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  • Name: Arthur Martirosyan ( artur martirosyan )
  • Place of birth: Sochi
  • Activities: businessman, DJ, actor
  • Family: married Valentina Rubtsova

    Artur Martirosyan: biography

    First name Artur Martirosyan appeared in the media when its owner appeared next to famous actress and singer Valentina Scar, best known for the role of Tanya in the popular sitcom «Univer» and «Sashatanya». But, it seems, the attention of journalists to his modest person, Arthur is not very congenial. He does not seek to succeed in show business and is not a public person.

    Arthur Martirosyan
    Happy together | Instagram

    That’s probably why the biography of Arthur Martirosyan is only slightly ajar book. For example, the exact date of his birth could not be found. Possible year of birth is 1967. But the place of birth can be called a precision – Sochi.

    Arthur Martirosyan
    In his youth | VK

    Judging by the name, Arthur has Armenian origin, but he is not a relative of all the famous showman and humorist Garik Martirosyan.

    Information about parents and education could not be found.


    Some media mentioned that the husband of actress of popular TV series – businessman. But in what industry is developing its business is unknown. Much more can be found mention of the fact that the person works as a DJ in one of the elite clubs in the capital. But failed again: in what institution he works – a mystery.

    Arthur Martirosyan
    DJ | Instagram

    But we know that Arthur is friends with Andrei Grigoriev, Apollonova, who also hails from Sochi.

    In recent years He began to appear in the movie. He starred in episodes of the TV series «the Naked king», «Family detective», «Golden scissors», «Older sister» and «Bros».

    Personal life

    With the star of «Univer» DJ met in 2002, when Valya was known as an actress and as a member of the musical group «Girls», which was a producer Igor Matvienko.

    Arthur Martirosyan, Valentina Rubtsova and Andrew Hagolan with his wife
    With his wife and friends | VK

    Introduced a couple all the same Grigoriev-Apollonov. It happened at the premiere of the film with the gloomy title «From hell», where a group of «Girls» arrived in full force. But if the Wali colleagues got dressed up and took care of the makeup, the girl was able to stand out from the crowd tracksuit, sneakers and bag. After the premiere she came straight from the gym.

    Arthur Martirosyan and Valentina Rubtsova with friends
    Was found not to part | VK

    This simplicity and reluctance to please a girl and «hooked» older ten years husband. He asked Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonova I. to present it Off. It so happened that the seats in the auditorium have also been found nearby. The couple was so many things to talk about, that they spoke not only of the session, but also in the North – on the phone.

    Perhaps this meeting, during which between Valentina Rubtsova and Artur Martirosyan have any sympathy, would have been forgotten, but soon the «Girls» came on tour in Sochi. Here the pair met again. And never parted until today.

    Arthur Martirosyan , Valentina Rubtsova
    Wife |

    Personal life Arthur Martirosyan and the stars of the show he had a happy. For a long time they lived in a civil marriage. About the stamp in the passport, the pair first thought – together was good, and it’s been great. Besides, Valentina, who moved to the capital from the Ukraine, waiting for Russian citizenship.

    But the wedding did take place, because the next DJ lived with a charming actress, the more I realized that it was his destiny.

    Arthur Martirosyan with his wife and daughter
    Family | VK

    They married in 2009. And in 2011, Arthur Martirosyan and Valentina Rubtsova became happy parents – they have a daughter, Sophia.

    Young family while rents an apartment in the center of Moscow, but working hard on that in the near future they have a house in the suburbs.


    • 2011 – «the Naked king»
    • 2011 – «Family detective»
    • 2013 – «Gold scissors»
    • 2013 – «big sister»
    • 2014 – «Brothers-4»


    Arthur Martirosyan

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