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  • Name: Aya ( Svetlana Nazarenko )
  • Date of birth: 17 October 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: singer, soloist of group «the City 312»
  • Marital status: not married

    Aya: biography

    Future singer Aya (real name Svetlana Nazarenko) was born in 1970 in the Kyrgyz city of Frunze (now Bishkek). Parents Svetlana profession were not related to music and art, but to sing in the family loved by all. 9 years after the birth of her daughter in the family has a son Alex.

    Already in 7 years, Svetlana Nazarova – the soloist in the Large children’s choir. At 12, she received an invitation to perform at the national festival of folk art. There she saw one of the best Kyrgyz teachers of vocal Raphael Sarlyks. He called the girl in your glorified ensemble «Araket», the repertoire of which were German, Spanish, Latin American songs and songs of different peoples of the USSR. The ensemble toured, and his fame grew. Soon the «Araket», the Laureate of the 2nd all-Union festival of political song held in Moscow. In Kyrgyzstan, the ensemble has a National title.

    But Svetlana wanted something more than to be one of the participants of the team. So she left the «Araket» and took up a solo career.

    Aya: «The City 312»

    Aya is the stage name chose Svetlana took an active part in various festivals and competitions held throughout the territory of the former USSR. At the festival, «Bukhara», she won 2nd place. And in the contests of «Tien Shan» and «Yalta» and becomes the winner, leaving far behind many young and brilliant performers. Soon the singer becomes a finalist of the festival «Yalta-Moscow-transit». To consolidate its success, recording a solo magnitoalbom, which he calls «a Quiet night» and «Broken radio». Behind them appear CD album «Music dreams» and «Tea with strawberry flavor».

    But that’s not what had long dreamed of Nazarov. She understood that in Kyrgyzstan, it will not be able to fully realize their considerable potential. With honors after graduating in 2001, the Institute of arts, where she studied at the faculty of Pop vocal, Svetlana sets off to conquer Moscow. Not just one, but with a small group of like-minded people. Dom and Leon (brothers Dmitry and Leonid Pritula) create a group «the City 312». (312 is the area code for Bishkek). And becomes the soloist of the team. Kyrgyzstan at that time had already been conquered Nazarova: in 2007 she was awarded the title of Honored artist.

    To conquer Moscow was much more complicated. Before the capital knew and loved «the City 312», singing at each corner of the hit «Out of reach», But the band were forced to deny ourselves in everything. The four of them – But guitarists Mary, Leon and keyboardist House — lived in a cramped apartment because they had no means to remove separate. But after a couple of years, the team has become known. First Traveler with musicians become laureates of the festival «rainbow of talents». Then with the hits «Out of reach» and «Turn around» you guys are the best of the Metropolitan venues. Even more to the popularity of Aya and her group get after appearing in popular films «Day watch», «Peter FM» and «waiting for the miracle».

    A new surge of interest to the Traveler, and her work took place in September 2015. The actress appeared in season 3 of the show «exactly in exactly».

    Aya: love life

    Personal life AI is securely hidden from prying eyes. Svetlana says that she has a beloved man, but his name and making their relationship public, she does not want.

    And like a typical Oriental woman that loves to create coziness and says that he will not allow that the man was busy in the kitchen, cooking or washing himself. She believes these classes are exclusively female. But in response to her need to care and trust from a loved one.

    And rather strongly feels that his separation from the homeland. She misses Kyrgyzstan and whenever possible tries to go there. Special love AI – lake Issyk-Kul.

    Aya: discography (solo)

    • Good night
    • Broken radio
    • Music of dreams
    • Tea with strawberry flavor

    Aya: discography (Gorod 312)

    • 213 roads
    • Out of reach
    • Turn around
    • Gorod 312. Live
    • New music
    • Don’t lose me, Moscow
    • No options

    Aya: photo

    Aya and

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