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  • Name: Aslan Ahmadov ( Guloglan Aslan oglu Ahmadov )
  • Date of birth: 12 February 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Baku
  • Activities: stylist, photographer, singer, actor, Director, producer
  • Family: married Irina Bilyk

    Aslan Akhmadov: biography

    Aslan Akhmadov, the Russian stylist and a professional photographer of Azerbaijani origin. Also many experts of show business could see it in the cinema as an actor and also hear the performance by ahmedovym songs in the style of modern pop music and classic jazz.

    Aslan was born in Baku on 12 February 1973. At school the boy was not an exemplary student. Lessons were fulfilled in so far as and quite often ran away from school to wander around an empty oil fields or abandoned buildings.

    However, the knowledge gained in adolescence, Ahmadou enough to go to high school. But then the guy realized that he needed a creative profession, so I made the choice in the direction of the directing faculty of the Azerbaijan Academy of arts. However, soon the young man went to Russia, where he began his career as a photographer in the Metropolitan editions of «ELLE», «MAXIM», «BEAUTY», «DOLCE VITA» and many others.

    Basically, Aslan Akhmadov was taking pictures of the stars of Russian show-business and sport, but the author’s approach allowed finding an unusual perspective. The artist showed the audience a candid, intimate side models, and so that the image were not of a erotic nature. For 90 years this survey was innovation.

    One of the most popular models of Aslan was a great actress Lyudmila Gurchenko, with whom he had a close friendship. By the way, ahmedovym made famous by the «Hands of Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko», which in November 2012 was sold for a fabulous sum at London auction «Phillips de Pury».

    TV and songs

    In the early 21st century Aslan Akhmadov, along with two other people from the Caucasus by David Gevorkov and Alexander Siradekian created fashion trio Fresh Art. Theoretically you can call them a band, because they performed several songs, including the hit «Kicks», which together with them sang Philip. But first and foremost, the guys positioned themselves as freelancers-designers, who try to bring a sense of style to the stage.

    Guys designed clothes and accessories not only for yourself. Their stuff appeared in public the masters as an Opera singer Montserrat caballé, the flamboyant rocker Marilyn Manson, tennis players the Williams sisters and other celebrities. Personally Akhmadov worked as a stylist, mostly at the Russian stars — Angelika Varum, Laima Vaikule, Hope Kadysheva, Aziza and, of course, Lyudmila Gurchenko.

    A little later, the trio «Fresh Art» and Aslan Akhmadov as presenters appeared in the series «fashion Police,» and then the young man independently was co-author and photographer of the television project «Indian summer».

    In 2012, Akhmadov recalled his education Director and took off for the singer Philip Kirkorov, the video for the song «Let you go.» He also continued to sing. For example, were popular songs like the duet with Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk «We don’t», jazz song «Three years I dreamed of you», executed in pair with Oleg Akkuratova, as well as solo hits – «out There», became the soundtrack in the series «Until fern blossoms», «traces of you», a remake of the hit Anna German «Echo of love» and many others.


    This spectacular and flamboyant guy like Aslan Akhmadov, just couldn’t ignore her. So in 2006 he made his debut as an actor. The first work of a young man on the screen began the adventure Comedy «9 months» and humorous musical «Star vacation».

    Akhmadov later appeared in episodes of the youth black Comedy «gloss», the melodrama «Moscow, I love you!» and the biopic «the Legend. Lyudmila Gurchenko». It can also be seen in the musical about the blind musician «Motley twilight».

    Personal life

    In the words of Aslan Akhmadov, he was married three times. But if information on two of his first spouse is not, then the third wife is a famous singer Irina Bilyk. Interestingly, a couple of very long concealed not only a formal marriage, but the fact of relations. The truth was revealed only after the birth of their child.

    Actually «pregnancy» was held secret from the public, which in principle is not surprising: the baby endured for Aslan and Irina surrogate mother. However, in 2015 and Bilyk Ahmadov became the parents of a boy who was called on the Azerbaijani lad Tabriz Aslan oglu.

    That’s when the couple and admitted that he is married since 2013. However, live photographer and singer in the two countries, because Bilyk career in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, creative Studio, Aslan Akhmadov is based in Moscow. However, the husband often comes to his wife and son and even think about how to move to Ukraine permanently.


    • 2006 — 9 months
    • 2006 — Star break
    • 2007 — gloss
    • 2009 — Motley twilight
    • 2010 — In the centre of Gum near the fountain
    • 2010 — Moscow, I love you!
    • 2011 — the Legend. Lyudmila Gurchenko


    • There
    • Your tracks
    • The buzz
    • We don’t
    • Three years I dreamed of you
    • My star
    • Echoes of love
    • Life like smoke
    • Another night alone
    • Almost Blue


    Aslan Ahmadov

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