other intricacies of ensemble performance.

    KVN team
    With a team of KVN «national Team kamyzyakskogo edge» | YouTube

    In his student years, Azamat has established a local team that first appeared in Astrakhan, and then began to go on tour on cities of Russia and thus earn a living. Many jokes and songs Musagaliev wrote alone or in collaboration with the team.

    In 2007, Azamat Musagaliev has become a new player of the Astrakhan team of KVN «Alternative». He was soon elected captain of the national Team kamyzyakskogo edge». Team among the best teams repeatedly fell in the season of the Highest League of KVN. Jokes, lyrics and a Reprise for his team Musagaliev continued to write independently, so that in fact all performances were copyrighted.

    In 2011, the «national Team kamyzyakskogo edge» was a finalist for the Premier League. With his team Musagaliev managed to reach the semi-final game in the majors in 2012, finishing in 2nd place in the final of 2013. In the end, Azamat Musagaliev was to combine two positions: the captain and frontman of the comic team.

    The hallmark of this vibrant team became a room «Meeting in Kamyzyaksky court,» which has already become a kind of comic series: each game scene court comes in different variations. But in the season of 2013 kumazaki stated that «the Court will not!». He was replaced by a new number called «Conventional bypass in Kamyzyaksky the clinic.»

    On the stage of the culture Azamat Musagaliev
    On the stage of KVN | 2DO2GO

    «National team kamyzyakskogo edge», led by captain Azamat by Musagalieva visited all the important games and everywhere were greeted very warmly. In Kyrgyzstan, Musagaliev known as one of the founders and first editor of the regional League «Ala-Too», which was launched in Bishkek in 2013. Two years later, under the leadership of longtime captain of the «national Team kamyzyakskogo edge» becomes the champion of the Higher League of KVN.

    Film and television

    In 2014 biography of Azamat Musagalieva richer: now it is known not only as a great player of KVN, but also an actor. Astrakhan comedian became a member of the show «Sense of humor» on the First channel, then appeared as a cameo in a humorous series «don’t sleep!».

    Azamat Musagaliev in the show
    In the show «Once in Russia» | Westernfilm

    In the same year he debuted in the show «Once in Russia» on TNT. There he was, as in KVN, not only joked and made people laugh as an actor and showman, but also sang. The song «On strategically important people» which was performed by Musagaliev and Vyacheslav Makarov became one of the biggest hits this entertainment. In it comedians for a fun music «passed» very important information to the world community.

    And in 2015, Musagaliev starred in the popular TV series «Interns». Azamat said that the invitation to audition for the sitcom became for him a real shock, because he has no professional acting education. But the staff of the show met Musagalieva very warm especially grateful to the actor Ivan Okhlobystin, who helped him to adapt on the set. In the 5th season of «Interns» Azamat played Timur Alibaeva, ex-husband of the heroine Polina Ulyanova (Yana Gurianova).

    Tried Azamat and as a television host, appearing before the audience as the main person entertainment show on TNT, «Where is the logic?».

    Personal life Azamat Musagalieva

    Personal life Azamat Musagalieva fully arranged. With his wife Victoria, at that time still a student, he met more than 10 years ago, while walking through the city Park. Young people began to speak and suddenly found that not only study at one University, a Technical University, but both came to Astrakhan from the town of Kamyzyak. But that’s not all – Azamat and Victoria were even graduates of the same school, but of course in different years.

    Azamat Musagaliev with his wife Victoria
    With wife Victoria | VK

    Two years after meeting, Victoria and Azamat married, and a year later the wife gave the comedian daughter, who was given a very beautiful name Milan. Later she had a sister Rosie. Although children Azamat Musagalieva still young, they already exhibit an innate sense of humor, and my eldest daughter showed himself as a gifted artist and refined artistic temperament. And although the daughter give father an incomparable joy, in an interview with the cheerful and resourceful has admitted that he dreams about his son.

    Azamat Musagaliev with children and wife
    With his wife and daughters | Instagrammi

    All the free time showman spends on his family. They love to travel together by car, to walk, to shoot a home video and just to spend leisure time together. However, Azamat that in 2015, moved the family to Moscow very often is on the road associated with touring and filming. But Victoria understands that he’s doing it for the good of the native people.


    • 2013 — Not to sleep!
    • 2014 — a Sense of humor
    • 2014 — One day in Russia
    • 2015 — Where is the logic?
    • 2015 Interns

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