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  • Name: Azamat Aliev ( Aliev Azamat )
  • Date of birth: 19 February 2001
  • Age: 15 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 152
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Azamat Aliyev : biography

    Azamat Aliev was born in Moscow in February 2001. From an early age the boy showed extraordinary artistic abilities. The parents noticed he had a good ear and good vocal.

    On a family Council it was decided to develop the talents of Azamat on. In 2010, the boy began to visit the theatre Studio «Obraz» in which studied during the year. From 2011 Azamat Aliev went to school in the Agency, «President of Kids», where he studied scenic speech and acting skills. Here, the future artist also studied for a year. In the same year the boy becomes the winner of competition «Young talents of Moskovia».

    In 2012, he enrolled at the school-Studio «Respublika KIDS», where improving the vocals, the choreography, and also continues to hone the abilities of the actor. Besides, the boy is seriously interested in beatbox. Aliyev is the winner of the Moscow competition of readers 2012.


    A cinematic biography of Azamat Aliyev has three pictures. The debut took place in 2014 in adventure Comedy film directed by Alla Surikova «Full speed ahead!», where he was fortunate to work on a film set with famous actors of the Russian cinema, as Nikolai Fomenko, Oskar Kuchera. Azamat appeared as a 9-year-old boy Fyodor.

    In 2015, Azamat Aliev starred in the TV series «Red bracelets». This is a drama series about a children’s hospital and the lives of her patients. Together with Azamat starring Darya Moroz, Anna Mikhalkova, Karolina gruszka, and other famous artists.

    To see again the young artist, viewers will in 2016. Azamat appears in a 4-part series called «Alien sweetheart».

    Personal life

    Personal life Azamat Aliyev is his passion, which he has many. In addition to film and beatbox boy continues to develop their vocal abilities. But most importantly he dreams of becoming a real actor of theatre and cinema. Although lately he is thinking about that from a career leading he would not have refused. In this direction the young actor is also taking its first steps.


    • «Full speed ahead»
    • «Red band society»
    • «My sweet»


    Azamat Aliyev

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