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  • Name: Ashton Kutcher ( Christopher Ashton Kutcher )
  • Date of birth: 7 February 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: cedar rapids, Iowa, USA
  • Height: 189
  • Activities: actor, producer and presenter
  • Marital status: married Mila kunis

    Ashton Kutcher: biography

    Ashton Kutcher (the correct spelling — Kutcher) was born in the family of a factory worker General Mills Larry Kutcher and his wife Diane Irish. He has a twin brother named Michael and sister Tausch. The family of Kutcherov was a devout Catholic and hold conservative views. When the future actor was 16 years old, his parents ‘ marriage broke up.

    The boy is very depressed, the illness of the brother who underwent heart transplantation in early childhood. Years later, the actor admitted that in the childhood was afraid to go home, fearing to find the news about the deterioration of Mike, so he tried to occupy himself with something just to get away from the constant thoughts about my brother.

    Ashton Kutcher in childhood
    Baby photo | elintransigente

    At school, Ashton Kutcher took part in school productions, and in the senior class attempted to Rob the school but was caught and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. This event had a positive impact on the teenager is wild life. As a result of problems with the law he was condemned entourage, lost a University scholarship and a girl.

    In 1996, Kutcher enrolled at the University of Iowa and began working at the factory of his father. But he didn’t have to become an engineer, a biochemist. Ashton offered to try yourself as a participant models at the competition «Fresh faces of Iowa». The rise of Ashton Kutcher 189 cm, actor weighs 84 kilograms. Finishing the competition in first place, the future actor left the University and went to conquer new York on the talent show «IMTA».

    Eshton Was The Catcher
    Kutcher won a modeling business |

    Ashton first worked for well-known brands, «Kevin Klein», «Versace» and others. Many of his pictures were on the covers of glossy fashion magazines. Although her career as a model he could be called successful, he had a big dream to star in the film. It is from it, as you might guess, has not receded.

    Ashton Kutcher visited his hometown before moving to Los Angeles to become an actor.


    In 1998, Ashton Kutcher made his debut in the TV series «Show 70-x». As it turned out, he’s just a born comic talent, and because of this (as well as the assistance of one of the creators of the series), he began to lead his own show on TV.

    This continued until 2000, when Ashton took the lead role in the movie «Where’s my car, dude?», and this role was a breakthrough in his acting career. The dream started to come true, but that was only the beginning, since the actor has long maintained the image completely frivolous comedian. Only the role in the film «the butterfly Effect,» Kutcher helped to convince critics that he can be trusted with a responsible and serious role in a movie.

    Ashton Kutcher in the movie
    In the movie «the butterfly Effect» | Khaki dne

    Most popular pictures starring Ashton Kutcher — «Once in Vegas», «Valentine’s Day», «Womanizer», «the Killers». In the film «Once in Vegas» Ashton Kutcher co-starred, along with the beautiful Cameron Diaz. In 2006, Ashton Kutcher announced deer Elliot in the cartoon «a hunting Season».

    All these films gave Ashton a lot of fans and fans around the world. In addition to filming in films Kutcher also kept the show «Setup» on the TV channel MTV, which was played (sometimes very hard and cruel) of their friends – actors, models and other famous personalities.

    In 2017 the car will be released a new film with Ashton Kutcher on the novel by William Gay «Long house».

    Personal life

    The first girl Kutcher presented to the media, was Brittany Murphy, but these relationships were not long and serious.

    In 2003, one of the secular parties Ashton met the famous actress demi Moore, who was older than him by 15 years. Demi Moore spotted an attractive young man and invited him to ride on the yacht. After two years the couple legalized their relationship.

    Ashton Kutcher and demi Moore
    With Demi Moore | Druf Gaya

    The wedding was unusual – she went into a Kabbalah center and had invited 150 people. Moore was invited to her wedding and ex-husband Bruce Willis.

    In 2011 there were rumors that the family life Kutcher has cracked and 17 November of the same year the couple decided to leave. Demi Moore, who managed to change the name to Kutcher filed the divorce papers through constant infidelity Ashton. Children of Ashton Kutcher and demi Moore were not, but the actor was kind to the three daughters of demi’s Bruce Willis – Rumer, Scout and Tallula.

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Freebies
    Mila Kunis | Radek

    In 2012, Ashton Kutcher started Dating Mila kunis, an actress of Ukrainian origin, with which he was familiar from childhood. They met on the set of «Show 70-x», where Mila kunis got almost illegal – one of the conditions of participation in the filming was the age of eighteen. Talented Cute at the time of filming was three years less.

    1 Oct 2014 the couple had a daughter, who was given the name Wyatt Isabelle.

    July 4, 2015 the lovers officially became husband and wife. The wedding was modest and quiet, Ashton and Mila were invited at a private ranch in California, only closest friends and relatives. It soon became known that little Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher brother.

    Ashton Kutcher with wife and children
    Family | HELLO!

    Demi Moore very warmly reacted to the news about the new addition in the family of her ex-husband and sent the unborn baby gift silver baby rattle from Tiffany&Co. However, a gift quickly back – Mila kunis was not at all pleased with the attention from the former to my husband. He Ashton Kutcher has not provided a gift of great value, but decided to abandon the rattles, not to excite wonder pregnant Mila.

    30 November 2016 at Ashton and Mila’s son was born, who was named Russian named Dimitri. This was told by the Ashton on his personal website A Plus: «Dimitri Portwood Kutcher was born at 1:21 30 November weighing 3.6 pounds.» For many fans of Ashton Kutcher’s choice of the Russian name was a surprise. However, if Ashton learned the Russian language to communicate with relatives of his wife, nothing surprising in this.

    Hobby and business

    Ashton Kutcher loves football, especially the teams Iowa Hawkeyes, Chicago Bears and Chelsea.

    In 2008, Ashton was offered to play football seriously and become an assistant coach of the football team Harvard-Westlake (Los Angeles), but the desire to play outweighed, and the actor chose to shoot the film «Womanizer».

    Ashton Kutcher is the co-owner of an Italian restaurant Dolche along with Danny Masterson (boy band «Daddy») and Wilmer Valderrama. The actor owns two restaurants in the Japanese style Geisha House in Los Angeles, Atlanta.

    Eshton Was The Catcher
    Ashton Kutcher | Usnisa

    In 2016, Ashton Kutcher, James Corden and Danny Masterson have created a new boy band «Daddy», which included attractive guys who have children.

    Modern fans of Ashton Kutcher has long been known in social networks nickname «@aplusk», which means Ashton Kutcher plus. It was under this name the actor first gained a million Twitter followers. Now to the first million was increased by another five.


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