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  • Name: Aza Petrenko ( Aza Petrenko )
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: psychic, clairvoyant Gypsy, a finalist on season 4 of «Battle of psychics»
  • Marital status: married

    Aza Petrenko biography

    Like many of her fellow magicians, psychics and healers – Aza Petrenko hide your date of birth. Known only day that she was born 7 Jan. However, confidence that this is the true number, either.

    About myself Aza Petrenko says that she is of aristocratic origin. Her grandfather was the Gypsy Baron, a very well-known and respected tribesmen. He married a Gypsy, and Turkish. Grandma the Basics were baptized after the wedding. As psychic says Petrenko, it is passed through two lines kind, from Gypsies and grandma’s-Turkish women.

    Like all Gypsies, Aza Petrenko knows how to read palms and cards. However, the cards she uses is very original: it is only part of the Tarot deck. Why not all cards, Aza kept secret. She claims that my grandmother saw the gift in my granddaughter when she was 8 years old. And 12 Petrenko already accepted all who needed help.

    From his Gypsy ancestors Aza learned to see past and future, to remove the evil eye, to treat infertility and to put protection on the business and the marriage.

    Grandmother-Turkish women Aza Petrenko took over guesswork, which Gypsies do not. And she knows how to make various amulets, talismans for attraction of good luck and talismans for the home and family.

    «The battle of psychics»

    In 2008, Aza Petrenko became a member of the 4th season of the TV show «Battle of psychics.» A distinctive feature was the ornate clairvoyant answers, often cryptic and vague. Their meaning was often ambiguous. The experts thought it was minus the participants.

    But Petrenko still were often close to the truth. She correctly identified the causes of two deaths, which were investigated in the project. One death Aza «investigated» using coffee grounds, after guessing asphyxia, and the second is defined, using its incomplete Tarot deck. And Gypsy was able to feel the «bad apartment» the death of the mother and son, who were burned in the fire.

    Guest of the 4th season of the TV show were the famous singer Laima Vaikule. Aza Petrenko saw only the palm of the limes. Many of the events of the last living participant of «the Battle of psychics» called correctly.

    Aza was able to go to the finale together with the Tajik clairvoyant tursuna Zakirova and Roman Fad that calls itself a hereditary Slavic witch. The audience gave Petrenko the 3rd place.

    4 years after «the battle of psychics» Aza reminded myself again. She took part in another popular TV show – «dinner Party». The participant reached the final and managed to conquer their guests, which gave her the highest number of points. Unlike previous shows, this Aza Petrenko became the winner.

    Personal life

    If a psychic tells everybody about his past, personal life Basics Petrenko under cover of deep secrecy. It is known that Aza is married and she has three wonderful children. About who their father is and who is working, the woman prefers not to tell.


    Aza Petrenko

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