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  • Name: Arthur Beschastny ( Artur Beschastny )
  • Place of birth: Perm
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Arthur Beschastny: biography

    Arthur Beschastny has already declared itself in the domestic film industry. The audience saw this brilliant actor in dramas «Betrayal» and «Cult», as well as in urban fantasy «Dark world: equilibrium». But it seems that the biggest victory is yet to come artist. To know and love waiting for him after the release of the widely announced the long-awaited TV series «Mysterious passion», «Dovlatov» and «Adaptation». The first two films, the audience saw in 2016. They have Arthur got the main role.

    But while the biography of Arthur Neschastnogo – virtually a closed book. Interview with the actor nowhere to be found. In social networks have managed to find that he was born in Perm on 13 August. But the year of birth can only be described approximately 1977.

    Arthur Beschastny
    Pictures Of Arthur Beschastnova |

    Unfortunately, the family of the artist not yet known.

    A student of the famous School-Studio of MKHAT Arthur Beschastny began in 2008. If his birth year is identified correctly, at the time of admission to College theater Arthur had turned 30 years old. Probably searching for his path took him quite a long time. He studied the young man in the course of the talented mentor Kirill Serebrennikov. In 2012 he received the diploma of theatrical school.


    Biography of Arthur Beschastnova started in 2009, although the first appearance on screen was recorded in 2006. 29-year-old red-haired member of the «lit up» on the youth project «Dom-2», where he came in mid-December 2006. But he stayed on the project only 48 days, and not having to «build» your love. Perhaps this first appearance before the cameras are not passed in vain, and pushed the young man into the world of cinema.

    Arthur Beschastny Adobes-2
    On the project Dom-2 |

    Filmography of the actor begins, like most of his colleagues episodic roles in serials. In 2009 came the tape «Francois» and «Silent witness.» The following year, the aspiring actor appeared in the projects «Kiss through the wall», «Mystery gold of the apostles,» «the Kiss of Socrates» and «Alien mother». And though in these tapes he got the role of the second plan, an aspiring artist managed to play their bright and talented. To consolidate its name in the domestic film industry, he managed after the release of the striking paintings of «Far away from war», «Astra, I love you» and kinonovell «nick-nick».

    The first tangible success came to Arthur Beschastnova in 2012, when the screens out the drama directed by Kirill Serebrennikov «Treason», where the newbie actor got the role of investigator.

    Arthur Beschastny in the theater
    In the theatre |

    Productive for red-haired native of Perm was 2013. 12-part adventure drama «Cult» Oleg Fesenko is an adaptation of the eponymous new Zealand project. The Central role it inherited already-known actors Dmitry Marjanova, Tatyana Arntgolts, Arthur Zapalniku and Konstantin Kryukov. But their background Permyak looked not worse. His character Andrew was played quite talented.

    In the same breakthrough 2013 viewers love to see urban fantasy Oleg Asadulina «Dark world: equilibrium». Beschastnova they saw on the screens with Maria Pirogova, Pavel Priluchny, Alexei maklakovym and Valeria Lanskaya. Arthur got a small but very bright as a photographer.

    Arthur Beschastny in the series
    The shooting of the series «Adaptation» |

    Biography of Arthur Beschastnova is developing rapidly. 2016 and 2017 will actually be his breakthrough to the top domestic film of Olympus. In the TV series «Mysterious passion» about the poet-dissidents and «Dovlatov», he played Joseph Brodsky, with whom, according to the Directors of these projects, he has the striking resemblance.

    Arthur Beschastny in the series
    In the TV series «Mysterious passion» |

    Another new project, looking forward to the audience – «spy» series by Fyodor Stukov «Adaptation» in which the actor appears in the lead roles along with Bichevin Leonid and Evgenia Brik.

    Personal life

    This page of life of the artist is also closed to the fans of his talent. Personal life Arthur Beschastnova be kept secret, because there is no information about it, not even in social networks.

    Arthur Beschastny
    Pictures Of Arthur Beschastnova |

    But fans of «House-2» at the time were convinced that this young man has considerable charm and charisma. Although he had been on the TV show little more than a month, he had many fans.

    Therefore, it is possible that near the actor already has the other half, about which nothing is known.


    • «Francois»
    • «Silent witness»
    • «Kiss through the wall»
    • «The mystery of the Golden apostles»
    • «Far from war»
    • «Nick-Nick»
    • «Treason»
    • «Cult»
    • «Dark world: equilibrium»
    • «Mysterious passion»


    Arthur Beschastny the Adobes-2

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