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  • Name: Arthur Copalnic ( Arthur Sopelnik )
  • Date of birth: 26 may 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Dresden
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: Not married

    Arthur Copalnic: biography

    Arthur S. Sapelnik was born on 26 may 1991 in Dresden. Later the family moved to Moscow, where the boy went to school. From an early age, the future actor showed interest in sports, attending hockey and karate. Thirst for theater was evident at Arthur after told the whole class the fable «the wolf and the lamb». This case was decisive in the formation of the biography of Arthur Copernica as an actor in the future.

    (Arthur Copalnic — date photo)

    At the request of the young man his parents sent him to drama school at the theater «Mel». Every day after school Arthur went to school in the theatre. The guy gradually became independent and focused, wanting to be everywhere. Soperniku managed in adolescence to feel all the details of her life.

    After finishing school in 2008, the young actor entered the Schepkin drama school in the course of Viktor Korshunov, which he successfully graduated in 2012. Today Sapelnik — working actor of the theatre «modern».


    To Arthur Copalnic played the role of crazy guys like myself in everyday life. His first theatrical production of «Romeo and Juliet», «the Kid and Carlson», «Scarlet sails». In parallel with work in the theatre, Arthur joined the film. First, he starred in the films «Airport 2», «Santa Claus», the «Experts», but real fame was for her role in the TV series «Cadets». In the series he got the role of a cadet Alexander Trofimov.

    (Arthur Copalnic in the TV series «kadetstvo»)

    At that time, Sapelnik was still in school and often missed classes for filming, but the teachers were in the creative development of the boy is quite positive. In the summer months, the cast and crew lived in these barracks with the cadets of the Tver Suvorov military school. Arthur was thrilled that he was able to see there.

    First, the guy thought to go to study in such a school, but later realized that there is not as smooth as it seemed at first glance. We need to strictly follow the orders of your superiors, lack of willpower and the presence of the regime forced him to change his mind becomes a cadet.

    (Arthur Copalnic in the role of Trofimov)

    His character is a young «novice» ladies ‘ man, who loves the attention of girls, but at the same time cheerful, kind and a good friend. Sapelnik tried to watch every episode to appreciate how he played a particular episode. The script Arthur falls in love Kate, played by Anna Mikhailovskaya. Her character is a serious, purposeful girl is engaged in martial arts.

    When we started shooting the series, Arthur has left on time theatre, as we understand that it is necessary to give due to work time in «Cadets». During the filming he often offered interesting roles in other serials. Wonderful acting could not hide from the eyes of many producers. Seductive sentences followed one another, and the teenager was not easy to withstand the test of fame. At the right time with adequate support son made the parents, especially the mother. She became the Manager of the son and of personally selected projects in which the actor cost to participate.

    (Arthur Copalnic and Anna Mikhailovskaya)

    But «cadets» was always on the ground together. Despite the different age of the cast, the guys got along very well with each other. Having arrived at the shooting, Arthur was able to immediately get acquainted with all the guys. New friends showed him all the sights of the city. To join the team in Copernica happened very quickly.

    Later the actor was invited to the shooting in the television series «Ranetki», where Arthur played the role of Anton Markin. Then Copernico got the role in the story of the cadets – series «the Kremlin cadets». The experience of playing Lovelace, in the way in which the actor successfully turned into «the Cadets», helped him get into the role of a favorite of the girls already in the cult TV series «the Teacher». In the first two seasons of «Teacher» Arthur Copalnic demonstrated his character Anton Borisov from different sides.

    (Arthur Copalnic in the TV series «Fizruk»)

    Among the idols of Capelnica the famous Russian actor Yevgeny Mironov. According to star, «Kadetstvo», he is a fan of Mironov’s talent, and he was particularly fascinated by the role in the film «Escape.» Sapelnik in the future dream to play with Mironov.

    Personal life

    In school Arthur keeps pulling girls pigtails while the image enviable gentleman does not correspond to behavior in real life. In the personal life of Arthur Copernica a whole army of fans after taking part in the filming of «Cadets» and «Ranetki». In the story the last the actor playing the guy Anya Rudneva, member of musical group «Ranetki». There were rumors that among young people was having a romantic relationship behind the scenes, but as it turned out, it is only a rumor. Arthur Copalnic and Anna Rudneva just met before filming, and in addition to working in the TV series they never United.

    (Arthur Copalnic and Anna Rudneva)

    Later the same thing happened with another actress. It was rumored that on the set of «Teacher» come undone Roman Capelnica and Polina grents, who performed the role Mamayeva. But the actress immediately denied the information about an affair with Arthur.

    (Arthur Copalnic and Polina grents)

    Judging by the photos on social networks, Arthur Copernica have a girlfriend. And the girl’s name is Nastya. But about the reliability of this fact is uncertain. As well as rumors that Sapelnik meets Anna Kosmal.


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