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  • Name: Avdotya Smirnova ( Avdotiya Smirnova )
  • Date of birth: 29 June 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: screenwriter, film Director, TV presenter, actress, writer
  • Marital status: married Anatoly Chubais

    Dunya Smirnova biography

    Avdotya Smirnova is a well – established writer, film Director, TV presenter, writer. It is the idea starred such films as «his wife’s Diary», «Link» and «gloss». As a television presenter famous in the talk-show «School for scandal».

    Avdotya, or as they called it in the family – Dunya, was born in Moscow. She is the daughter of famous actress Natalie Rudnaya and her husband, the famous Soviet film Director Andrei Smirnov, the author of the legendary film «Byelorussian station». Interestingly, the child Avdotya did not take either your full name and diminutive. Therefore, in early childhood, it seemed like Christina or Angela.

    Growing up in a family that directly relates to the film, the girl, and she was drawn to the cinema. But she also liked to write stories, so in high school, Dunya planned to go to the scriptwriting faculty of VGIK. But the question of choice of University intervened quite bossy father. Andrey Solovyev knew firsthand how hard life associated with the movie, therefore, strictly forbade her daughter to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Agreeing with him, Dunya becomes a student of the philological faculty of Moscow University, but studied there for some time, was transferred to the field direction and its unique culture.

    But in the end, higher education Smirnova has not received. She became interested in journalism, began working as book reviewer in the magazine «Capital» and «Events», and then a year was the editor of the creative Association Sergey Solovyov’s «the Circle» at the Studio «Mosfilm». This work was distracted by the Dunya from teaching and University she left. Especially because she has a new passion — music. The girl began to perform the duties of an art Manager in the underground punk band «the Stupid» several times and even tried himself as a vocalist.

    In 1989, Avdotya Smirnova moved to St. Petersburg. There she is in the arts: collaborating with the society of artists «A—I», organizes exhibitions of modern painting, presents a collection of paintings for the Bank «Petrovsky». And at the same time the girl first comes on to the road that would lead him to national fame.


    In St. Petersburg Dunya Smirnova met with Director Alexei Uchitel. With him Avdotya writes his first script for the documentary film «Last hero» in memory of Viktor Tsoi, who died two years before. In partnership with the Teacher aspiring writer working on two documentary biographical movies: «butterfly» on theatre Roman Viktyuk and the «Red Giselle» the ballerina Olga spessivtseva. However, while the shooting took place last film, the famous ballet dancer died, and not having to give a full interview. Therefore, Smirnov proposed to make a documentary instead of feature film. In the end, the melodrama was called «Giselle».

    Perhaps, writing about the life of famous people Dooney was the most interesting, as the following script was the star of last years – about Russian writer Ivan Bunin. Also influenced the decision to create such a plot and a portrait likeness of his own father Smirnova known writer. As a result, in 2000 released drama «his wife’s Diary», and Andrey Smirnov played a major role. The film won many prizes at various film festivals, and she Avdotya became the winner of the screenwriting competition «the Hartley-Merrill International Screening Competition».

    In further cooperation with Alexei Uchitel continued. Together they created the romance «a Walk» and had to do a new movie under the scenario Duni «Communication». But Teachers have an urgent project, and he recommended a MRI to try to become a Director. In the end, the picture, which, incidentally, starred mother Avdotya Natalia Ore, won the prize for best debut at the film festival «Kinotavr».

    Since then, Avdotya Smirnova often she makes films on his own script designs. She made a new adaptation of the classic novel «Fathers and children», took one of the series of the detective series «Churchill», has created a romantic Comedy «Two days» and social tragi-Comedy «Kokoko». In 2016 comes the almanac «the Petersburg. Selfie», which is one of the stories wrote and directed it Avdotya.

    This addicting nature could not try myself as an actress. Therefore, the Dunya Smirnova can be seen in three films – Comedy «While night will not separate» crime tape «I too want» and drama «Lessons in late spring.» Moreover, it is interesting that in these films she was neither a Director nor a screenwriter.

    TV and books

    To gain a foothold in the TV Avdotya Smirnova tried in 1989 with a private transfer to the Leningrad TV channel, but then she switched to writing scripts and abandoned this form of art. But in 2002 again became a TV presenter and, together with writer Tatyana Tolstaya led current-show «the School for scandal» first channel «Culture», and «NTV». The program is repeatedly recognized as the best, and she Smirnova received the statuette of «taffy» in 2003.

    As the presenter of this show Avdotya was involved until it closed in 2014 and managed to play in over 430 releases. She was also a member of the jury of the show «STS lights superstar».

    They experienced the Director and screenwriter and literary genre. Along with leading Tatiana Tolstoy, she released a book «Kitchen «School for Scandal», and she published a collection «frost», which includes articles and essays of the past. Also, the book was decorated with the subjects of her films «the Connection and other screenplays».

    Personal life

    In Leningrad Avdotya Smirnova became acquainted with art historian Arkady by Ippolitova, whom she soon married. In 1990 they had a son Daniel, who later became world champion on beach football in the national team of Russia, and later was briefly the producer of group «Leningrad».

    In 2012, long-divorced Dunya Smirnova married again. Her new choice is a well-known politician Anatoly Chubais.

    Smirnova actively engaged in public life, being the co-founder of «vykhod» Foundation, which provides assistance and solves problems of autism in Russia.


    • 1992 — the Last hero
    • 1993 — butterfly
    • 1995 — Giselle
    • 2000 his wife’s Diary
    • 2003 — Walk
    • 2006 — Link
    • 2007 — gloss
    • 2008 — Fathers and sons
    • 2011 — Two days
    • 2012 — Kokoko


    Avdotya Smirnova

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