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  • Name: Arthur Sargsyan ( Artur Sarkisyan )
  • Date of birth: 30 April 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Armavir, Krasnodar Krai
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: singer, musician
  • Marital status: married

    Arthur Sargsyan: biography

    Modern possibilities of the Internet allow viewers from home, discover new artists, Russian pop stars. And talented artists through their skills and publications in the virtual world wide web can improve their ratings and popularity without the cooperation with well-known producers. A vivid example of gaining popularity of the singer can be considered the artist Arthur Sarkissian, Armenian by nationality.

    Arthur Sargsyan
    Arthur Sarkissian | VK

    He was born in Armavir, at the end of April 1993. From childhood he was drawn to music, his parents sent him to music school. Graduated with good results, Arthur never ceased to make art. He took vocal lessons, song, and art arrangements. Boy all this been easy, as by nature he was very musical, a specific style of Armenian intonation he imbibed with mother’s milk. It is known that Armenians are very musical, literally at the genetic level.

    The beginning of his career

    In his youth Arthur was not only covered other people’s songs, working in cafes and restaurants. He also tried to write own songs. Music songs artist enthusiastically accepted by the public. Thus began a biography of Arthur Sarkisian. The artist attracts the audience with his charm. His height is 172 and weight within 75 pounds.

    Arthur Sargsyan
    Arthur Sarkissian | VK

    In 2011, a young musician, inspired by the initial success, begins promotion of her first songs in the Internet space. A lot of video and audio recordings of his execution he publishes on the web. Talented compositions are rapidly gaining popularity. In the same year, Arthur created the first disc «divine love» which it records at a recording Studio in his hometown.

    Joint work

    Arthur Sarkisian was a frequent guest at corporate events and weddings. A young singer with a strong and beautiful voice invite not only the representatives of the Armenian Diaspora, but also Russians, Ossetians, Georgians. He travels with his concerts throughout the southern region of Russia, visiting such cities as Krasnodar, Stavropol, Sochi, Pyatigorsk. Everywhere he was greeted devoted fans and friends.

    His close friend, ally and partner on the stage becomes another Armavir singer Aznavour Melik-Pashayan. Together they create a number of songs and take them to the clips. It is very popular of their joint song «Dream love». The second album of the singer was his album, «My bride», which included songs like «my Girl», «Christine», «Son», «I love you.» This CD Arthur has dedicated his young wife.

    New album

    In 2015, you receive on the Internet a new artist album called «Mad». Music it new compositions becomes more refined, the bold. The album includes the songs «Bold», «Insane», «Betrayed», «Deceiver», «I’m no angel».

    On a lot of songs by Artur Sargsyan clips created on the basis of family and workers live. The main Muse of creativity of the artist is his young wife Christina.

    Work in film

    By early 2016, work was completed on a crime TV series «Beyond the heart» directed from Pyatigorsk of Harut Tevosyan. An unusual love story about an assassin to his victim has seen the light on several channels Armenian TV.

    The soundtrack is called «the Deceiver» for this film was created by Arthur Sarkisian. To create a clip for the song used footage from the film. In his work Arthur Sargsyan has been steadily moving towards new horizons, which is evident by the ever growing number of fans.

    The family of the artist

    In 2011, Arthur married the beautiful girl Kristina, and at the age of 19 he became a father. Wife gave him a son. The artist is very serious about creating family. Together with his wife they not only married, but married to one of the Orthodox churches of Armavir.

    Arthur Sargsyan with his wife
    Arthur and Kristina Sarkisyan | VK

    Arthur Sarkisian loves children and hopes that soon their family will increase. The personal life of the artist and his wife happily formed, as evidenced regularly appear in social networks photo and video from the family archive.


    Arthur Sargsyan

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