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  • Name: Arthur Waha ( Artur Vakha )
  • Date of birth: 13 January 1964
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: actor, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: not married

    Arthur Waha: biography

    Arthur Waha, a famous Russian film and theater actor, honored artist of the Russian Federation. Born in Leningrad on 13 January 1964. Waha — comes from a creative family. The mother of the artist was a famous film Director and acting teacher, and his father an actor. Most of his childhood, little Arthur lived in a small communal apartment on the embankment of Robespierre. At that time, the boy didn’t wish to follow in the footsteps of her beloved parents. He wanted to become a surgeon and heal people, but to realize this desire Waha could only in the TV series «lines of fate», where he played a doctor Suzdaltseva.

    At school, Arthur’s study did not developed. Because of its fly-away my parents had to change four schools. Also, the actor attended a musical school, but they couldn’t stay long. Now Arthur recognizes that he is destined to become an actor. Waha first came on the scene as a very young boy at the age of sixteen. The first experience became for him a real surprise. When the young man came once to the rehearsal of his mother, he was noticed by the Director Vladimirov, who Will Waha worked as an assistant.

    As Arthur did not like to study, in the table for the eighth grade were only some of the «Troika». Turn it on no one wanted, and to enroll in a vocational school future star not eager. That’s why he gathered strength and went to Gorky, to enroll in drama school. But here, Arthur could not bring it started to end. For exams it is not allowed, the young man was forced to go home. Join the actor was only able to Studio Music Hall, where the actual teacher and his mother. It was there that Waha has received the first skills of acting. He studied the art of conversational genre and in parallel externally finished school.

    In 1980 he manages to become a student LGITMiK, where mentor Arthur was Vladimir Petrov. His classmates were Larisa Guzeeva and Alexander Lykov. It was in this school for the first time, Arthur felt he could play and the interest of the audience.

    Arthur Waha theater

    When Waha graduated, he was immediately invited to work at the Comedy Theatre. There the actor at once have entrusted a very important role sir Egocica in the famous Shakespeare play «Twelfth night». And this time, Arthur also tried not to be like famous actors who have played this role, and play it in new ways, adding their own colors and own vision of the protagonist. In addition, the actor at the Comedy Theatre had many famous roles, among which it is impossible not to mention Cleonte in «the Passion according to Moliere», Shade in the play of Schwartz’s role in the «Talent generation» and «dinner is served». Once Arthur even managed to play five roles in the enterprise «the Death of Tarelkin».

    Waha worked in the theater until 2002. Then applied for dismissal, but not stopped playing at the Comedy Theatre. The artist became a kind of «freelance artist». And in 2005 changed its home scene in the Theater of Leningrad city Council. First role in a new place – Andrey Babich in the premiere of «Conspiracy of feelings». Many critics still consider this work the most important and the best of all time creative activities Arthur wahi on the stage.

    Now, the actor goes on stage, delighting fans with the TV screen.

    Arthur Waha: movies

    Debut role Arthur Vahi movie is the embodiment of one of the heroes of the film «Sideburns» by Yuri Mamin. It should be noted that up to this point Arthur several times appeared in small roles in small dramas, but they were all minor. Then Arthur was showered with offers from Directors. Film after film actor became increasingly popular, and demand.

    The real popularity brought Arthur his role of a bold and reckless player, a real conqueror of female hearts in the film «named Baron». And Director, Waha, and he was delighted with the result which brought their joint creative work. Interestingly, almost all the characters of a famous actor – the heroes-the lovers, the seducers and adventurers. In the painting «Women’s novel» Vahe had little to deviate from their usual image. Here the actor playing honest and decent Peter Soldatova. After the death of his wife the hero falls into a depression, to get rid of that helps him a new love.

    Today, Arthur Waha not just in films, but voiced it. There are such films where the voice actor say several characters. Even his mother was amazed by the talent of his son and failed to recognize his voice.

    In 1999, Arthur Waha became the Honored Artist of Russia. But for her, this status is absolutely not important, important is the love and recognition of the viewer. Today the famous actor has played in forty-two films and television series.

    Arthur Waha: personal life

    About the personal life of the famous actor is little known. He has a beautiful daughter, Mary, with whom they maintained friendly relations. Arthur listens to the daughter and very attentive and caring father. Mary even once played together in theatre in the play «the rural woman». But with her mother, a famous actress of the Theatre of Comedy

  • Irina Tsvetkova, Arthur has long been divorced, but they maintain friendly relations. Arthur Waha always loved active recreation. A lot of people know how much the actor loves motorcycles. In between filming Waha constantly goes on his iron horse, travel and discovering new places.

    Arthur has a very strong character, but the artist himself, easy going and surrounds himself with the same people.

    Arthur Waha: filmography

    • Sideburns
    • Jokes
    • National security agent 5 seasons, 60 episodes
    • Lethal force
    • A dangerous combination
    • Breathe with me
    • Palm Sunday
    • Rabbit, fried and Berlin
    • The pilot of the international airlines
    • Eighties
    • The white guard
    • Freud’s Method
    • Craftsmen (TV series)
    • Pregnancy test

    Arthur Waha: photo

    Arthur Waha

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