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  • Name: Askold Zapashny ( Askold Zapashny )
  • Date of birth: 27 September 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Kharkov
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: representative circus dynasty Zapashny, honoured artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Askold Zapashny: biography

    Askold Zapashny valterovich is the youngest representative of the famous circus dynasty Zapashny. Dynasty, which spans four generations. Circus performers were not only their parents, but grandparents, and great-grandfather. He is a German by birth, clown eccentric Karl Thomson, who performed in Russia under the stage name Milton.

    To follow in the footsteps of famous ancestors and to continue the glorious circus dynasty was destined to great-grandchildren of Milton – Edgard and Askold Zapashny. Even the names of their children, parents were given a bright, well-sounded under the big top and easy to remember.

    Askold Zapashny family
    With his parents and brother |

    The family toured across the country – such a «nomadic» life of circus performers. The eldest son Edgard was born in Yalta, but a year younger Askold was born in September 1977 in Kharkov, Ukrainian.

    Toasted specialized in taming the wild beasts. This dangerous profession made the lives of their parents, Walter and Tatyana Zapashny, on the thin line beyond which this life could end. Terrible lacerations has remained at the feet of the mother after the attack of the tiger. And about the injuries sustained by the father, you can talk for hours. Numerous broken limbs, lacerations and even a broken neck, after which Walter Zapashny came back to life only by a miracle.

    Askold Zapashny s brother
    Brother |

    But such is life on the razor’s edge – was the only possible and familiar to parents. So it became zapashnogo for Askold and his brother.

    Future trainers were in the same class, although between them was a difference of one year. So decided a father who saw the future sons under the big top. The family toured many cities in Russia, so the boys switched schools. However, this did not give them the right to learn somehow: their performance followed a strict father. And although he was terribly tired after an exhausting training and challenging rides, but always found time for education of the sons.

    Askold Zapashny with his father and brother
    With his father and brother |

    Circus biography Askold zapashnogo began at a very early age. To the arena he left as a child, but participated in the first circus boy took when he was 10 years old. Official debut is considered to be going on stage at 11 years of age. Then, in the winter of 1988-89 years, Sweet has toured in Riga. Askold and Edgard participated in «the time Machine», which was very warmly received by the audience.


    In 1991 Askold Zapashny, together with his family went to China. Came «dashing 90-e» put their wards on the brink of starvation, because the required food for the lions and tigers is a daily lot of expenses. And in the 90s to buy food to animals every day became increasingly difficult.

    Askold and Edgard Sapan
    Askold and Edgard zapashnye |

    Fortunately, a solution was found. The Chinese have offered parents a lucrative contract. At that time the sons finished school. Obstacles to travel abroad was not.

    In the famous holiday destination, Safari Park in the suburb of Shenzhen, for a cover was erected a circus. The duties of the Walter zapashnogo included training Chinese trainers. The sons also participated in the process. And to be different from the Chinese, they became blondes.

    Askold Zapashny pretty quickly learned the difficult Chinese language, which is fluent today. During these years he learned to juggle while standing on the horses, and train monkeys. Later in this kind of training he and his brother had reached such heights that won the main prize «Golden trio» from the First all-Russian festival-competition of circus arts, which took place in Yaroslavl in 1997.

    Askold Zapashny s brother
    Brother |

    In addition, Askold Zapashny beautiful acrobat-Voltigeurs, tightrope Walker, juggler Segway and acrobat on the rollers.

    After the end of the Chinese contract circus family returned to Moscow. During these years they toured, traveled not only all the major cities of post-Soviet space, but also far abroad. Even visited in Japan.

    And Askold and Edgard zapashnye at this time began working with lions and tigers. In 1998 the father has given to the sons of your famous attraction «Among predators». Askold brother not only took from him all the wisdom of taming wild animals, but in many ways have developed this dangerous and beautiful art. Askold Zapashny with his copyright trick «the longest jump riding a lion» was included in the Guinness Book of records.

    Askold Zapashny
    Askold Zapashny |

    Soon the brothers created his circus, calling it a «Circus of Zapashny brothers». It features a special style, which no one of my colleagues either in the country or abroad.

    Askold Zapashny, a famous producer, Honored and people’s artist of the Russian Federation. He is artistic Director of the Bolshoi Moscow Circus, which is located at the Vernadsky Prospekt. To see a great show of the legendary trainers under the title «Sadko», «Camelot» and «the Legend», «G. K. V. K. A.» and «Itema», regularly comes a lot of viewers who leave the circus in a state of complete delight.

    Askold Zapashny
    With the lion |

    Askold Zapashny is the real star. Therefore, he is often invited to different TV shows. He, along with Maria Petrova was a member of the 4th season of the TV show «Ice age» in 2013. I have been in rating projects «Safronova’s Brothers perform», «Street Fun» and «one Hundred and one».

    Askold Zapashny takes an active part in socio-political life of the country. In 2011, he along with his brother signed a letter to members of the public, which condemned the pressure on the judicial system in the case of the managers of «Yukos».

    Askold Zapashny
    Under the big top |

    And in the spring of 2014 Zapashny Jr., signed an appeal of culture of the Russian Federation, which expressed support for the policy of the President in the matter of the annexation of Crimea.

    In September 2016, Askold, like his brother, in the elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation, was a Trustee of the party «United Russia».

    Personal life

    Long known trainer considered the ultimate catch. Beautiful, famous, rich – for his heart was hunting crowds of beauties. But only recently it became known that the personal life of Askold zapashnogo arranged. Moreover, he has two adorable daughters with the same sonorous names, like everyone in this glorious circus dynasty – Eva and Elsa.

    Askold Zapashny with Ellen
    Ellen Raikhlin |

    With his wife Helen Raikhlin, in which Israeli citizenship, the artist met in Minsk, on the road. At the time of the meeting he was 27. Behind was the 8-year civil marriage with the girl, which Askold did not come to the Registrar’s office. Helen was born in Belarus, but still a child moved with his parents to Israel. Higher education has decided to get in his homeland.

    Beauty-student and a few friends brought with them to the circus one zapashnogo – Andrew. Askold girl liked it. She was not only attractive, but intelligent conversationalist and an interesting person. But the thing that intrigued spoiled female attention of the trainer, Ellen anything about it did not know and had not heard prior to the meeting.

    Askold Zapashny daughters
    Daughters |

    They dated for three long years. It was the occasional meeting because the girl wasn’t going to leave school, and Askold Zapashny could not cancel the planned tour.

    Obstacles in the way of this beautiful couple turned out to be more than you can imagine. Native young people were not too happy about this Union. Parents Helen Raikhlin dreamed of a son-in-law-Jew, preferably a doctor. And the family circus artist saw the Askold wife a girl of their «circus» of a circle that would understand and share their specific lifestyle.

    But love has crossed over all obstacles. And two charming daughters had just sealed the marriage.

    Askold Zapashny family
    Family |

    It is known that in 2016, Eva and Elsa first performed under the circus dome together with a famous father and uncle. If they connect their future life with the circus, you will find circus performers in the 5th generation, continuing the glorious dynasty of zapashnyh.


    Askold Zapashny with his parents and brother

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