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  • Name: Artemy Lebedev ( Artemy Lebedev )
  • Date of birth: 13 February 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Moscow, USSR
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Russian designer, blogger, businessman, inventor, traveler
  • Marital status: Not married

    Artemy Lebedev: biography

    Artemy Lebedev, the known Russian designer and blogger, who in 1992 founded the largest Russian web-Studio, which is considered the «No. 1» in the designer sector of the country. His company specializes in graphic, industrial and urban design. «Lebedev Studio» under the direction of its creative founder is the developer of many popular projects, including the design of search engine «Yandex» and stretching on the width of the window «rubber» sites, which is today very rare on the web. Biography Lebedev is full of his activities in the blogosphere, which is replete with obscene and expressive expressions. This style makes the identity of the highest-paid designer of Russia’s controversial in the eyes of society – some consider it witty, professional, with high intelligence, while others see Lebedev of a person unworthy to be a role model.

    Born Artemiy Andreevich Lebedev 13 February 1975 in Moscow into the family of a TV presenter and writer Tatyana Tolstaya and Professor philologist Andrey Lebedev. Due to their genealogical roots of the writer Alexei Tolstoy and Colonel-General Valentin Lebedev, a designer and publicist for Artemia was quite predictable. From the very childhood showed their creativity in design direction, already in elementary school he came up with the logo for their peers from their initials.

    Preschool education Artemy Lebedev have not – parents engaged in home education of his son, that, in their opinion, had a positive impact on his character. But the result was different – in the first four years of schooling Artemia was replaced by three schools, as was a poor student and is constantly truant, for which will be deducted from educational institutions. In 1989, the Lebedev family to relocate to America, where the future web designer enrolled in the Baltimore school Parkville. Moving to another country and fundamental change in the learning environment are not forced to love Lebedeva school – a year later he hated his new home and returned to Moscow without parents.

    At home Artemy was students humanitarian class of school № 57, and in 1991 enrolled at MSU. After Lomonosov, faculty of journalism. According to the designer, he decided to become a journalist not by vocation, but because for admission to this profession is the lowest passing grade. In high school he had not changed his attitude to learning, so for chronic truancy and violation of discipline was expelled from the second course.

    After that, he became a disciple of the art Director of the «results» Arcadia Troyanker that is one of the best book illustrators, designers and graphics of Russia. In this direction Lebedev showed all his tenacity and ability to learn an interesting design direction. With this in 17 years Artemy without parental support and established his first design business-the project which brought him high professional level not only in Russia but also abroad.

    «Lebedev Studio»

    The first design Studio together with Artemy Lebedev founded in 1992, but it has not worked for more than a year. The designer wanted more space and independence and in 1993 he created his own printing Studio «Ortografica», which was based on the publication of books and magazines. Then he got a job as an art Director in «Maktsentr», where he strengthened their professionalism in the creative field.

    In 1995, the designer has expanded their territory and founded a WebDesign Studio, which in 1998 was renamed in «Lebedev Studio». It was then that he was talked about as the «first designer of the Russian Internet», which was the only officer of the company. His first design project was for 3 thousand dollars, which he did at home. Earning the first 30 thousand dollars, Artemy rented an office and hired staff, which increased the turnover up to 100 thousand dollars a month.

    Until the early 2000-ies «Lebedev Studio» became the largest company in web design, which has expanded its capabilities in the category of services provided has made industrial design that enjoys wide demand. Lebedev clients today are Microsoft, Yandex, Euroset, Russia’s Central Bank, General Motors, Procter & Gamble, Nissan and many other well-known companies, which thanks to the professionalism of Artemia were able to get unique logos and designs services that are recognized around the world.

    Blogging and travel

    Most popular designer brought his non-commercial projects. In particular, the blog Lebedev to learn is one of the most popular in Runet, according to the «Yandex». Blog designer Frank in expressing their opinions with the use of profanity, and it tells about his travels to different countries. During his ethnographic expeditions, the designer drew particular attention to local characteristics of cities, namely, traffic lights, garbage cans, curbs, road signs, signboards of various establishments, a feature which, in his extravagant style lights for your personal website and blog «Live journal».

    Personal statement Lebedev, in September 2015, he became the only native of the USSR, visited 193 countries that are UN members. Despite the fact that the activity of Artemia at first glance is quite positive, he has frequently been involved in scandals due to their political-religious sentiment, or rather the lack thereof. He is categorically opposed to politics and the Church, resulting in some of his posts caused indignation of Orthodox experts, who even filed criminal actions to the blogger. In this case the Lebedev considers such a response a great advertising campaign for your website and blog.

    In addition to creating design, blogging and travel Artemy Lebedev is engaged in the management of the project, the «Mandership», dedicated to the advice and tips on interface design, semiotics and typography, and graphic and industrial design. Here he shares his professionalism and talks about the realities of Russian design than the designer trying to bring the sphere of Russia at a decent level.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Artemiy Lebedev carefully hidden from prying eyes. Everything that goes beyond his professional activities, the designer discusses with the company, causing many rumors around his person.

    It is known that Artemy Lebedev was married to journalist Marina Litvinovich, which in 2001 gave birth to her husband’s firstborn Sava. Family life the couple did not work, so their marriage broke up. In media also there was information that after the divorce with Litvinovich Lebedev became the father of three children, but the designer never officially confirmed this information.

    My free travel and design time Artemije to the social projects and travels to Russia with master classes and lectures devoted to the design and creation of beautiful and comfortable things. He also enjoys photography, so the blog Lebedev is full of quality photos of visited cities.


    Artemy Lebedev

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