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  • Name: Artemy Troitsky ( Artemy Maidanik )
  • Date of birth: 16 June 1955
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Yaroslavl
  • Activity: rock journalist, music critic
  • Marital status: married

    Artemy Troitsky : biography

    The first promoter of rock music in the USSR. The so-called Artemy Troitsky, Russian rock journalist and music critic. He was born in June 1955 in Yaroslavl. Father, Kiva L. maidanik was a political scientist and historian specializing in Latin American countries. The childhood of Artemis took place in Prague, where his mother and father Ruffino Nikolaevna of Trinity were members of the publication «problems of peace and socialism.»

    After his parents returned to Moscow, Artemiy went to school. He studied well. After secondary school he enrolled in one of the universities of the capital. Even in high school, guy became interested in foreign rock music. To get the records in the Soviet Union was difficult. But Trinity was lucky, he father brought the coveted discs from abroad. Therefore, Artemy, unlike most of my peers are pretty well versed in musical trends and styles.

    In student life period, the knowledge was by the way. Artemy Troitsky was moonlighting as a disc jockey in one of the student cafes.

    Music critic

    Artemy Troitsky debut as a music critic was held in 1967. He made a critical study on one of the disks of the Beatles. He was placed in the underground magazine is available for reading only to few initiated.

    In 1977, Trinity successfully defended diploma and got a job in the capital’s Institute of history. Here, the young music critic tried to defend his dissertation on his favorite topic – pop and rock music. But the time for such «daring» the time has not yet come. In 1983, a young employee was fired from the University.

    Soon the times have changed. With the advent of the «thaw» of line gradually expanded. In 1975 at a youth magazine Rovesnik started printing musical essays on the Trinity. He first expressed his opinion about fashion rock band «Deer Purple». By father Artemy got the opportunity to attend concerts of many legendary rock bands and vocalists in the socialist countries. So the young music critic wrote competently and professionally enough. Trinity became a fan of the newest trends in European music.

    In 1981, critics took to work in the publication «the Mirror». On the pages of this magazine Artemy castigated Soviet music and not holding back emotions, talked about the stagnation in the music segment of culture of the USSR. But soon criticism was released, prohibiting the publication of his essays and articles in Soviet publications.

    Trinity didn’t have to let it go and try your hand in another capacity. He was engaged in organization of concerts of musical groups whose work belonged to the underground. So people were able to get acquainted with the work of groups «the time Machine», «Movie», «Speaker» and «Center». The last rock band to Artemy Troitsky was of particular importance, since it musicians he befriended.

    But the dream of the Trinity was to introduce the new Russian bands and musical trends not only compatriots, but also foreign students. And he began to organize concerts of the aforementioned groups, as well as a group «Bravo», «Sounds of Mu», «TV» and the other abroad.

    After the collapse of the USSR, Artemy Troitsky was able to return to work as a music critic. In 1995 he was appointed head of the Russian version of «Playboy.» Tried his hand as a TV presenter in 1995 in the course of the year led the program «Cafe Oblomov».

    In our time, the biography of Artemy Troitsky associated with journalism and music criticism. He is a frequent guest on various radio and television shows. A critic considered to be domestic stars of pop and rock music.

    Personal life

    A connoisseur and critic of music recognizes that he is a man full of love. Passion girls started very early: the first kiss happened when the boy was in 4th grade.

    Personal life Artemy Troitsky is a few marriages.

    Alexander’s daughter was born when the Trinity was 36 years old. Her mother Artemiy was in a short civil ceremony. But the official Union was first registered, when criticism turned 40. It had a second daughter, Sonia. Trinity soon divorced his wife.

    Next time he married 55. His wife was an old friend Veronica. This marriage proved durable. There were two children – a daughter Lida and son Vanya. Not long ago, the family moved to Trinity Estonian town of Mähe. Artemy calls the move the «inner emigration», which is a cause of disagreement with the political activities of the Russian government.


    Artemy Troitsky

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